London Fashion Week Does Drugstore Makeup

I'm full of germs at the moment, hence the lack of blog posts. However I did manage to lie in bed with my laptop and look over the pretty/sometimes strange makeup of London Fashion Week curtosity of

Now let's face it...unless you have some serious money or you're a fashionista, LFW means not alot and even if you are slightly interested you look though the likes of Elle or Vogue magazine to see what the celebrities were wearing and not the actual models. As for the's either barely there or so obscure that it's ridiculous. Giles Deacon and MAC spring to mind for this with all the models looking like 5 year old children at a birthday party, going crazy on all the glitter. But I have to say the Sophy Robson nails did make up for it...a rainbow of colours with little googly eyes, which is actually what I am sporting on my own nails as I type!

 [Insert dodgy picture that was taken at 1am in the morning before bed]

What I was impressed with was the amount of makeup that was done using drugstore/highstreet priced makeup. Ofcourse alot of fashion brands used MAC and Bobbi Brown and ofcourse Burburry used there own line of makeup as did Unique for Topshop. But when the likes of Oscar De La Renta are using only Revlon makeup on there catwalk models it's hard not to be impressed when they could of easily gone with MAC or MUFE, to name afew.

Here is a quick run down of which designers opted for the highstreet instead of high end - 

Julien Macdonald using L'oreal 
Personally this looks really high end to me - really soft and sultry. The makeup artist for this was James Kaliardos who used the Studio Secrets Resurfacing Primer and eyeshadows in brown and champagne hues to create the almond rounded eye look. He also used L'oreal's Million Lashes mascara on the central lashes to create volume and to accentuate the rounded eye shape. 

L.A.M.B using Maybelline
Charlotte Willer (the one with the scary fringe in the adverts) was the makeup artist for Maybelline, creating the tribal punk look with the Maybelline Eye Studio 'Give Me Gold' Plush Silk eyeshadow quad and for the lips
Maybelline Shine Sensational lip gloss in Tempting Toffee. A really striking look!

Oscar de le Renta using Revlon 
 For Oscar de la Renta the Makeup artist and Revlon global director was Gucci Westman who applied an emerald shade to the eyelids (ahem not by Revlon) and just below the lower lash line, Revlon Matte eyeshadow in Venetian Blue. As for the lips - the lipstick was Fashion Night Pout from the ColourBurst range and the cheeks had a hint of colour with Cream Blush in Rosy Glow. Another really lovely look. 

Twenty 8 Twelve using Max Factor
The makeup artist for this was Max Factor's very talented Pat McGrath who created what she called 'sunny skin' with the use of bronzer. The main focus being the lips in a mix of Max Factor lipstick in Bewitching Coral and Intensely Red. A really fresh and lovely look that I'm sure will be popular next spring!

I'm not saying the quality can always be spot on when it comes to drugstore makeup, however it just goes to show how good lower priced makeup can look when used well!



  1. there are some amazing products by drugstore brands, you just really have to look. it's a bit trial & error, really. i think revlon has the best quality products out of the bunch. but i won't mention the horrid shade selection of their foundations... oh wait, i just did :p.

    hope you feel better soon, fee! oh, and love the nails :)

  2. Love the nails! Sorry that you are not well, it's that time of year, change of seasons. Take it easy and drink plenty of fluids (non alcoholic!) Thanks for the post. Jan x

  3. Oh my god I need to copy your nails! Great post! Hope you feel better soon xx

  4. like this post! get well soon

  5. Hope you feel better soon....seems to be alot of it around right now.

    Thanks for your comment last night....I've done the same myself before now. x

  6. Very interesting to see designers using drugstore brands: great post, Fee.

    Really liking the lips at Twenty Eight Twelve. Pat McGrath is a genius!

  7. oh i hate that advert with scary fringe lady! it's such a cringe! however i do love pat mcgrath :) xx

  8. Can i have those nails please?

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