Marian Newman Inkredible Pen Kit

I think the most important thing to mention is that I purchased the kit at a reduced price of £5.50 from Asos and there is still a wide range of colours available which you will find here. Originally a kit costs £21.50 and to be honest if I had paid full price I don't think I would be as pleased. So if you fancy trying these out, I would do it now, while they are only £5.50! 

The kit contains 2 nail pens - A water based opaque colour (in my case Gold Leaf) and a 'Wrapture' top coat pen that is basically a clear nail polish in a pen format.
The kit also comes with two sachets - a nail varnish remover towel and a clean-up towel to tidy up any mistakes when applying the water based polish. 

Basically the idea is that you can apply the first pen as messy as you like. Because as it is water based it dries within 20-30 seconds and then to can either wash your hands or use the clean-up towel which is just a moisture wipe really to remove all the nail polish that is on the skin. 
The picture below is just an example to show how the colour stays on the nail and washes off the skin. You don't even need to rub to remove the polish from the skin.

Next you apply the 'Wrapture' top coat which seals the nail polish so it doesn't fade off, which is would do without a top coat as it is water based after all. 
I did find that the top coat was quite gloopy and didn't apply well. So unfortunately I have started to use just a normal top coat from Barry M. Ofcourse if I was travelling I would just use the top coat provided but I would always opt for a normal top coat. 
Anyways here is the finished result! 

Overall - Even though the first pen is water based (which is the whole concept really) the colour is really opaque and I am sure this would be the same with all the other pens within the collection. 
But like I say the second pen does let it down slightly as the consistency just isn't good. It is almost like a sticky thick clear lipgloss to apply. I am sure if I had paid over £20 for this I wouldn't be impressed. 
Here is a swatch of the two pens and on the right is just what the water based polish looks like when water touches it. As you can see it just washes away. 

My main concern with these pens was that they could get clogged up or the nail polish tip could harden. Both do kind of dry out especially the Wrapture pen. However I've found that the water based pen just needs running under the tap and drying or wiping it with a makeup wipe and the Wrapture pen needs to be wiped with some nail polish remover. 

Other than that the kit is quite good. I have found it is perfect for painting my toe nails in a rush! I can be as quick/messy as I like but as soon as I wipe each nail with a wipe it looks like I have applied it perfectly. In total rush situations I don't even add a top coat and the polish does seem to last all day. 


  1. I have two of these kits and I hav to say I bought thm full price which I'm not best pleased out to be honest - I found some colours to be better than others but the top coat was horrible - i'll try and do a post so you can see the colour I got x

  2. Thanks for reviewing this product!:D Looks interesting, and for the price, I think it's good enough to try.:D

    Happy Thursday!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  3. I had the same problem with the top coat. I bough 8 pens and all the top coats were the same. Luckily i got them for too, so only paid £5.50 - i would never buy them at full price - i would rather get a professional manicure!

  4. @Louise - That would be great, would like to see some of the other colours as you can never go off the swatches on most retail websites!

    @Marie - Yes for the price I would say it is 100% worth a try. I think a more vibrant colour would be more fun though.

    @Laura - I have spoke to afew people and they all say the same thing about the Wrapture top coat. The formula is just really bad.

    Fee x

  5. Thanks for this interesting article.
    Being quite new in the UK I only discovered this brand recently.
    I am doing a bit of research because I'd like to talk about it in my own blog.
    But your article makes me guess that this brand is not doing so well... otherwise, why would there be sales on ASOS? And there is not much activity on the brand's website.
    I also read that Marian Newman launched the Urban Retreat nail bar in Harrods so she might be too busy to work on her own brand, I suppose...
    Do you have any news on the brand closing down or something like that?

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