Christmas at Superdrug

I admit July may not be the best time to be writing about Christmas...but if Selfridges can open there Christmas shop on the 2nd August then I must be able to talk about Christmas!

What am I even saying! I don't need to justify myself..I love Christmas and could talk about it in February with anyone that was willing. 
I do truly love everything about the festive period and cannot wait to write blogposts in December and talk about all things beauty & Christmas related. 
Anyways I thought I'd share with you some lovely gift sets that will be available to buy from Superdrug's in October/November time. 

First of all I must talk about the above Accessorize giftsets - not to keen on (cheap) lipgloss sets, however for me nail polish is nail polish whatever the brand! Yes it may chip more so than other existing brands but it's shades that I go for and I have to say a nice little set of 9 nail polishes in a range of colours would fit nicely in my own collection.
I also cannot help but wish the inside design was also on the front - The front is just abit to cheap looking for my liking, but the rose design is prefect!

(Clockwise - Gosh Bronzing gift set, Gosh Primer gift set, Gosh Dramatic Eyes gift set)

Next up are some lovely Gosh gift sets that range from £9.99 to £14.99 which isn't too bad seeing as they contain 3 or 4 full size products per set. I can see these being really popular this Christmas.


Mua Makeup Academy sets - Now to me sticking the products onto abit of plastic doesn't make them giftsets and I am sure most people will remove the products from the packaging before wrapping them. Also as the products are £1 each...I am hoping the sets won't be £3. As you could of just picked out the products yourself, if that makes sense and doesn't make me sound like a penny-pincher! 

This is also a giftset that I am sure will highly popular and will be on many a girls Christmas wishlist - I am even tempted to say it may even be on mine. I am not sure on price however the set contains lashes for each Girls Aloud member (is it just me or does Cheryl look very un-Cheryl like) and some kind of faux leather makeup bag.

Last but not least are a range of Simple giftsets...there are quite afew different sets and I am sure they will be budget friendly. 

Ofcourse there are the usual Nivea, Dove and Lynx sets but nothing worth mentioning really. I save Lynx or Dove for anyone that doesn't get me a present or for anyone that I haven't seen in the last 6 months! 

Hopefully in the coming weeks I will be able to get my hands on some images of the Boots Christmas gifts... they do have some lovely gifts this year (as always) in particular a lovely brush set from No7 and of course Fearne Cottons new line of makeup... but I have to say it's abit of a let down as it's catered more towards the teen market. 

On a Christmassy note I would love to know where you like to shop at Christmas! 



  1. Eeee you've got me all excited for Christmas now! :)

  2. I love chrissy too! Those accessorize boxes look so cute:)

  3. I think I will shop in some italian italian stores like kiko or madina... and for face creams I think you can find the better kits in sephora ;)

  4. Hi there, I'm loving your beauty blog and we have something in common we are both Lancashire bloggers!Being a Style Consultant I adore beautifuly presented gifts and the packaging on these is simply divine. I confess to being a bit of a benefit addict again, I'm a sucker for the vintage vibe! I wondered if you would like to do a blog post swop with me? I think my readers and followers would love to meet you and read a beauty post over on My Passport to Style!Now following you so I don't miss out! Sharon (UK) xx

  5. I'd go for the simple giftset! :D Can't believe I didn't realise you were from Lancashire either! I am too!

  6. i LOVE (most) simple products. but hell, what girl wouldn't love an eyelash giftset?! i've never used them before so that would be quite a treat.

  7. I love Christmas, I'm excited already! I love the Accessorize nail polish gift set, lovely! xxx

  8. I usually avoid giftsets at Christmas after a year where my sister and I got pretty much the same presents from everyone we knew! I prefer to buy a little makeup bag and fill it with a few things I know the person will like instead.

  9. ooo some nice gifts there. i quite like those Accessorize nail boxes too xx

  10. Well I know what my friends will be getting at christmas ;) haha I may shamefully have to buy some of these for myself if nobody else gets me them! x

  11. i'm so ON this!

    then again, you're looking at a girl who listens to Christmas music in July. :p

    as for Christmas shopping, i pretty much go anywhere in order to find what i'm looking for. i ALWAYS make lists way beforehand so i don't have to brave the crowds for too long (i hate crowds!!!).

  12. I think the GOSH sets are really good value for money- will be picking myself up one of those :)

    Wish Christmas was closer. There's nothing like the feeling of a waltz round the shops after work picking gifts up for loved ones and treated yourself as you go :)


  13. love this post!! Excited for christmas now!!!

    The gosh sets look really good value I will deffo be getting some of those! and the simple and girls aloud set too ahh! I want it all :) xx

  14. Oh why am I going to Selfridges on Tuesday and not in August?!? I could have blogged about how stupid it was...

    And actually on the most part I buy books as gifts. I generally only get gifts for my close friends, so I know them really well and as I'm a book person I think I'm quite good at buying them for people! I even managed to get a friend a book she loved, when she actually hates books and reading!

  15. I looove the sets up at top and the Girls Aloud Set. I wish we had a superdrug that held these products! I love Christmas as well for the same reason.

    Ive already started to keep a look out for gifts for Christmas time! It's never to early :)

  16. Wow seems like yesterday I was reading this post and was thinking Christmas is ages away and wanting everything here and now its all over :O Time flies!!! xxx

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