4 June 2010

NOTD - Leopard Print Nails

So here is my first ever attempt at Nail Art - I don't know if you could call it Nail Art as I used nothing other than nail polish...no Konad stamps or nail pens. Just Pink Flamingo by Barry M and Dynasty by Collection 2000 Hot Looks. Very Simple to do.

I got the idea from looking at Wah Nails which has such a large amount of inspiration if you are wanting to do something different to your nails. As you can see below this is what I based my nails on and to be honest I think I should of gone with a nude/coffee coloured base. But I may try that some other time.

As I enjoyed doing it so much I am thinking about doing weekly step-by-step tutorials here on my blog. Again with no nail pens or anything to overly faffy just nail polish and abit of creativity! 

As I am not into kitsch nails that much I am thinking of looking at different types of prints that are in style at the moment and basing the nail designs around that. 

Here are some of the prints that I thought may be good to try out as I think all are quite achievable as nail art - 

 From top left ;-
 Alexander McQueen, Mui Mui, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Giambattista Valli, Issa and Stella McCartney

I really hope you all like the idea as I have been wanting to do something abit different on my blog for afew weeks now. 

So I would love to know your thoughts about doing simple nail tutorials and ofcourse any suggestions are more than welcome. 


  1. Your nails look sooooo good!! Love them!

    Yeah I think you should do step by step then I could have a go!! haha!

  2. wow they look amazing! I think the bird would look gorgeous too :) x

  3. I really love nail prints but not nail art... is there any difference?
    this is cute!

  4. i love it and would definitely love to see tutorials on how to do them!

  5. This is so cute. I've recently been trying out some more nail art and love it! xx

  6. They look really good, you must have a very steady hand!! x

  7. Oooh they look really nice! I would love to see some tutorials :) All I have is nail polish; no fancy design plates or anything so I would love to see what designs you make :)

  8. I would LOVE to see a tutorial for this and future designs. I am 99% certain I would be too cack-handed to emulate it, but I'd love to have a go!

  9. I second missy_ellie_uk's comment!

  10. So awesome. :)
    I'm a new follower. :)

  11. That is definitely nailart!!
    You could reverse the colours. Put a holo topcoat over it. Loads of things!
    I did tiger stripes (not bad) and cherry blossom (not at all good) and now I MUST do this.
    Simple tutorials? I'm in.

  12. They look lush :D I likey xx

  13. I think its a great idea, the leopard print isn't my style but some of the others defo are so please plase do more so i can copy your nails hehe x

  14. for your 1st go...fantastic...great choice of color...wah website is amazing...you should check out misschevious youtube channel becos she has just done a tutorial on thhe birds...dead easy...would love to see more tutorials xx

  15. @Jaljen - Yeh I was thinking you could do tons with it. I was thinking maybe using 2 polishes for the base coat like a pink through to orange then do the leopard print mani on top. I will have to have a look at your nail art over on your blog. Get some tips!

    @Pinkhair - Thanks for the tip will have to check out the YT channel :)

    Fee x

  16. Yes for tutorials , I lack imagination at the moment ....the bird print would look awesome ! Can I ask a question not related to this post ? (asking anyway ;-)) : you use the lush toner, have you ever tried it as a copy of MAC fix + : I hate the smell and I am searching something to smooth the powder finish of a make up without ruining it ...Would it be helpful ????

    Thanks for your answer

    Caro xxx

  17. So this is when you first did Leopard nails and you clearly credited Wah Nails.. Would be lovely if people actually did their research before jumping down your throat about stuff!

    keep up the nail art hun. I love it!



  18. that pattern looks so good! do you do it on yourself or get somebody to do it for you? I can never do it on myself!

  19. @Tinkerbelle

    Yes I did it myself... actually a lot easier if you use an eyeliner pen or a sharpe pen!

    Fee x


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