NOTD - Revlon Silver Belle


On my recent 'My Love of Discontined Products' post someone left me a comment asking if they could see a swatch of Revlon Silver Belle so here it is! Sadly I can't seem to find the comment now... but I'm pretty sure I didn't dream it. 

But either way this was a good excuse to adorn my nails in glitter!

The polish as mentioned is discontinued and has been for some time however this makes it actually a lot cheaper AND it seems to be everywhere, I've even stopped it in TK Maxx. Plus glitter polish seems to last years doesn't it.

I bought my own bottle from Fragrance Direct (here) for £1.50 and even with delivery on top, which brings it to £3.49 it is still cheaper than the ones I could find on eBay. 


The polish itself is really lovely and actually is the best glitter to wear over festive shades at Christmas - it looks great! But it is also just as beautiful on nude nail or jet black nails for a galaxy inspired manicure. As for the formula, like most glitter top coats it is pretty easy and nice to apply... though I have found it takes forever to dry if you even apply two coats of it. One coat is all you need though but it isn't one of those glittery that you can layer to make opaque. 

It is also great for using on the tips of the nails as it's in clear nail polish. So I like to paint the tips in any old way and then I apply a clear top coat over the top and you really can't see the start of the glitter as it's more of a gradient effect which is really pretty.


For once I don't think I have anything else to say! I normally can ramble on and on for paragraphs about a single nail polish... what is happening?! 

Anyway this is just a pretty, fun, versitle glitter top coat. I hope you like it! 

Fee x

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