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In an ideal world, most of use would choose to have a nice vanity area to apply our makeup each morning. With perfect lighting that mirrors actual daylight, instead of casting ugly shadows and giving us a yellow glow. Also perfectly organized storage for our makeup which could be conceal in a flash to leave a nice, tidy, clean area would also be a must. 

The reality sadly is that most of us apply our makeup next to the windowsill to grab as much natural light as we can or you sit on the floor to apply your makeup, much like me. 
Yes, I have a lovely desk (see below), but instead I sit on the floor and get bits of makeup in the carpet. Which for moment is okay as I have quite a darkish carpet! However I am moving house and my carpets are sadly cream (I say this, but I did pick it!) I have decided no more sitting on the floor & spilling pigments into the carpet. It just cannot happen.

I'm going to get organized!

  So right now the reason why I don't sit at my desk is because when I'm applying my makeup (contact-less) I just can't see myself in the mirror, I am too far away! Which can easily be corrected by buying a little mirror. I am abit of an Interior design freak and don't actually like the round makeup mirrors that so many people own. But I have seen afew nice rectangular ones in Homesense without any surround, just on a flexible base of marble or metal.  I am still going to keep my main mirror where it is though as it's good for seeing yourself full length. 
As for storage - you can see my desk is pathetic! It's just a piece of curved glass, so I intend to buy some nice clear acrylic storage boxes from MUJI for ontop of my desk. Just to hold all the products I use daily, like foundation and blushers. Afew brushes and maybe cotton bubs and few boring things

I'm also planning on changing the chair as it's just not comfy and looks abit cheap (even though it wasn't). 
However then I have the dilemma of where all my other makeup is going to go. I could just buy a storage unit with little drawers and put it under the desk on the floor. But I don't want to do that! 

So I am thinking either a little piece of furniture that can hold everything that can sit next to my desk looking pretty or it will all have to go into organized storage boxes in my wardrobe! 
Anyways enough rambling - I promise I will show you all when it's done as it will all hopefully look lovely and relaxing and not chaotic. I have also picked some lovely black and cream wallpaper for behind the mirror, which should add abit of interest! 

Anyway here are some desks that I would pick, if I could go back in time! 

Ok, slightly boring I have to admit and I don't like the carper. But the desk is good! It is fairly practical in the sense that the bottom shelf pulls out so you could store alot of makeup in nice clear storage boxes under there. It also has a gloss finish, which makes cleaning it a breeze and it will always look nice and shiny. Also if you only had a little makeup mirror, the desk also doubles up perfectly as a work desk or for a laptop.

I had to include this...just so, so pretty. The tray is beautiful but not really practical as you can only store pretty things on it. However the desk itself reminds me on the IKEA malm desk, with the long draw, just in black. I think if I ever where to buy a malm desk I would be very tempted to spray it all black like this as I don't really like the beech wood of it. It also makes it look quite chic!

This isn't my favourite, but it is so practical and great if you want to hide all the mess on the days when you are in a rush! You could literally store so much makeup in this and then hide it all always, however messy and disorganized it was! I know Habitat do one exactly like this but it is around £165 I think. But if ever I where to have a makeup room come guest bedroom I think I would definitely buy one.

If you do know of any pretty ways in which I can store all the rest of my makeup, please do share with me! 



  1. I agree, I would love to have a place to apply makeup other than my carpeted floor!

  2. Funnily enough I just got a Malm one today. I Love it, they do do it in a few different finishes... but Next have some nice ones too, I love this one:

    Cripes. thats a bit long...

  3. I'd love a beautiful vanity area, maybe when I move :) I also love the fact that you think about keeping things clean too, I'm the same. Give me easy clean any day :D

    Kelly x

  4. I wish I had enough space in my room for a beautiful vanity! I currently keep my makeup on my desk, which is huge!

  5. your desk atm looks lovely! xxx

  6. I'd love to have my make up perfectly organised and a lovely desk by the window. Unfortunately I keep most of it in the bathroom cupboard, and apply it in the bathroom or the kitchen! xx

  7. @Charlie - ohh did you have to show me that! I love it, reminds me of one that I saw in Heal's afew month ago - I got the hard sell but it was £375.. way too much money! But I really love this.

    Also lucky you for getting the Malm - so great for storing all your important makeup.

    Fee x

  8. @A - I think alot of people do there makeup sat on there floor! Not good for lighting though or bending over!

    @Kelly - Yes, I'm really using it as a chance to change things since I am moving! Also keeping things all organized and clean is so much easier when you need to get ready fast!

    @Stavroula - Ahh that is a shame - is there no way of using part of your desk just for makeup and making it all pretty?

    @Chloe - Thank you, believe me it normally doesn't look that tidy and it seems to attract dust. A bad choice really but it looks nice! x

    @TheBristolBeautyBlog - Ahh I use to do that...but got so sick of applying makeup over the sink and the lighting was just too I opted for my bedroom floor!


  9. You've inspired me to get more organized. I do my make up on the computer desk, with a lamp shining in my face! Definitely time to invest in a mirrored vanity unit :-)

  10. I apply mine in the bathroom, but I'd love a nice little desk. I love your desk the most, love the glass :)).

  11. i got to find a solution too... as i am moving house next week!

  12. I really like your interior design posts... I actually I ridicolously really like all of your posts... :)

  13. This really makes me want a makeup desk. I love the one in the first picture.

  14. I also sit on the floor or my bed to do my makeup - just can't see in the mirror without my contacts or glasses on.

    Shame really as I have a gorgeous mirror,m that my dad got me!

    On the hunt at the moment for a nice small pine dressing table


  15. I like to sit on the floor by my window so I get lots of natural light! I have cream carpets too though but as of yet all that has got on it is fake tan (I know fake tanning in the bedroom is naughty lol). I find putting a towel down where I am doing my make-up helps minimise damage! X x

  16. The one in the top pic is bea-uti-ful. I literally have my make-up on the windowsil too, would love a desk, think I might invest. Mui Mui is fab for things to keep make up in xxx

  17. I want my OH to fit a shelf (deep) underneath the window in the bedroom (faces north east, so good light) which is deep enough to hold all that I need. Love all the pics and everyones comments. Jan

  18. @Bella Queen - oh a mirror vanity unit sounds lovely!

    @Blu11 - Thanks, I bought it because of how much I liked the glass but it attracts so much dust!

    @Kyanvi - Good Luck on moving, I know how dis organized it will be when I move for afew weeks at least!

    @Olivia - Awww thanks Olivia, that is really nice of you to say.

    Fee x

  19. @FunnyFaceBeauty - I know, I also really love the desk in the top image, but I think it's around £300 from Graham & Green...way too expensive and would get so dirty!

    @LatBeautyAddict - Yes, sounds like you have the same problem as me, the thing is I wear my glasses quite abit so I can't see the mirror if I'm more than 30cm away! Very annoying.
    You should have a look on ebay for abit of a bargain.

    @Charlotte - That is a good idea actually! Never thought about doing it. Always seem to get something on the carpet! arghh

    @Gem - Yes Muji are great for pretty storage..slightly pricey if you want alot but always good quality!

    @Lipstickmama - Thanks for your comment, you always leave lovely comments :) The idea of a shelf under a window is a good idea!

    Fee x

  20. Well I've dedicated a quite big part of my desk to my makeup, but still.. it's not a pretty vanity with a nice, big mirror!

    A girl can dream though! :)

  21. I'm LOLing at the "Fee Fee's Desk" label on your pic - only because I often refer to my friend Fiona as Fee Fee - which usually results in a slap for me! I love this post. I recently got my dressing table and had it all organised..but lately its become somewhere for me to dump junk on. You've inspired me to get it cleared up and use it properly again! :)

  22. Few months back, I did my make-up lesson , as I am new in this line I don't know from where I can buy good quality vanity setup in U.K. Do you know where I can get them? I am thinking to buy them from amazon. how it will be?

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