The very reason why I prefer to read blogs...

Elle Magazine - September '010 issue. 

370 pages  
188 pages of adverts

Afew blogs I love to read - 


Fashion & Lifestyle

Interior Design 




  1. I never buy expensive magazines like Elle or Cosmopolitan. I hate how most of the magazine just feels like adverts! Thanks for sharing the other blogs! :) xx

  2. Haven't bought a mag for a long time except for the freebies. Give me a blog any day.

  3. I hate spending my money on magazines, they are all just adverts, I much prefer a good blog :)

  4. So true.:D Thanks for the links!:D

    Have a great weekend!:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  5. 188 pages of adverts! WOWser! Thank you for the blog links, i will have a read of them now!
    I too, very much prefer reading blogs! xxx

  6. Thanks so much for the mention Fee!

    And actually, I quite like the adverts. Maybe it's because I'm a photographer and I have a thing for pretty pictures, and I like pulling them out and putting them up on the wall behind my desk, but I think they (along with the editorials of course!) are the best part of most British glossies.. don't get me started on the French ones... the best fashion photography and articles in the world!

  7. You are so true! It has been a long time since I changed my habit of spending money on beauty and fashion magazines because I realized I was much better informed on the Internet,
    Thanks for linking those blogs, I already knew some but not all.

  8. Too right ! I never saw it that way (I quite like looking at some of the adverts) but when half of the book is full of *paid* advertising AND you pay a somewhat hefty fee for the magazine as well, it does look like a big rip off...

  9. Wow, i knew there was a lot of adverts but that is ridiculous!
    thank you for the link fee :)


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