My Winter Skincare Routine Featuring iHerb Products (AD)

This blog post is sponsored by iHerb however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Today I wanted to talk about Winter skin, in particular, my updated Winter skincare routine; something I simply couldn't be without and what I see as part of my self-care (I truly enjoy applying different products to my skin!). All products mentioned here work for my oily/combination skin but would also be suitable for all other skin types I feel. 

As you may notice today's post is sponsored by iHerb, a website that carries over 30,000 natural products and ships to over 180 countries! I had the pleasure of selecting all my own products and ordering through iHerb for a full user experience. I personally found the website a breeze to use especially when it came to searching for products and checking out customer reviews before buying.

iHerb orders are shipped from climate-controlled distribution centers to ensure quality is maintained especially on skincare items. For delivery to the UK, there are two available shipping methods; DHL and Hermes. I went for DHL express shipping and received my order in only 5 days which is pretty great! It's also worth looking out for offers that are run on free shipping over certain order values! iHerb also offers customer service 5 days a week in 10 different languages should you require help with your order. 

My own order arrived in my perfect condition and I can honestly say I have enjoyed trying out some unique skincare and Korean brands I simply wouldn't have come across anywhere else. Below you will find my Winter skincare routine and all about the amazing products I decided to try out. 


 Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser  

When it comes to cleansing in the morning I never want anything that will leave my skin feeling tight or stripped. This is especially common in cleansers for oily skin but for one of the first times ever with Cosrx  (a brand I love!) I have found the perfect cleansers that leaves the skin feeling perfectly clean and comfortable thanks to the low pH formula - which is also ideal for protecting the skin's moisture barrier. 

The Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser is a wonderful light cleanser in both formula and scent; with a gel-like texture (only the smallest amount is needed) and a subtle tea tree herbal scent that's refreshing. 

Since starting using this at the beginning of Winter I have found my oily/combination skin has been happier especially around my time of the month when I find I'm more oily and prone to breakouts. It also works well after using a balm or oil cleanser in the evening to ensure all makeup and product has been removed and really leave a clean canvas for the rest of your skincare to be applied. 

While this is a simple and inexpensive skincare product it truly does the job especially with having the low pH value that keeps skin happy and healthy. It's also a product you will see recommended by skincare gurus and experts for good reason! This is now a staple in my winter skincare routine. 

Heimish All Clean Balm 

Another Korean skincare product that is hailed as one of the best by skincare experts online is Heimish All Clean Balm and in fact has become a cult classic because of this. This intensive cleansing balm removes makeup and sebum not only with ease but fast. 

On my first use of this cleansing balm, I was surprised at how easily the solidified balm melted to a silky oil, removing makeup with the lightest touch over the skin. I was also happy to see that it then turns into a milk when washing it off, which basically makes removing the cleansing balm all the easier. 

One of my favourite skincare products to use is a cleansing balm as I love knowing my skin is completely clean of makeup and this truly has to be the best I have come across in how it feels on the skin and how it performs and so easily. I now understand what the hype is about with this cleansing balm and I'm simply loving it being a part of my skincare routine. 


Laneige Water Bank Hydro Essence 

If you are into your beauty products then I'm sure you will know the brand Laneige for their cult Lip Sleeping Mask, but what you might not be aware of is their skincare range. I wasn't too familiar with the range myself however based on the popularity of the lip masks, along with the aesthetically pleasing packaging I wanted to try out one of the hydrating products. I decided to go with the Laneige Water Bank Hydro Essense as I particularly love to layer hydrating skincare, especially in the colder months.

Laneige Water Bank Hydro Essense is a lightweight essence that helps shield against water loss and boosts hydration throughout the day making it ideal for use in Winter when moisture loss can occur due to the use of indoor central heating and the extreme change in temperature when going for a warm room temperature to the cold outdoors. Also with the formula being a lightweight essence, you can easily add it into your existing routine as an additional dose of hydration without clogging pores or experiencing piling when makeup is applied. 

What I love about applying this essence straight after cleansing is simply how fresh and plump it makes my skin feel - basically like it's had a drink! There's no stickiness or oiliness to it, just a hydrated base that's prepped ready for moisturiser. For me, this has been a great addition to my skincare routine that I feel keeps dry patches around my nose and chin at bay.

The Creme Shop Pink Water Creme Ultra Dewy Face Cream

I then follow up with my new favourite moisturiser, which aside from working really well, makes me smile every time I use it... because who wouldn't want Hello Kitty skincare! This is one of the reasons why I turn to iHerb as you are guaranteed to find unique and fun products that you can't find anywhere else easily. 

This dewy face cream is enhanced with hyaluronic acid and watermelon and is a great way to add moisture to the skin without feeling too heavy or greasy. The cream also has a high water count which not only can you feel how lightweight it is but it boosts the skin's moisture levels, resulting in a healthy dewy glow to the skin. 

For me, this is part of my morning skincare routine as it again it's another really hydrating layer that is lightweight and almost like water to the skin. A really lovely dose of hydration with this one! 

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask in Berry 

Another step to my Winter skincare routine after moisturising is to properly hydrate my lips. The skin on the lips is the thinnest of the entire body and for that reason is the most fragile and prone to dryness. So if your regular lip balm isn't cutting it then this is essentially why. 

As most of you will know Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is another k-beauty cult classic and I'd say the most popular Korean skincare product in the UK. The reason for this is because it's the most effective lip mask on the market; it simply just works - keeping lips hydrated, smooth and plump. 

With the provided mini flexible lip applicator (which feels lovely smoothed over the lips) I apply the lip sleeping mask just before bed. The lip mask is lightly scented and surprisingly non-sticky for how rich the formula feels. Instantly I find I get some relief from applying the lip sleeping mask however it's in the morning when I feel the full benefits, with my lips feeling totally soft and smooth. After using this lip sleeping mask for over a month now I can say only a small amount is required to cover the lips and it isn't a treatment that is required nightly to reap the benefits of it, so this is a properly that will really last well. 

With over 3,000 five-star reviews on the iHerb website, you can be sure this is one amazing lip product! 


Neutrogena Invisible Daily Defense Sunscreen Face Serum SPF 60+ 

Lastly after applying all my hydrating layers of skincare I of course finish with an SPF. Even in Winter, it's important to wear sunscreen, especially if you use any ingredients that make the skin more sensitive to sunlight such as an acid, so it shouldn't be a step that is overlooked. 

But I can fully understand the desire to skip this step when your sunscreen is too thick or greasy on the skin or even adds a white cast. This is why I wanted to mention Neutrogena Invisible Daily Defense Sunscreen Face Serum SPF 60+ as it challenges everything you would expect a facial sunscreen to be. 

Firstly this is the lightest formula I have come across in a sunscreen, being almost a runny consistency that feels more like water on the skin than anything else. Secondly, to prevent any kind of white cast on the skin the formula is slightly tinted which at first I was nervous would translate onto my skin but as the name of the product suggests, it is invisible. And finally, even though the formula is ultra-lightweight it still manages to have an SPF 60+ and is water-resistant - which is just incredible.

Another product I simply wouldn't have discovered if it wasn't available through iHerb for an affordable price. 

If you like the sound of any of the skincare products mentioned or want to stock up on some skincare favourites then make sure to use code MAKEUPSAVVY at the checkout to get a discount on your iHerb order. 

Fee xo. 

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