A Weekend Note + Benefit winners announced!

So it's the weekend again...and hopefully your all having a lazy Sunday. I can't say my weekend has been relaxed as it's been filled with cleaning and painting while trying to keep my nails from being destroyed in the process. 

However my weekend hasn't been all bad as I received my lovely Martine Wester order which contained a bracelet and a matching necklace (in the above image)...which came free with the order.  Before I rave about all the jewellery on the Martine Wester website, I just want to mention what amazing value for money my own order was. I purchased the Shine Gold Earth Cluster Bracelet for only £8 (it was reduced from £16) and it also included the matching Earth necklace for FREE...it should of also been £8. On top of that when you sign upto the newsletter your receive 15% off! Which brought my total order to £6.80 with free delivery. 
I sound like I'm selling the website now, but it really is just great value for money...the jewellery is unique and well made and if that wasn't enough each piece comes boxed with material pouches to store the jewellery in. 
The Earth jewellery also came with a litte card..which is the same inscription that is on both pieces. (Earth is the my 'element' as I'm a Taurus...there's ofcourse water,fire and air..so the shine gold bracelet/necklace do vary in detail & quotes.

But to be honest I just really like this little saying!  

Anyways it's just an amazing site if you love jewellery...I'm actually tempted to place another order with afew things in there sale and I also have my eye on one of the Nail Inc polish/MW ring set

I also thought I would mention Tuberoli perfume which I purchased from Space NK recently. Maybe not such a bargain but I thought I would mention it anyway as I the scent is just perfect for summer. 
It is only 15ml so I will have to use it sparingly.

Last but not least I want to announce the three winners of the Benefit giveaway that I have been holding for the past 3 weeks.
As you all specified which jumbo pencils you would prefer I drew the giveaway three times ( I was going to do 3 printscreens on random org, but I am sure you all trust me!) 

The winner are as follows...

1st - Rena(number 58) - Bad Gal
2nd - Heart Shaped Bruise (number 27)- IT Stick
3rd - Fiona (number 3)- Eye Bright

It would be great if you could e-mail me your address at makeupsavvy@live.co.uk but in case you don't read this or I don't hear from you. I will e-mail you all by Monday night at the latest. 

Thanks to everyone that entered the giveaway!




  1. Woo, thanks a lot!

    I'll email you right away :)

    Definitely going to check out that jewellery website too - can't resist a bargain.. especially when it comes to jewellery!


  2. I scooted off and placed an order with Martine Wester before I even reached the end of your post...but don't worry, I came back and finished reading ;) Thank you SO much for letting us know about her - the jewellery looks fab and I can't wait to receive my order now :)

  3. I scooted off to the site, and am just placing an order, what gorgeous jewellery :)

    It's a bit naughty of me, but it's my birthday on Wednesday, and I know I'll get some money, so am 'pre-buying', just in case the sale ends!

    I, obviously, am a fire sign, so going for the fire necklace/free bracelet, in gold. Also getting a charm bracelet, like the Links of London sweetie one, because it's only £23.00 in sale, and you get 6 charms!

    Thanks for the mention, gorgeous site...free delivery too, and the 15% off, er...BONUS!


  4. Amazing, I must check that site out! And well done to the winners!

  5. I love the charm bracelets and the Earth bracelet on that site- going to order some :) Thanks for letting us know about it!


  6. the braclet is gorgeous!
    & i smelt that perfume the other day - loved it :)

  7. Yah! I also emailed you too!

    <33 Rena


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