Affordable Metallic Eyeshadows Part. 2

As this is part two I'm going to look at pressed eyeshadows, you can read part one here
if you want reviews of affordable liquid/mousse metallic eyeshadows. 

There has to be so many metallic eyeshadow on the highstreet or in drugstores but there are so many that are quite sheer with too much glitter or they give so much fall out. So I've had a look through all the ones I own and picked out afew that are really highly pigmented and have a nice consistency to them .  

17 Solo Eye Shadow 'Mardi Gras' 'Statuesque' - £3.49
I only started to buy 17 products afew months ago, even though I use to use alot of there products as a teenager and I have really re-discovered why I liked the brand in the first place! For the price these are really great - they all have a lovely texture to them and are nicely pigmented. They also blend out really nicely and actually look alot more expensive then they are.  There is also a really nice range of shades from quite bright to neutral shades to some really dark shades. In texture and staying power these are very similar to the eyeshadows in the Sleek palettes. 
 If you ever get over whelmed with the amount of metallic eyeshadows by every brands, Number 17 is always a safe bet! 

Beauty UK Metallic Eye Quad 'No.1' - £3.49
I actually don't know why there aren't hundreds of reviews on these eye quads over the internet, as for the price they are actually great. I think in the Beauty uk range there's 4 or 5 eye quads a bronze palette (the one above) a lilac quad, a green one and I think maybe a grey/silver quad and all £3.49 each! These really are lovely, lovely shades and the texture is actually quite buttery and just feel alot better than you would expect for the price. However the one downside to the texture is there is fall out, having said that layering the eyeshadows, by building up the colour gradually then blending then putting more on, really does help. But for four highly pigmented eyeshadow the price is great, as are the shades and even the little palette that it comes in! 

Sleek i Divine Palette 'Storm' - £5.99
I know, I know...another review of a Sleek Palette. But just in case someone stumbles across Makeup Savvy looking for a cheap metallic eyeshadow palette I thought I should review it and ofcourse it does deserve a mention as I use this a hell of alot.
Out of the 12 eyeshadow, nine are actually metallic - however I am quite glad there are afew matte eyeshadows in there in neutral shades. Always quite handy.

As you can see these are all really gorgeous shades, especially the burnt bronze shades and the lovely blues. Just a really good range for only £6 - however as these are mineral eyeshadows there is some fall out especially noticeable with the darker shades. So I either do my eyes first and then foundation or I sweep away the fall out on my cheek with a soft powder brush. 
I really do think the swatches just speak volumes for this palette - my favourite out of all the palettes and just amazing pigment. 
If you haven't got this already and love really metallic shades, then this really needs to be on your shopping list! 

17 Trio Eye Shadow 'Metallic Toffee' - £4.99
I was umming and arring whether to include this as I only recently bought this after being recommended it by someone on twitter (if you are that nice person just leave me a comment and I will include your twitter link). So I have only being using this for around two weeks, but I really do like it as it's definitely metallic but it also has a softness to it, that is really wearable in the day. As you can see from just slightly blending them together with my finger as I swatched the eyeshadows these are really blendable and also buildable. They also have a wide range of shades to the collection that also look really appealing. 
Not as cheap per eyeshadow as the others but still really, really nice shades. 

As for products I wouldn't recommend - The Stargazer eyeshadows all look really metallic and lovely in the pan, however they are abit of a let down. I much prefer the eyeshadow dusts. Also the Model's own duo eyeshadows are also nothing to write home about - quite chalky and not that pigmented. 
Products that I didn't mention but are still great -  Bourjois eyeshadow pots, the darker shades seem to be more pigments especially when used damp. Also any gold/bronze shades from NYX are always nice. 

Make sure to watch out for Part 3 - metallic eyeshadow pigments (then I promise to shut up about all things bronze or gold!)  

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  1. love this post. i always snob beauty uk and dont have any product from them all but looking at this quad makes me want to go and buy it. bargainx

  2. I love this kind of posts! I've got the sleek palette too and it's adorable! Thank you for swatching! ^_^

  3. Thankyou for doing these posts, they are so so so helpful! I love the sleek palette and 17 eyeshadows too, just fantastic and soo cheap :) xx

  4. It is really good to be reminded of what is good and available on the high street, these loook like excellent quality. Thanks for posting this. Jan x

  5. I have the Sleek palette and I LOVE it! I'm so gonna go and buy more!
    As for the Beautyuk eye quads.. I had the metallic one and I really didn't like it! :( The one you have looks much nicer than mine though!x

  6. LOVE the Sleek palettes!! I need to get some in my life :) Keep up the great work x

  7. I think I may have to have a little look into the 17 range, it's been a while since I used that but the shadows looks lovely! Xx

  8. i remember seeing your twitpic of the sleek swatches and thinking it was so gorgeous. imagine my surprise that it's a product i own :p

    i feel like uk cosmetics brands are really on top of their game when it comes to eyeshadows. the brands available to us in canada don't have this kind of payoff!

  9. those look like suuuchh gorgeous shades.
    ill have to check 'em out.<3

  10. Thank you so much for doing these posts! Damn, I have to get at least one Sleek palette! lol

  11. I am obsessed with products life these :) actually I thing I’m addicted! haha!!

    I did a blog about affordable makeup brushes! They are great!! Check it out:


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