Nivea Natural Beauty Radiance Boosting Moisturiser

I always find you need to give moisturisers like these a leap of faith when purchasing there is no testing there actual 'radiance' before purchasing...and would you really want too with the state of tester? 

But luckily for me my sister actually mentioned she'd bought it afew weeks ago so I tested abit of hers while she wasn't looking! Which actually convinced me to buy the £6.50 little pot. 

So the product describes itself as a radiance boosting moisturiser that has a pleasant shimmering effect for an instantly even and radiant skin. The results are - Instant natural-looking, radiant and even complexion. 

The box describes it pretty well really - but in a nutshell it's a highlighting moisturiser with little shimmery/glitter particles that reflect the light giving dull skin abit of a glow.

If you click on the image above you will probably be able to see the shimmer in the product which is quite fine and not to much - I do find it abit more noticeable in full sun though (which I could see some people really liking and some really disliking)
 I should add that for £6.50 you get 50ml of product and it does come in quite a nice glass jar. 
The product - The moisturiser itself is quite light so it wouldn't be that great for anyone with dry skin (however you could use your normal moisturizer before using this) however I found it was perfect for my combination skin type and also quite good on sensitive skin. It also rubs in really well and really does just boost your skin if you want to be makeup free or just provide your dull looking skin with abit of a boost before applying a foundation. 

I actually first started using this on it's own at the weekend when I knew I wouldn't be going out anywhere special . As it just gave me a healthy glow to my skin and masked over any dull areas around my nose and chin. 
I then tried it under my normal foundation and I have to say it works pretty well. It does tone the product down so you do lose some shimmer but it still gives you that good base. 
I also find it encourages me to use less foundation as it just gives a good foundation to work on...almost like a primer! 

In the above image I did try to do a before and after shot - this is the best I could do without altering or editing the images. So this is the nearest I could get to the actual effects of the product. This is pretty similar to what it would look like on the face though! 

As for things I don't love about the product it would have to be the smell - don't get me wrong it actually smells quite nice but it's just abit too strong for a moisturiser. Also the guide on the packaging for the Recommended Age Group did slightly annoy me! Of course it may not be suitable for someone in there 50's or 60's as it would maybe draw attention to wrinkles and imperfections. But anyone from the age of 15 - 40 can suffer with dull skin and seeing as the moisturiser is light it would be fine for most people. 
 I just don't see why they would want to put people off the product.


Overall this is a really good highlighting/radiance boosting product for anyone that finds there skin looking abit lifeless or flat even when using a foundation. 
I still do use a normal moisturizer day & night as I couldn't really imagine applying this before bed! I also think it may be too much to wear under a foundation at night. 
But for day to day use it is great!
A highly recommended product if you want abit of a boost. 


  1. I have this, but to be honest, i hate it . I hate the smell, and it always dries really weirdly on my and makes my foundation flake off, its weird! Glad you hadbetter luck with it than me! :) xx

  2. Oooh I'm intrigued. Do you find it gives you a bit of that sweaty, oily look by the end of the day? I always get shiny a few hours into the day, and don't want to look 'end-of-the-day' before it's due! xx

  3. @Cami - I know what you mean... I tend to avoid putting it anywhere near the center of my I've got an annoyingly oily t-zone. But it looks great everywhere else.
    With a foundation I apply it everywhere and it lasts all day and no oily-ness if I apply powder.

    Fee x

  4. The recomended age is just a little weird - silly packaging.
    I think I'm probably going to try this - I love most of the things you review positively :)
    that & it sounds like my kinda thing!

  5. I had a small sample of this product and really didn't like it. It made my face look like it was covered in glitter. I just used it as I would a normal moisturiser too. Glad you had better luck with it though! :) xx

  6. Thanks for the great review. I use my Oil of Olay complete multi care radiance (such a mouthful) in the same sort of way. I like how it looks on it's own and under base. I'm tempted to give this one a try. I actually quite like the Nivea smell but I usually find their creams much too greasy for me. I wonder if this might be different as you mentioned it's quite light.

  7. I really like Superdrug's Vitamin E illuminating moisture cream which I imagine is similar to this. I wear it under foundation or on lazy days when i don't want to wear much make it. I recommend trying the Superdrug version, it's under £3 too. Tempted to try this after your review but hate the idea of it falking :-S x

  8. Nice photos taken!
    I would actually love to try this product ill have to search for it in my market. I like the way the texture looks so creamy :)

    Great post, packed with info!
    thanks for sharing x

  9. I absoultely hated stopped using it by day 2!! Everytime I put it onto my face and smooth it over, it flakes and looks like I have very dry skin but in fact I've got a combination skin.

    I do not recommend you buying this. Waste of your money!

  10. I received this wee pot in a gift set for Christmas 2 years ago.. everytime i have it on people adk what im wearing. I love it.. does anyone know were i can purchase new one.. cant seem to find it anywhere 😕


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