NYC Nail Glossies only 60p!

First of all lets just think about what 60p can buy you...The only thing I can think of is a chocolate bar! 60p these days gets you nothing...well I didn't think it did until I stumbled across these lovely nail polishes on Fragrance Direct for only 59p each! (the link will take you straight to the Glossies). 

I actually already owned 227 and 241 so I decided to buy afew more..however now I am thinking why did I only buy three!

Anyways I thought I would show you all what the nail polishes look like in real life as the swatches on the site aren't all too great.

From little finger to thumb - 

235 - This is maybe my favourite out of the five polishes, it goes on really well and is opaque with 2 coats. It also reminds me of OPI Overexposed in South Beach which you can see here.

213 (Peach) -This looks nothing like the swatch on the website, which you can see below. It is peach but it's also quite pearl like & sheer. It also has a gold shimmer running through it. 

227 - Again this looks nothing like the swatch on the site, it's more of a deep red/purple. Applies really well and would look perfect for Autumn.

221 - Ok, maybe this one is my favourite. Really on trend and a perfect vibrant nail polish. Also really opaque.

241 -  This is my least favourite. It is a pretty weak sheer polish and would need more than 2 coats. But if you are willing to apply several coats it is a nice colour!

As for consistence the nail polishes really surprised me - They almost glide onto the nails and are pretty fool proof! The other thing I noticed which I haven't noticed with any other nail polish is the feel of it on my nails once dry. Just really smooth and glossy! I can't explain it but it kind of feels similar to when you buff & polish your nails.

Also the chunky tops are removable which makes it so much easier to paint your nails and the brush is a bit shorter than your average brush so you do have more control.  
The only bad thing I can say about the nail polishes are the annoying stickers that come attached to the labal and the top, they have a perforated line so that you can just remove them..however as you can see it leaves the bottle looking abit messy!

So all in all for 60p each these are pretty amazing & a great inexpensive way to add more colours to your nail polish collection! 



  1. Bargain! I really like all the colours on your nails. I love glossy polish x

  2. ooooh wanders off to check out the site x x x x

  3. These look really good on your nails! I have a few NYC nail polishes and they're all so weak and they streak like nothing I've ever seen before! 60p is a seriously good price for nail polish.

  4. I've used that web site quite a lot they have some great bargains on it. Thanks for the heads up x

  5. i got a couple of these from there, a light pink and a dark purple i think, they have some amazing bargains!

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  7. I made a pretty big order from there when I first discovered that site! Including a couple of these nail varnishes - I don't know how anyone could possibly resist for that price!
    My favourite is the 243B colour - the blue - I assume that's the one I've got. If it is, I LOVE it. It's amazing. & like you said, I love the finish of these varnishes too.

    The site's definitely worth a browse for more bargains than you can shake a stick at!

  8. Hi I awarded you the I Love Your Blog award.

  9. Great colors =)
    The nail polish that I like most are 235,213 and 227.


  10. W O W! 59p? thats crazyy! i'm heading over to that site right now...
    fee, you really are amazing at product recomendations! best one infact :)

  11. The colors are so vibrant! I love them ill have to go pick some up for myself! Great post :) Thanks x

  12. oh goodness! i'm so glad i stumbled upon your space.
    awesome awesome post!
    i'm following you now! you should follow me too:D

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