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The lovely Tsunimee (Liloo) on Twitter suggested I write a beginner's guide on beauty blogging photography as I was lacking in the inspiration department. 
Now I'm not even saying I'm any could probably find my camera on Ebay for around £30. I'm definitely not talented and my camera isn't flashy or a digital SLR. It's just a standard camera and to be honest if you want a camera for taking random pics and photos for blogging you really don't need anything special.

However I have studied Photography at college and do enjoy it and enjoy getting the most out of the camera I have. 

Now I have a list of questions as long as my arm of what I think people would want to know about - lighting and taking still life shots. But I would be guessing. 

So I want to know all the questions you have, from using the macro setting to when you should/shouldn't use flash. 
Basically anything! 

Then I can write a nice long post touching on all the things that everyone has mentioned.

I however don't want this to seem like I think that I am some amazing blogger or amazing at taking photos. I just thought it would make a good reference point for other blogger's and also something that bit different.



  1. Oh great blog post!

    I have difficulty finding good lighting in my house - any tips?


  2. What kind of camera do you use?
    & what do you think the best set-up is for blog-photo-taking?!

    ps. love your blog!

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  4. Hiyas basically I find my camera completely washes out the colour on FOTD pics swatches are fine but FOTD are often pretty pointless any tips on settings to try etc xI have a Fuji Fine Pix c

  5. Ah! That's how you have such cool pictures! I was like WHAT AM I DOING WRONG!

  6. What's the best background to use?

  7. Is investing in a digital SLR a good idea? x

  8. how do you avoid the flash to appear like a white blob on items? my problem is that i can only take pictures of stuff in broad daylight otherwise everything is yellow *and* a white halo on it. Finding it dificult also to photograph shiny things again cos of the flash. What lamp do i need to buy? what time of the day do you take your photos? Have you always been good at photography when you started blogging or are there some blog posts with 'poor' photography which makes you ashamed of having posted and can we have look at it and have your opinion of what you were doing wrong? Can you only use the macro setting in good lighting and can you have macro setting and flash at the same time?

  9. i have a dslr, and i would like to know how you would take a picture of an eye, focusing the lashes? i am also doing photography at college :) xx

  10. I've been following your blog for a while now, and I have to say, your posts about getting perfect skin have really helped! I used to use all sorts of scrubs and lotions on my face and it was always oily and I suffered from spots...I've since switched to just a bar of tea tree soap and a scrublet and what a difference! No more oil or spots!
    Anyway, I adore photography too and keep a little blog if you want to come by and have a look :)



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