Guest Post on Cherry Healey's Blog!


Last week I received quite a surprising (yet lovely) e-mail from Arabella Preston who was the wonderful make-up artist to help Kate Middleton with makeup lessons before the Royal Wedding! 

Now you are probably wondering why she contacted me... and if I'm totally honest I am still wondering that also! But for some magical reason Arabella invited me to write a guest post on her friend, Cherry Healey's blog as she is also guest posting on there at the moment. I of course jumped at the chance as I love Cherry Healey's work on the BBC documentaries she has done (a new collection of documentaries are actually on at the moment on BBC Three) and the lovely blog she writes.

So I would love, love, LOVE if you could pop over to Cherry's blog and have a read of my guest post (here) and even leave me a little comment! 

The guest post is on my top tips for savvy makeup shopping which is in conjunction with Arabella's post in which she makes herself over with only high street makeup products so make sure to see the results and what she used (here). It's always interesting to see which lower end products make-up artists recommend I find! 

So that is all really! 
I just wanted to share this with you as I just find it amazing what opportunities can arise from blogging... definitely something I never envisaged when I started Makeup Savvy last year!

Fee xx

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