29 July 2010

Nail Art Trials

These are all nail trials I tried out yesterday so sadly none of them stayed on my nails for much longer than 10 minutes or so. However I do like to try out different ideas when I have a spare hour just to see if it's doable and looks good! 

So I had never tried any of these before and to be honest they went quite well. I first decided to try and re-create the new YSL Nail Polish Duo in Rive Guache from the new Rock and Baroque collection that has just come out, but of course I didn't rush to Selfridges and buy the set (however nice it is) I decided to do abit of colour matching instead by using NYC 235 Nail Glossies and Nails Inc Instyle nail polish in Beach. So basically alot cheaper!
I think the colours are pretty similar but the natural light was abit too bright so my nails look abit lighter. 

There are three colour shades in the YSL duo range - Rive Guache (see above image), Beautiful Day and Beautiful Night. So I may have to do a tutorial type post on them I'm thinking. 

Next up is the Moustache Manicure - which has to be my favourite. It took all of 5 minutes to do and was pretty easy!
As for where the inspiration came from I haven't a clue but I love the cute moustache necklaces! 

The nail polish I used was Rain Cloud which is actually from the George range at Asda for I think it's only £1.50. It really is the perfect soft grey and it is so easy to apply!
I definitely think I will sporting the moustache manicure out and about! 

Last and sadly least I have to say is the Bow Manicure. For me this was abit of a fail, I didn't let the nail polish dry fully before drawing on the bows so as you can see they aren't that neat and they look abit thick in some areas. 

Having said that I know not to make the same mistake again and so hopefully they will look nice second time around! 

It is quite a simple look but one that can definitely be added to, maybe with little white dots or painting the bows red. 

But I do like the simplicity of the bows as I'm not into all the 3D looking nails at all. It's just way too much for me.
I was going to opt for Eyeko's Nude Polish however I couldn't find it so I used Nude Chic by Revlon. 

I know this is kind of a nothing post but I thought I would share with you afew different looks, as I try so many different things and they never end up as blogposts! 
I would love to know if you like try out different things with your nails or even if you don't do you still like to see these types of posts! 
Basically just talk to me! :)


Lucy said...

These are so cute, I love the bows :-)


ChicGhost said...

I think the moustache nails are awesome... the Rain Cloud colour is gorgeous too.... unfortunately that brand is not available here in NZ.

..R May A.. said...

I the bows could look gorgeous - I'm going to ATTEMPT that bow manicure later today - it's going to be a fail lol
I love the moustache nails though - gorgeous :)

blah said...

Loving your nail art posts, really different. I love playing with nail ideas, however haven't done any as good as yours yet but I think I will try and post a look soon!


abbzzw said...

these are so cute! i love the moustaches most :)

Olivia said...

These are so cute! I love the bows! xx

Beauty's Bad Habit said...

Pretty! Love the moustache nails :)

Rachel said...

These posts are fantastic - the moustaches are fantastic but the coloured tips are the best!

dani@callitbeauty said...

i'm bad enough with waiting for my nails to dry, so adding designs is a bit much for me. but i love all the designs you do! i especially love the bows, very cute :)


chiconomy said...

I love them all - I'm going to have a go at the moustache look :)


missy_ellie_uk said...

Love the first one, I want to try this too!

Michelle Chai. said...

The moustache manicure is so adorable, I might give that a go one evening! :) xxxx

Renay Shanel said...

Moustache Manicure <-- how cute is that!! Very creative!! Your posts are always the best!!

L.F said...

Really creative. I'm rubbish at nail art!!! Loving the moustache one :D

ModestyBrown said...

Fantastic! The YSL dupe is very good. I would love to see a copy of the other two if you can find good colour matches.

The moustache mani reminds me of the facegoop ladies. Have you ever seen their blog? It's hysterical

A great post as ever,
Jane x

Milly said...

Absolutely fab nails :)
The moustache ones made me giggle (in a good way) Love them xx

Rachel said...

Fabulous! I will be investing in a gel pen this weekend!


ckochrox said...

OMGee, I love These!!!! The bows are REALLY cute!!!! But my favorite is the Moustache Nails Are the beastest!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I'm soooooooooooooooooooo trying this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beautiful You Beauty Blog said...

those bows are sooo cute, think I'm going to have to try that one out, you've given me loads of ideas, thanks xx

Vixen said...

I adore your mustaches (the bows are so so cute, too) and I featured them on my blog today! Come see if you like: http://vixenmade.blogspot.com/2011/08/nail-polish-to-show-off.html

I made It Myself said...

hi!!! i love your blog! i was searching for moustache nails for my blog (it's about DIY) so i found you :) i folloe you now... kisses!! itsmellslikeateenspirit.blogspot.com

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