Have A Wish Granted by the Fairy Hobmother!


A week or so ago I got a lovely surprise from The Fairy Hobmother in the form of my wish being granted!

The Fairy Hobmother from Appliances Online had previously granted the lovely Lily from Beauty's Bad Habit a wish and I had done a bit of a half hearted wish for some Vivianna Westwood shoes for my wedding next year that I couldn't find anywhere in my size on Lily's post! So I really didn't think I would have my wish granted! However I received an e-mail from the fairy hobmother telling me that she sadly couldn't find the shoes in my size but would I like Amazon vouchers instead!! 

I of course was more than thrilled... I mean when does this EVER happen in life. A person you don't know/have never met wanting to give you something nice... just because. 

So the Fairy Hobmother sent me an e-mail for a Amazon voucher code in it and then I had the joy of spending it. It surprisingly took me two days to decide on what I wanted as I didn't need/want anything big, so I just decided that I wanted small things that I'd been lusting after but had never bought for myself... and I tell you, it was like Christmas opening a box of treats! 

So now, by request of The Fairy Hobmother I am asking you, my dear readers to leave your wishes below and it may just be granted! 

Of course no holidays for two to the Caribbean! haha
However just something that you need/want that would brighten up your month :)

Fee xx

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