May Favourites

Tigi Bed Head Superstar shampoo  -  At £9.80 this isn't the cheapest shampoo in the world, however it does tick alot of boxes. Most importantly it is SLS free, which for me is very important as I don't use anything containing Sodium Lauryl Sulfate anymore, and normally this would mean that you lose that 'lather' or foaming effect in the shampoo, which I think makes you actually use more of the SLS free shampoo because it doesn't lather up. Anyways I am rambling. Basically even though it is SLS free it does foam up and it also smell great. Like watermelon and strawberries!

Lush Breath of Fresh Air Toner (£3.25) -  For some strange reason this kind of makes me think of freshly made's almost zingy (is that even the right word to use?) on the skin, which really wakes it up and makes it breath. It is basically a Breath of Fresh Air. It does wonders for my skin and in summer I couldn't be without it. Very refreshing and lovely.

Jelly Pong Pong Lip Orchid in Petal Pink (£8.00) - This was a product that actually surprised me this month. If I am honest I thought it was way too pink in the pot and the consistency was abit to thin. However I was wrong. Well I stick by that it is abit too thin and doesn't stay on the lips all that long. But it is such a pretty vibrant pink colour that is quite hydrating and even though it doesn't have great staying power it does leave a nice stain to the lips. I have also been using the smallest amount on my cheeks and it really does last all day. I have included a swatch of it below so you can see the actual colour of it.

Sleek i Divine Palatte in Storm (£5.99)- I think this will be a firm favourite for quite awhile. It is more than worth what I paid for it and I have been using it most days. The choice of shades are great, the only negative things I could say about it is that is would of been nice to see more matte eyeshadows in there than shimmery ones. But overall I really can't fault this. I have even been using afew of the darker shades with a damp angled eyeliner brush to line my eyes.

D&G 3 L'Imperatrice  (part of a 5 x 2oml set for £35)- I am not even going to try an describe the scent of this because I know I will fail. What I would suggest is that you go have a sniff of the whole collection if you are near a Debenhams or House of Fraser. Number 3 and no.10 as so far my favourites. No. 3 is a very fresh, fruity floral scent that has definitely got a peach smell too it. Which makes is perfect for a day time scent. My other favourite is definitely a more mature evening scent without being too heavy. I think it is called La Roue De La Fortune but if it's not it is no.10. It is quite a warm fragrance that lingers for awhile and I can smell that there is Jasmine in there. But other than that I haven't a clue. I just know they smell nice!

Soap & Glory Sit Tight (£14) - I have to say I wasn't a firm believer in thigh firming, bottom trimming supposid miracle creams. However as summer is approaching quite rapidly  anything that is going to make my thighs appear more pleasing to the eye is good is my books. To be honest for the price I think this is the best product we are going to get, it has high levels of caffeine in it to stimulate all them nasty fat cells and hopefully drain them away. As for result I have been using it for about a month now and have noticed a difference. That cellulite/dimple look to the backs of my thighs has really reduced and it does look and feel much softer! A must try if you are going to be wearing shorts this summer!

St. Moriz Self Tanning Mousse (£2.99) - Again for the price I really doubt there is anything better than this on the market at the moment. It is no St. Tropez but it is nearly there! I would say if you are umming and arrring about whether to try the mousse or the spray I would go for the Mousse as there is definitely more control over it. It does stain the hands abit more so you have to make sure you scrub them. The one thing you have to be careful about it them nasty orangey tan marks near the wrist/fingers! But other than that the mousse gives you a natural non orange tan for upto 5-6 days and it does fade quite even and naturally. 

Onto more 'boring' favourites of the month...these are just them non-exciting favourites that I have used throughout the month and have really just worked. 

Calypso water resistant suncream spf30  (£3.99) - I am always on the look out for a good but cheap high SPF water-proof suncream and I think I may have just found it. I use water resistant because it lasts longer in the heat and you don't end up sweating it off 20 minutes after applying it. I basically like it for the formula, it isn't runny and it isn't like applying gloss paint to your skin. You can apply quite alot and it rubs in within seconds, so it's perfect for applying to the arms and chest area.

Scholl  Cracked Heel Repair Cream (£4.00) - Come spring I start to wear higher heels and flat flimsy sandals which are equally as bad for my feet. So by the beginning of summer my heels aren't in good shape. They aren't so much as cracked, but I get this nasty build-up ( I hate using the word build-up to describe something!) of hard skin that is pretty much dead. I also get this odd prickly hot feeling in my heels if I am on my feet all day. So I have been using the repair cream on and off throughout the month and it has just stopped the prickly feeling and has softened the hard skin. Boring but it works.

Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo (£3.00)- Well apparently Lauren Conrad likes to use this..which isn't a reason to buy it but I thought I would mention it. It comes it this handy travel size, which I keep in my bag and actually I use it for two things! Ofcourse when my hair is feeling abit limp/greasy I spray it in the roots and it bring my hair back to life for another day or so. But I also use this on my feet! No I am notbeing strange. It is basically like using talcum powder on them. It is great if it is hot and you are wearing sandals and your feet are getting sweaty and are at that point were they are about to start rubbing and causing blisters. You just spray it on and kind of rub off any white marks and it basically dries the feet and stops them from sweating!

Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment (£2.50)- Again I am not that crazy, I promise. I don't use this for it's purpose ofcourse! I use this on my lips. I am one of them unfortunate people that suffer from dry lips come summer or winter. But this really works a treat on them, almost locking in the moisture and keeping them soft all day. It isn't like a cream, but it does leave you with a nude look to the lips so I apply this at night and then the smallest amount throughout the day to keep them soft. Totally fragrance free and it doesn't taste funny!

Boots own Oil-Absorbing Sheets (£3.49) - Oil-Absorbing Sheets are one of them things that when they are gone I never remember to get anymore even though they work. However my shiny nose reminded me to get some about two weeks ago and I have nearly used them all up. I always opt for the cheaper version as they do the same job. A blot come 4pm either side of my nose and on my forehead for good measure does the trick and keeps my makeup looking fresh and shine free. I also use these in the morning to remove any oil from my eyelids before I apply a base/eyeshadow.

 I am quite glad these favourite posts are only once a month because it seems that I had alot to talk about. I really do love reading what people favourites products are though. 

So if you have a May Favourites make sure to leave me a comment with a link to the post or just tell me what you are liking this month!


  1. great favourites (:, i need to get the s&g sit tight!,X

  2. i really need to try st moritz - everyone keep raving about it!

  3. I'm currently using sit tight, but haven't notice any change. Maybe I should wait, and try it for a month like you did?

  4. Fab favourites!! :) I love St Moriz and the Sleek palette!
    I love Bepanthen for dry skin - I used it when I got my tattoo done as the skin went all flaky and dry! This stuff worked a treat! :)


  5. I must try Bepanthen - I get awfully dry lips

    I use the Tigi superstar range - you can get massive twin packs of 1L shampoo and conditioner for like £17 from


  6. Hi!
    Terrific post. I particularly enjoyed the 'boring' bit. I really need to get some heel treatment and that dry shampoo on your feet sounds like such a good idea. I know using something like that would a prevented me ripping my feet apart in the hot weather!

    I confess, I use nipple cream (lanolin) on my lips. Works a treat as an overnight treatment.
    Jane x

  7. Nice favourites! Superstar shampoo is great, I tried it and loved it, but unfortunately don't have it any more!
    No 3 is really nice, very sweet and punchy, though it just doesn't work on me. No 10 is an oriental, very sexy. Though I like L'Amoureaux and La Lune, they smell nicer on me!

  8. I have also been loving St Moriz this month but forgot to include in my favourites! I like the sound of the Lush face toner too, but my bf wont allow me to go into Lush until ALL my goodies are used up =( xx

  9. must give some of these a try. i am loving: st ives apricot body scrub (and just got the new one w/ sugar crystals) and the cheap face mask packs at superdrug atm.

  10. I also use Bepanthen on my lips and I agree with you on the sleek storm palette, it's great, so many workable colours and good quality too :)

  11. I get really bad dry lips in summer so may have to give Bepanthen a go!

    I also love Lush's Breath of Fresh Air - my skin feels amazing after I've used it. Also loving the Sleek Storm palette and St Moriz!!

    L x

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