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With Spring/Summer just around the corner meaning lighter makeup and glowing skin, I always like to switch up a few skincare products at this time of year. This has come at the perfect time, with the launch of Liz Earle's new Cleanse & Glow Transforming Gel Cleanser - a luxurious silky cleanser suitable for all skin types. 

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to trial the new skin cleanser before the launch so I could get a feel for it and share my opinions on it with you. 


Since starting this makeup and skincare blog over 12 years ago now I have been a fan of Liz Earle Cleansers; starting with the original and iconic Cleanse & Polish Cleanser that I'm sure many of you will have tried and loved. Their cleansers are not only suitable for all skin types but are known for being highly effective at removing grime and makeup from the skin. So while I had no doubts about the new Cleanse & Glow Transforming Gel Cleanser (£24.50 - 150ml tube) thoroughly cleansing my skin, I was intrigued by a totally different formula. 

Before getting into all the details of the new cleanser I wanted to share their current offer where you can receive a huge 20% discount off Liz Earle Cleanse & Glow (plus free postage) with code GLOW at the checkout until 22nd March 2022. And if that wasn't enough, you can also receive 20% off selected moisturisers and toners as long as the Cleanse & Glow Cleanser is on your basket. Shop Now! 


Skin Benefits 

Before jumping into the unique formula of this wonderful new cleanser, I first wanted to talk about its benefits. I personally could talk about how integral cleansing is for good skin for hours but I will spare you and simply talk about the extra benefits this cleanser brings to the skin. 

Firstly, its in the name... Yes, this is a glow-enhancing cleanser that will leave the skin looking more luminous and fresh thanks to the antioxidant and vitamin C rich Acerola Cherries included in the formulation. 

The cleanser also benefits from Organic Black Bee Honey and Elberberry Oil to balance and nourish the skin. This means while pores will be minimised after use, the skin will never feel stripped, in fact with the essential fatty acids in the Elderberry Oil the skin barrier will be supported ensuring happy, healthy skin! 

When it comes to thought-out formulation and natural ingredients that benefit all skin types I really feel Liz Earle are true skin experts and can be trusted in delivering some of the best skincare around. 


Application & Consistency 

Onto consistency now as this really is as described, a transforming gel cleanser, which makes it unique and interesting to use. 

You first want to squeeze out a grape-sized amount of the gel cleanser onto the hand, which you will notice is fairly thick. Then massage between the tips of the fingers to melt the gel down into a silky oil and apply directly onto dry skin. 

Then massaging the oil over the face to melt away pollutants, excess oil and dirt, SPF and makeup. 

To rinse off, simply add water to turn the oil into a milk cleanser that is easily washed away - no face cloth required! 

As you can see from these steps, this cleanser truly does transform - going from a thick gel to a silky light milk formula with ease. I personally love this formulation as gel, oil and milk cleansers all have their own benefits. 

While some may overlook the function of the cleanser starting off as a gel, I really appreciate that it's not just an oil-to-milk cleanser as the gel formulation will stay the same consistency even in warm temperatures, unlike oil/balm cleansers. Plus it's simply more travel friendly, I know I feel much safer packing a gel cleanser over an oil-based one for nights away. 

On the other hand, an oil cleanser is simply more effective at breaking down spf and makeup and enjoyable to massage over the skin. And the milk formula when water is added it's great for easy removal and to ensure no residue is left behind that can clog pores. So this truly has all three formulas in one here and I personally couldn't be more pleased with it. 


Onto the scent, as I know it matters to some people, including myself. So I'm pleased to note the cleanser comes with an uplifting bergamot scent which I'd best describe as a zingy orange marmalade aroma. This is neither overpowering nor too subtle and I personally find it makes the cleanser really nice to use in the morning and in the shower as it feels fresh and uplifting. 



While I never doubted how effective the new Liz Earle cleanser would be I didn't expect it to change my skincare habits. But over the last month, I have found with the effective oil-to-milk formula that is easy-rinse, I haven't been as religious with double cleansing to ensure all residue is removed - because I know it has been with such a light milk formula that rinses away with such easy. Skipping double cleansing in the evening could lead to breakouts and dull skin but with this cleanser my skin has been clear and fresh looking both in appearance and touch. This means I can now save time by the sink or in the shower and use one cleanser - finally! 

I also really love the scent of Cleanse & Glow! I feel they have got it spot on and with it feeling so fresh and uplifting it makes me want to reach for it over others to feel that bit more awake in the morning. The bergamot orange scent really is a nice touch to such a fresh skincare product. 

On a final note, I want to quickly touch upon Liz Earle's amazing returns policy which is an extended 60 days. This is because Liz Earle understands that not all skincare will be suitable for everyone so if you do experience any kind of reaction or simply can't get on with this cleanser or any other Liz Earle product for that matter you can get your money back for that extended amount of time - which I personally think is so considerate. 

The Liz Earle Cleanse & Glow Transforming Gel Cleanser is available now and to benefit from 20% off plus free delivery make sure to use code 'GLOW' at the checkout, until Tuesday, 22nd March 2022.

Overall a brilliant new offering from Liz Earle for all skincare fans that want to try something new!

Fee xo. 

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