Neal's Yard Frankincense Hydrating Cream

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(Full 50ml size retails at £23.00)

I have been trying out the Frankincense Hydrating cream for awhile now, hence the oddly shaped nearly empty tube. I have tried this product on various parts of my body and I've actually had quite different results from it, so I think I know the product well enough to do an in-depth review.

The Smell - I think all Neal's Yard products have quite strong smells, like a heady essential oils smell. However this specific product did take some getting use to as its sweet yet herbal smelling, almost to overpowering. But on the good side, when it has been rubbed in the smell dilutes somewhat.

The Texture - As you can see the texture looks grainy, this really isn't the case, it's just tiny air bubbles. The solution quickly changes from being greasy on application to soaking into your skin, however this did depend on were I applied it. I found the drier the skin the faster it soaked in, which made it great for my feet (no sitting around).

- As I mentioned previously I have had varying results. I first applied the cream to my hands which did wonders by plumping up the backs of my hands and making them appear all round healthier.
I also tried it on the dry patches on my face, these being my chin and in between my brows. As soon as I applied it, it left my skin a bit tacky but did solve my dry skin problems. However a few days after use I developed 3 large spots! under the skin, which took longer than normal to go away. So my bet was the cream was actually too rich for my face and made it go from dry to oily.

Conclusion - Other than the hiccup with my face I really like this cream a lot, it currently resides in my handbag so I manly use it as a hand cream, especially in this cold weather and also because of the size. Unfortunately they only sell the bigger 50ml version at the moment so I'm not to sure if I would re-purchase this as it would definitely be too big to lug around in my bag - I'm still pondering until I've finished the tube.

On a side note... I think Neal's Yard products aren't really designed for people in there 20's, I think it only works well for me as I have drier skin in certain areas.
But from the texture I'm positive it would be ideal for more mature skin maybe 40+ as a daily moisturizer which I could see being plumping and hydrating to the skin especially on the neck and face.



  1. This is such a helpful review as I have a tube of this cream sitting in my cupboard and I haven't yet cracked it open! I think I'll be taking your advice and using it as a handcream xx

  2. Hello! Reader from Hong Kong!
    Thanks for the tip, I am actually consider buying this online and ship to my humid home-city! But I wonder if it works for summer, cuz I am always sitting indoors with strong air-conditioning, which make my skin going from combination to dry/ sensitive occasionally....

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