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Over the past few months me and Google Analytics have become close friends to the point of daily interaction - I love to know which blog posts are most popular and which posts no one reads! But I also like to see how people found my blog from Google. Normally this will be a search for a certain product say Xen Tan or Bourjois Blushers - they click on my blog and can read my review of it, simple. 
However I also get masses of searches to my blog that they just don't even find the answer to as the information that they are looking for just isn't there or they can't find it. So I've had a look though last months keywords/searches and picked out afew to answer. Some are quite interesting questions that I thought would be worth trying to answer and I've also thrown in afew odd ones too!


Which Babyliss conical wand is best for long hair? - The Babyliss pro conical wand actually comes in three different sizes - so I would suggest the widest of all three sizes which is the 32-19mm barrel, as at it's widest it is 32mm and towards the tip is 19mm, which will create really loose curls - You can see what type of curls it creates on my own hair, here.

What does Rumple's Wiggin mean? - I'm thinking this is related to the Shrek OPI nail polish called Rumple's Wiggin, well I'm hoping so. A really nice soft lilac shade from the Shrek Forever collection however I didn't have a clue either so I asked here on my blog if anyone knew what it meant. Apparently Rumple Stiltskin was in the newest Shrek movie and 'Wiggin' apparently means freaking out or going crazy! Who knew.

Mascara fridge bacteria - Ok this is more of a statement than a question...but clearly someone wanting to find out about putting there mascara in the fridge! I really wouldn't recommend anyone doing this for 2 reasons. 1. It is pointless, you won't stop any bacteria that natural develops and 2. You will actually make it go thicker more quickly and in the end will have to throw it away! The best way to store mascara is just in a neutral environment and by that I mean somewhere that it's too hot or too cold and that's dry, the same goes for all makeup really! But I'm sure you all know that.

Mascara that doesn't go out of date - I actually wrote a whole post on How Mascara doesn't expire, so to be honest if I had to suggest a mascara that doesn't go out of date, I would have to say any mascara! I'm not saying a mascara is ok to last you 5 years - as I'm sure it will be very clumpy and thick by then. But I really don't feel there is any need to throw a mascara away after 6 months or even a year. Personally if the mascara becomes thicker or starts to smell odd, that is when I throw it in the bin as who really wants clumpy lashes. But really as long as you store the mascara properly and don't mix it with water (not that you would want to) I really wouldn't worry about the amount of bacteria in your mascara!

Benefit factory seconds/How to spot fake Benefit products - This has to be one of the most searched for things from Google to Makeup Savvy. In the last month I had over 70 searches related to how to spot a Benefit fake or if Benefit sells factory seconds. Firstly if you are on Ebay or a website that mentions that the product is a factory second or that it's a damaged Benefit item - don't believe them. There is no such thing as a factory second when it comes to Benefit, as they just don't sell there damaged or faulty stock. As for spotting a fake it really is so, so hard - I did write a post and actually compared a fake Benefit product with a genuine product and yes when pointed out there was quite a number of difference but really from one photo on a website you would never be able to tell. When it comes to buying Benefit or even MAC products online, especially on Ebay make sure they aren't selling alot of the same product or lots of that brand as 9 times out of 10 the items will be fake. However really it is worth buying them types of product of discount websites such as Cheap Smells or Fragrance Direct you will still be getting a bargain but you will also know the product is 100% genuine. 

Are Lush shampoos sulfate free? - With the words 'Fresh' and 'Handmade' next to the name you would really think so wouldn't you. However all of there liquid shampoos do contains sulfates and not just sodium lauryl sulfate, but Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate which is actually the strongest type of sulfate there is, so actually quite a harsh chemical to be using on the scalp and hair. Sadly all there Solid Shampoo also contain sodium lauryl sulfate - as do there Shower jellies and shower gels. So basically anything that foams up by Lush will pretty much contains SLS or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.

Boots Naked shampoo are they harsh? - The Naked shampoo range is actually the opposite of harsh - the whole range is SLS/Sulfate free and really doesn't contains any nasty ingredients. So perfect for sensitive scalps or even if you have scalp problems such as psoriasis - it may actually be better than an anti dandruff shampoo such as Head & Shoulders.

Can I put a Lush Emotibomb in the bath? - I really can't say I love Emotibombs as really who needs to place a scented fizzy bomb thing in there shower tray so they can have a fragranced shower. But yes this is a great idea to use it in the bath and actually totally fine to do..also quite a cheap option especially if you break the bomb up into pieces and use abit at a time.

Is Xen Tan green? I know for a fact my own Xen Tan Deep Bronze is slightly green, but it works fine for me. However if you are meaning really green then I would say that the top hasn't been screwed on properly or it's already been used if it's that shade in the shop. Xen Tan really do seen to react with the air and almost develops and turn green in the tube, which means it probably won't work as well and you will have to throw it in the bin!

SLS free shampoo sticky hair patches underneath - Abit of a strange search but in the last month I have had two very similar searches like this, but I do know the answer, strangely! Basically the sticky patches of hair are where the hair hasn't been washed properly most likely due to there not being as much foam to the SLS free shampoo than your use too. So you really do need to get in there are make sure the shampoo is all over the hair. After using SLS free shampoo I always make sure all the shampoo is washed out then I make sure by feeling my hair that it is all clean. SLS free shampoos do take some time to get use to especially if you pick one that doesn't foam up to well.

What if I forget my boots advantage card? - I'm always doing this - All you need to do is mention that you haven't got your card on you at the till and they will put your point onto the receipt for you, so that you can come back into store with your receipt/receipts and your Advantage card. But you do have to do this within 45 days or the points on the receipts won't be valid. The same goes for if you have lost your advantage card or you want to give a family member the points. 



  1. Wow that piece on Benefit fakes was really useful fr me; I'm a Benefit junkie!

  2. Good idea for a post! My Google searches to my blog are usually "Boots Tea Tree range'! x

  3. ahh, i really want to try the naked hair products! there's a drugstore that stocks boots products near my house but their stock is quite limited. hopefully they'll get some soon.

    great post, fee! i think i shall go play with google analytics now :p


  4. Very interesting post as always, if I knew how to analyse the searches to my blog I would have a look, but me I'm clueless, I can touch type but that's about it - wrong generation see! Thanks for the post Jan x

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