All About Face at Tesco

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(Jumbo Eyeshadow pencil in Bronze)

Firstly let me tell you about the price - £1.49, yes you heard me right. I bought this from the Tesco no frills cosmetic range and now I'm wishing I had bought a few more things seeing as there was a promotion of 3 for £3.00.

The Product - The shadow pencil came in either bronze or silver, though I thought the latter was a bit GaGa-esque, so I stuck with Bronze as it seemed quite a rich colour from inside the packaging. The range is a lot bigger than this with concealers, nail polishes, lipsticks etc and everything is £1.50.

Colour & Texture
- As you can see from the swatch above, it's a lovely solid bronze colour which was better than I expected. It's also surprisingly light reflective so it looks like it has a hint of gold in it. When it comes to the texture, it's advertised as crease-free, which isn't the case if you don't apply a primer to the eyelid before hand. The pencil almost glides on, like a heated up kohl liner really, which I quite liked.

Overall - I was more than happy with the product, it looks rich and is really pigmented. As for the feel, it did lack a bit and felt greasy towards the end of the day. But for £1.50 what did I expect! However on the whole I was pleasantly surprised and will definitely be trying out more from this range.

Out of curiosity do you like to
try out budget brands/lines?



  1. Hey girl! Just found your blog and love it! Love the product review!

  2. Hey there, I really wasn't keen on the All about face products at all. I tried their concealer, lippie and the same eyeshadow stick that you reviewed. The other two products went straight in the bin but the eyeshadow pencil I actually use as a lipstick and I quite like it. ;)

  3. YAY 20th follower (: sorry I have a thing for "even numbers" haha

    Cool review .. I dont think they sell that product in Australia, but none the less still cool


  4. I am 64 and love tesco makeup. economical and good value for money. can't get the powder shadows now though and they were lovely left you with a sparkle. great write up had a job to find it though! the pencil is almost the same colour and lats all day but I thought the powder better Ann


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