VO5 Hot Oil Vs. Olive Oil

Image - Taken by myself
(L-R; V05 Moisture Soak Hot Oil, Tesco branded Olive Oil)

I have used V05 Hot Oil for about a year now and they do work especially when my hair is dry from using hair dye. However I wondered how it would fare against normal everyday Olive oil which is obviously cheaper with a lot less ingredients, so here are the results:

Heating Up - I firstly measured out 15ml of Olive oil - which is the same amount as VO5 provide, then poured both products into two glass pots which I placed in a sink of hot water - probably hotter than normal because the dishes were made of glass.
The Vo5 Hot Oil before heating actually seemed thicker in consistency and had a more powerful smell, however when the Olive oil was heated up, the consistencies matched, both being quite thick.
Of both smells I actually preferred the Olive Oil, it had a slight sweet smell to it where as the Hot Oil had a more chemical smell.
As for applying it, I decided to part my hair down the middle and used both products at the same time so I could see the different in texture after I had rinsed it.
Also both oils applied exactly the same, other than the Hot Oil being a bit overly pongy.

The Results -
After I washed both oils out, the olive oil side of my hair seemed a little less tangled. I then shampooed & conditioned my hair as normal.
When my hair was finally dry I really tried to see if there was any difference in texture or frizzy. However there was no difference! The tips of my hair felt a lot more hydrated than prior to the applications.
On the whole I liked both oils as they did the job.

The Maths -
So for the boring part. I bought the Vo5 Hot Oil as a set of 4 x 15ml for £3.20 from Boots - which makes a 15ml application £1.25.
The Tesco Olive Oil cost £1 for a 250ml bottle which actually makes it 6p for a 15ml application and a full bottle would give you just over 16 applications for £1!
Talk about bargain central.

I think this will be my new hot oil treatment from now on.

Fee x



  1. hello!
    I just discovered your blog tonight and I love it! :)
    How do you apply your hot oil? On dry or wet hair? And how long do you leave it on?
    I think I might try olive oil...


  2. @lucie.lovely.cupcake

    Thanks for the nice comment :)

    I always apply the oil to dry hair - it really does soak in alot better that way and I leave it on for about 5 minutes then I jump in the shower and really rinse my hair well till all the hot oil is removed and then I just shampoo as normal.

    If you have dry hair or split ends it really does work well.

    Fee - Makeup Savvy


  3. Heya,

    Thanks for the review, it was really useful but I think your maths was a bit out on the VO5, the VO5 treatments cost 80p each :)


  4. i put olive oil in my hair once a week and it leave my hair so soft!

  5. I've always used olive oil but I've never thought of heating it beforehand, thanks for the idea!


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