Affordable Metallic Eyeshadows Part. 1

Affordable Blushers, Tick. Affordable Highlighters, Tick! Now onto my epic three part ramble about cheap eyeshadows. If you are wondering why it's going to be in three parts...well ofcourse there are just so many types of eyeshadow, even though the 3 parts are all going to be just on metallic actually it could become 5 posts just on eyeshadow if you take into account matte eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes. All important subjects that I just can't leave out, right?

So as you may of noticed I do quite like eyeshadows and in particular anything metallic or shimmery- there are just so many lovely shades out there.
Especially when it comes to cream/mousse or liquid eyeshadows you really get that intensity, which it what I really love in metallic eyeshadows.
Also all the eyeshadows I'm going to mention really do last on the eye all day without even priming the eyes first! Ok well maybe the All About Face one need an eye primer - but it is only £1.50!

Bourjois Shimmer Shine Liquid Eyeshadow 'Brun Magnetique' - £6.84
Now I have to admit this is a new product for me but I have used it afew times already and really do love it - I actually asked everyone on Twitter what there favourite affordable metallic eyeshadow was and the lovely Katy came to my call saying that she loved the Shimmer Shine Bourjois eyeshadows and to be honest when a talented makeup artist like Katy mentions a product, I take notice. So off I trotted (well I actually just walked) to Boots to have a look at the range and proceed to apply far to much of the product onto the back of my hand and had shimmery hands for the rest of the day. However I picked up the bronze shade out of the collection and oh it really is lovely. The top screws off to reveal this little sponge applicator that you can either dab directly onto the eye or put the product onto the back of the hand so that you can use your fingers or a brush. I personally like using my ring finger to tap this on and blend out. As this is water based it has quite a unique refreshing sensation when applied, which really is crease proof and long lasting. Once dry this really doesn't move and it's sticky in the least. A really lovely product that I think I will be purchasing more of! Oh and also a good 8.5ml of product.
I had a little look online for these on and Superdrug however they don't seem to be there..however they do stock them instore and on HQ

No7 Stay Perfect Eye Mousse 'Vanilla' & 'Fudge' - £8.75
Okay, maybe these aren't the cheapest of eyeshadows however on 3 for 2 or for a little treat these are really lovely. There are six shades to the range, all quite soft shades and very wearable for the day and you really do need the smallest of amounts when applying this so they do last forever. The Vanilla eye mousse makes for a perfect base for all eyeshadows and really intensifies anything you put over it and will makes it last all day. Also perfect for applying all over the lid then placing a darker colour into the socket and then really blending out. I have to say I use Vanilla alot. As for 'Fudge' the swatch really does the talking...just a gorgeous shade and really lovely blended out. I can also imagine these being perfect on more mature skin - as the mousse really glides over the eye lid and doesn't settle into any lines. Just a really nice, easy to use product that will last you ages! - Also a little birdy tells me there are lots of sample sizes of the eye mousses on Ebay.

All About Face Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil ' Bronze' - £1.50
For the price I had to include this, it's just a really soft creamy eyeshadow that you can use directly onto the lids. It did say that it was crease-less...however that is very untrue and really does need some kind of base or eye primer to keep it in place or by the end of the day this will look me! Having said that everything else about it is perfect.
It's really pigmented and just glides on. This also comes in a silver shade and I think maybe a pastel purple...but this my far the nicest of the shades.
Really worth a try if you are on a budget!

Rimmel Colour Mousse 8hr 'Breezy' - £5.00
These are very similar to the Bourjois Shimmering Shine eyeshadows in the fact that the mousse has that same cooling effect on the eyelid - not sure it makes the eyeshadow look any prettier but it is a nice feature! Also one of the shinier of all the liquid/ mousse eyeshadows I own, something to do with being 25% purified water or something. But anyways these come in a wide range of shades and can be bought from, Boots etc . They also have afew darker shade such as Black Pearl and Midnight Blue which could be really worth a look.
Again this is a product that you need such a little amount.

As for favourites, I think they are all great!
However another product that is worth a try is the Urban Decay cream eyeshadows that are actually only £5.50 at the moment at Asos down from £11.00!

Make sure to look out for Part 2 - Affordable metallic loose eyeshadows.



  1. I love metallic eye shadow shades. I am always too scared to use cream eyeshadows incase they crease. You see so many 13 year olds with bright purple cream eyeshadow with creases all over it. :s errr


  2. I love all of the golden shades you posted...I'm curious about the bourjois and the no7 ones!

  3. I think I may have to give you a big virtual hug - because I think that these may solve the "I have no visible eyelid" moan that worms its way into almost every post I do. Thankyou so much Fee, I think I may be off to investigate further. Jan x

  4. i like the all about face one as i have bought the silver one as well! i quite agree with you, it does not hold as long as others, but it is a quick fix for me if i want to dash out the door.

  5. i've been really getting into metallic eyeshadows and the shades you chose for this post are SO gorgeous!

    unfortunately, they aren't available in Canada but i can always admire from afar, can't i? :p

    my faves shades are the ones from no7. fudge looks so sexy and vanilla seems like a very versatile product.

    can't wait for your other posts :)


  6. I love metallic eyesahdows so much! The Rimmel one looks amazing, but I've never seen it before. I wonder if it's sold in the states! I'll def look for it next time I'm at the drugstore xo

  7. I've never had much success with Rimmel products but I'm tempted to try the metallic eyeshadow after reading this!

  8. I've always been a little scared of liquid eyeshadows- whenever i've used them they've creased and gone horrible :(
    These all look so pretty though!
    I've been eyeing up the No7 ones for a while now :)

  9. I love those colours - they're similar to some of my favourites and the All About Face one is a bargain!

  10. Loving the No 7 in Vanilla!

    This this could really work well as a primer for everning shimmery eye shadow :)

    Got another £5 off voucher so might use it against this today.. Thanks for posting sweetie! x


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