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Before using any natural/organic hair care products my hair was in bad condition. I had split-ends, it was dry/frizzy, my hair dye use to fade quickly and when washing my hair it use to fall out...and block the plughole. Not good at all. 

 I actually put this down to using harsh hair dyes and using hair straighteners (which I still do) and so I tried endless deep conditioners to try and solve the problem. 
Nothing really worked, it wasn't until I used a harsh shampoo that really irritated my scalp that I looked into natural shampoos and conditioners and learnt alot more about Sulfates, Parabens and Silicone. I personally think the most harmful ingredient in shampoos have to be Sodium Lauryl Sufate, which you can read a post on here.

Of course you do have to spend that bit more on the products but my hair is now in good more frizz or split ends and even though my hair is long my brush is no longer full of hairs from my head! 
I would thoroughly recommend changing your shampoo if it contains SLS (which is 95% of all shampoos) for a month and see if it improves the condition of your hair - even if you think your hair is in good condition already! 
However if you do want to be more toxin free here is a run down of some natural products which start from just £2.44.

Louise Galvin Natural Locks Volumising Shampoo For Fine Hair 300ml (£2.24 Tesco Home) - Now this range of shampoos & conditioners really surprised me when I saw them in Tesco. Hair products by Louise Galvin can cost from £20 upwards and that is just for a 25oml bottle of shampoo. So the Natural Locks collection priced at £2-3 blew me away. The prices on her actual website are more expensive around £7 but you can read the full ingredients and see all the other products in the range. 
As for the specific product it doesn't create much lather (because it's SLS free) but the lather isn't what cleans the hair - it just takes some getting use to. However the shampoo when poured onto the palm does look quite thick, so don't let this fool you. 
As for the scent it isn't at all eco smelling and smells faintly of oranges. 
This isn't the best SLS/natural shampoo on the market but it is the cheapest! 

Naked Shampoo range 250ml (All £3.99 Boots)  -  I am never without there shampoo, so I have almost tried the full range. The best overall shampoo by the company has to be the Naked Colour Protection Shampoo it foams up well and has a lovely scent to it. I also quite like the above product Naked Smooth Silky Shampoo with marshmallow & aloe. My least favourite has to be the Naked Detox Deep Cleanse - this is mainly aimed at any product buildup in the hair which makes it quite a stripping shampoo. Also the formula is quite weak and watery which means it doesn't lather up well at all. 
Overall Naked are a really good brand to go for if you want to feel like you are using a normal shampoo. 

Tara Smith Straight Away Conditioner 250ml (£2.42 Tesco Home) - In some ways finding a low cost natural conditioner is even harder than finding a shampoo. As most natural conditioners are quite highly priced. However two brands I use are Aussie and Tara Smith. 
The Tara Smith conditioner is my usual everyday conditioner - again it does take some getting use to as it is abit lighter than a normal conditioner but it does leave the hair very soft and hydrated! However the one downside to the product is the smell of it - it reminds me slightly of hair dye, it's just a strange scent really. Other than that it is a great product at a really cheap price. You can find the full range of both shampoos & conditioners at Cult Beauty.

The above products I use when I want to really treat my hair as they are really rich and work perfectly.
Tigi Bed Head Superstar Shampoo 250ml (£5.10 Cheap - As you can see this is abit pricey as it comes to around £6+ after delivery (but it's still cheaper than purchasing it at a hair salon for £9-10). However for me this is just a perfect product - I would even say the best shampoo I have used. It is thick and lathers up amazingly well and it also have such a lovely scent of strawberries. A real treat for the hair.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstrucor Conditioner 250ml (£4.59 Boots) - If I want my hair to look really good I use this. It smells amazing and is a really thick almost a luxery feeling product for the price. Using this on the length of the hair for 3 minutes then combing through before washing it out makes the world of difference, it leaves the hair tangle free and so soft. 

Like I mentioned at the beginning of the post my hair has improved amazingly and it is all down the products I have been using in the past 6-8 months. My hair is actually at the longest it has ever been due to not wanting/needing to cut off all the dead frizzy ends. 

I would love to know if you use 
any natural hair products
or even consider using SLS free shampoo. 



  1. I like Avalon Organics shampoo and conditioner pretty sure they're SLS free :) the minty one os the bomb, loooooove it :)

  2. I'm so glad you wrote this post! My scalp had a nasty reaction a while back.

    I presumed it was hair dye and so have temporarily stopped dying my hair, it never occurred to me that it might be my shampoo and conditioner.

    I'm definately going to try SLS free if it means I can go back dying my hair!!!

    Thanks again sweetie xxx

  3. Great post.

    I went through a stage of having the worlds itchiest scalp (I was going through a stage of having hives due to the fact my skin has become sensitive to the sun UV light).

    I tried loads of diff shampoos, and in the end Louise Galvin's stop it Im glad to say. Also it did leave my hair lovely and soft.

    I now have medication so I don't walk round looking like I have cooties, and I do rotate between SLS free shampoos and regular ones.

    But if anyone is finding they are going through an itchy head stage like I did, I would def recommend giving one of the above ago for an itch free head.


  4. Tara Smith products are great-I have a shine spray or something by that brand, and it smells great and makes my hair soft. They're pretty hard to find though-I got mine in a bargain bucket in ASDA!

  5. Tara smith is my favourite shamp/condi brand, it really helped with my sensitive/itchy/eczema prone scalp :) xxx

  6. hey, great post! previously i was mainly concerned about the silicone content of my shampoos and conditioners (i hate that slippery feeling) but you really got me thinking about other nasty ingredients as well. my favourite treatment is mop (modern organic products) extreme protein treatment. silicone and, i believe, sls free and works like a dream :) saved my hair!

  7. This is a really great post!
    I've never really given product ingredients much thought before but the description of your hair at the start of the post is exactly like mine is now!Its never occurred to me that it could be down to the ingredients in my hair products. I will deffo take a look at using natural hair products from now on!

  8. This is a really great post!
    I've never really given product ingredients much thought before but the description of your hair at the start of the post is exactly like mine is now!Its never occurred to me that it could be down to the ingredients in my hair products. I will deffo take a look at using natural hair products from now on!

  9. I'm trying to use silicone, sulfate and paraben free haircare products as they seem to calm down my scalp which has eczema on it.

    I had some herbal essences shampoo, which famously lathers up, and used it again the other week after using 'good' shampoo and my scalp was the flakiest and itchiest it had ever been so the rest of the bottle went down the sink! I think thats where my other 'bad' haircare products will be heading too!

    Great post! xx

  10. i have psoriasis and SLS completely aggravates it so i did some research and found out more info on SLS and decided to stop using products that contain it.

    now my scalp is back to normal and my hair is shinier and healthier than ever! i'm using suave naturals and organix for shampoo/conditioner right now and i love it!


  11. Your description of your hair before you used sls free shampoo is exactly like mine now yet I've never concidered the ingredients of shampoo before! Complete eye opener! Thank you for sharing this with us all :)

  12. Good post!:D

    I want to try the Superstar shampoo!:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  13. Ive never used any of the above products but it is very interesting to learn of new products, well at lease new to me :D

  14. Really interesting thankyou, i too have never really thought too much about whats in my shampoo. I will be looking at the ingredients next time x

  15. I'm so glad you mentioned about the Naked Detox shampoo, that's the only one I've tried and to be honest it put me off the Naked range and SLS free products, but I'll give them another go as I really want better hair! xx

  16. Superstar shampoo is now on my wish list! I love all the Tony and Guy stuff.
    Lush products must be without nasties as well? Do you have any info on that?


  17. @Lucie -

    Well to be honest with you so many Lush products have SLS in them..there bubble bars,shampoos & shower jellys. So I just don't use them sadly.
    I do love there toners though.

    Fee x

  18. It's pants :( I checked their website yesterday and saw that.

    I guess it's a matter of always checking the labels.



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