27 September 2010

How do you stop the creasin'?

I have come to realize that there are two camps when it comes to eyeshadow, either you have never owned an eye primer in your life OR your in the camp where you use a primer daily and can't remember how you lived life without one.

As you can tell from the above image I am in the latter camp - I like to use an array of products to combat the oily eyelids. 

For days where I'm keeping my eyes quite natural I use either a sweeping of translucent powder or just a sheet of blotting paper. That is enough to keep my eyelids oil-free for the day. 

However if I use more than one eyeshadow or I want something abit heavier I turn to my trusty Primer Potion - I personally swear by this and I know alot of other do too, but I also know this doesn't work for alot of people either! However I do find using a concealer or abit of foundation works in quite a similar way. 

Then if I want super staying power I use an eyeshadow base - either the stay perfect eye mousse or a creaseless cream eyeshadow by the Balm, which works exactly like the Benefit ones. For me, once these dry and you have your eyeshadow over the top they work perfectly. You have to work at blending more with the eyeshadows but using a cream base always works great and also makes the eyeshadow more pigmented.

But what I want to know is how you stop your eyeshadow from creasing!



  1. I hate it whenn eyeshadow creases!!

    I use benefit lemonade and it defo works for me better than the urban decay one :)

    Princess Juicy T ♥

  2. I use benefit stay dont stray. When it runs out I will probably buy urban decay as it is a slight bit cheaper and I have heard great things.


  3. This is so helpful, thanks! I am definitely in the first category, but then, like Georgia, I use Benefit and since I went down that route i've never been back. It doesn't crease, the colour stays and it never goes oily. It's well worth the extra cost I reckon.

  4. I put concealer all over my eyes, then powder, then apply painterly paintpot...then powder again! Works a treat for me! :)

    I find UDPP creases after a while for me, but I have really quite oily lids.

    Natalie x

  5. I LOVE MAC's 'Sublime Nature' paints! They're amazing!! My eye shadow doesn't budge at all - they last ages too as you don't need a lot on your lids...

    I've got 'Painterly' by MAC too... But you have to be really careful because I find that if you put too much on it can crease! x

  6. that top eye shadow is a gorgeous color! i wish i could help, unfortunately i am never one who wears eye shadow!

  7. i personally use primer potion for heavier looks and a paint pot for every day.

    i'm definitely in the latter camp as well, but unlike you, i need more than just translucent powder. in fact, creaseless cream shadows (benefit's come to mind) actually crease on me =/.

  8. I use urban decay primer potion. I only started with it this year, never looked back, when I feel like having a neutral day I just put a smidge of rose vaseline on and i'm a go x

  9. I love Too Faced Shadow Insurance, I found it works longer than UDPP, feels more velvety and doesn't sting either. Love it and depend on it!

  10. I don't use eyeshadow and thus no creasing! I have tried the UDPP but just got in a complete mess with it and anything I used on the top rolled off completely. Glad it works for people, but eye shadow is wasted on me. Thanks for the post and pics. Jan

  11. I always use urban decay primer potion, the original or the Sin version, or MAC paint pots. My eyeshadow looks ten times better and lasts so much longer with a good base.

  12. please do reviews on a variety of eye primers. It would really help me out because Im looking for the right one :) thanks I would be so grateful.


    xoxo stay fabulous

  13. Too Faced Shadow Insurance!!! And it lasts me almost a whole year

  14. What do i do? I cry !! but still does not working, my eyeshadow ALWAYS crease, but my lids are super ultra mega oily !! haha

  15. My lids are super oily... what works for me is applying a concealer to the lids then some powder to set it, then I use my too faced shadow insurance and apply eye shadow! I never get the crease anymore and I couldn't be happier about it!


  16. I love too faced shadow insurance... also i love using Maybelline eyeshadow mouse as a base it's pretty awesome

  17. This was super helpful, thankyou !

  18. I have super oily and quite hooded eyelids and I've found 3 products that work for me: Artdeco Eyeshadow Base, Elf Mineral Eyeshadow Primer and Radiant Professional Eyeshadow Base, which is a Greek brand!

    Powder and concealer don't work for me and I've never tried UDPP or TFSI :)


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