Most Repurchased Makeup

So maybe I haven't re-purchased all of these yet but I do intend too when they sadly run out...however all the makeup products you see above are much used and loved products in my make-up bag. 

I'm pretty sure you have read numerous reviews on all these products, well maybe not the Marks & Spencer's eye pencil but neither had I until I swatched it in M&S last year. So I promise not to ramble on and repeat what all the other reviews say! Especially with fast becoming cult Sleek palettes - so I'm just not going to even mention it, as there are so many swatches and better reviews to be found on Google! 

Max Factor Second Skin Foundation  £13.99
I'm just going to come out and say it - I think this is the best drugstore/highstreet foundation that there is. If you struggle to find a good foundation that really matches your own skintone then this is really worth a try. Especially if you pale skin like me and can never find a foundation light enough. It works perfectly on oily or combination skin and even on dry patches. It basically is like a second (much improved) skin. The foundation is medium coverage all though it is buildable and you can also sheer it out abit by using a damp sponge to blend it in - which is what I do. Which seems to give it a more dewy finish. Overall this is just an amazing foundation which I have repurchased 3 times in the last 2 years. 

M&S Smoke Eyeliner Pencil 
This really is the best true smokey eyeliner I have ever owned, as you can see it is a slightly blue/grey/black  smokey shade - it's actually quite hard to describe. But this is amazing to smudge around the eye and on the top waterline - however it's not too smudgy. It also lasts all day and night. You really can't go wrong with this! 

Benefit It Stick 
I'm sure this retails for more on the Benefit website or at the scary Benefit counters, however on the Cheap Smells website it's only £6.95! This is supposed to conceal fine lines and what not however I think it pretty much conceals anything, especially my veiny under eyes! Also concealers spots and helps with redness around the nose. It's just a really good, quite soft concealing pencil that suits anyone with paler to medium skin. 

No7 Eyeshadow Blend & Contour Brush
I'm not even going to get into how this compares to the MAC 217 brush - I just know this is a great brush for blending with. Just so, so soft and works perfectly with just little circular movements in the eye socket.
Also surprisingly good for blending out any contouring under the cheekbones and for highlighting along the brow bone, cupids bow and cheekbones. So for that reason I actually have two of these. One for blending eyeshadow and one for blending highlighter. 
For the price a really great brush.  

Barry M Toffee Lip Gloss Wand No.2
 Again I own two of these one for at home and one to keep in my bag at all times! I am seriously in love with this lip gloss. It tastes so so good, especially when your hungry!!
It also seems to be unlike any other highstreet lipgloss in the fact it isn't sticky or tacky, amazing if you have long hair and it's windy!
But most importantly it's like my lips but better, if that makes goes with any type of makeup and just evens out my lip colour and slightly tones down the redness in my lips and ofcourse makes them abit sparkly! 
It's worth noting that if you looking in Boots or Superdrug for this if won't say 'Toffee' anywhere on it...just a number 2 on the bottom! 

I've shared with you my most repurchased makeup, so I would love to know what your main repurchased makeup product is!



  1. The truth is that I have not tried any of these but according to your review, I need to try, first, the Max Factor founcation and probably, the Benefit stick!

  2. I guess it would be red nail varnish. I know that barely counts but I rarely rebuy makeup. I have now found my best products so in future I will be rebuying.


  3. Have to agree on the Barry M Toffee lipgloss...I love this!! Always a go to when im not sure what to wear, the perfect nude lipgloss and your right it tastes delicious!!...x

  4. Foundation: Mac Studio Fix (NC20) and Revlon Colorstay (Dry Skin)
    Eyeliner: Revlon Colorstay Black, Revlon Matte Eye Pencils in black and white
    Skincare: Time Delay Micro Dermabrasion Kit
    Simple eye makeup remover
    Eylure False Eye Lashes (I go through them so quickly)
    Cutex Nail Polish Remover
    Boots Travel Yellow Earplugs
    Batiste Original Dry Shampoo
    Aussie Miracle Moist & Luscious Long Line (shampoo, conditioner, treatment)
    Tresemme Moisture Plus Line (shampoo, conditioner, treatment)
    Boots padded plasters
    Superdrug 'balls of the feet' platers (foamy one use version of scholl party feet)
    Garnier (or is it L'oreal) Movida (semi permanent hair colour)
    Boots Lightening moustache kit
    Dove (special white dress deodorant)
    Discontinued *snif* miss sporty nail polish in shade 'vanity'
    Bourjois, ModelsOwn and Elf Brushes
    Mac Blankety lipstick (nude)


  5. I stocked up on the Benefit It Stick when it was free with Glamour, and was pleasantly suprised. Thanks for the post and pics, like the idea of MF second skin, that's what I like about your posts, they keep me on the straight and narrow and remind me that the high street is not all bad. Thanks for the post and pics Jan x

  6. I'm more of a creature of habit with my makeup...

    Benefit Boi-ing Concealer
    Clinique Black High Impact Mascara
    M.A.C Technikohl Eyeliner in Black
    M.A.C Satin Lipstick in Brave

    Benefit Blush Boxes (but now a particular shade!)

  7. Great post hun! I really need to try that Max Factor foundation when I next run out, I keep hearing good things and if it's that good for that price, I'd be a very happy girlie.

  8. I love the Barry M toffee lipgloss too and I always keep one in my handbag ;)
    After reading this I have been convinced that I need to purchase the Max Factor Second Skin Foundation! Thanks for the great post x

  9. I love Barry M toffee, smells amazing! I want this foundation!! :) xx

  10. my most repurchased products would have to be liquid eyeliner, i use revlon's colorstay liquid eyeliner.

    also, not sure if you're aware, but max factor is owned by proctor & gamble who still test on animals. i just thought i'd let you know in case it's something that concerns you :).

  11. I love the Benefit It Stick its so soft and easy to use! I also love the Barry M lipglosses :)
    Great post xxx

  12. hahah why are they scary benefit counters?
    my main repurchase products:
    Smashbox Photo Finish Light
    Smashbox Halo Hydrating Powder
    Coverfx Powderfx M80
    Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ... ...Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

  13. The lip gloss wand looks totally yummy! I'm absolutely crazy for flavored lip gloss.

  14. Great post. Mine would be:
    YSL Touche Eclat
    YSL Perfect Touch Foundation
    MAC Studio Fix concealer (I'm still on my first one but I know I'll be it again and again)
    Benefit Coralista

  15. Totally agree about the Max Factor Second Skin foundation. It's amazing. Great post :) x

  16. You have a couple of bits that I keep looking at on your list. Namely the Toffee lipgloss and the No.7 brush. I must get round to purchasing some time. I'm not sure if I've ever really repurchased anything. There's been a couple of foundations and mascaras (Lash Stiletto) but nothing really of note. I think I have too many things to try!

  17. I my benefit bright eyes, and MAC lipsticks! I love your blog by the way!

  18. OKies on my repurchase list would be
    Covergirl Lashblast volume
    Estee Lauder Crystal baby
    Benefit creaseless cream shadow - Tattle tale
    Prestige blush in Putty

  19. These kinds of posts are the most important on any beauty blog thank you. I am hating my new masterpiece max mascara and will be re purchasing the fat max factor wand 2000 which was excellent. I am using max factor lasting performance but it’s the wrong colour but very creamy and thick I have two bottles of the maybeline liquid mineral foundation which is fantastic. You are only 22? No wander there are no anti ageing posts! I do love your passion for the high street products!


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