Eco Tools Brush Set

Images - Taken by myself
(L-R; Blusher brush, Eye shading brush, Concealer brush, Angled Eyeliner brush, Lash & Brow groomer)

I have to admit I don't own that many makeup brushes - I tend to use my fingers mostly. However my fingers unfortunately cannot apply blusher or eyeliner. So I thought it was time to invest in some key makeup brushes and the Eco Tools set caught my eye for two reasons. Mainly it was the price, at £12.80 I thought it was quite reasonable. The other reason I made a bee-line for these were the bamboo handles and there whole Eco philosophy, however I can't really say I'm that much of a happy Eco hippie.

Blusher brush - This brush has to be the softest brush in the set and really dense. I've mainly used this for applying blusher and bronzer and my only criticism would be you have to use it with a light hand and build up the colour rather than just applying it quickly as the brush doesn't seem to blend all that well.

Eye Shading brush - To me this brush is very similar is size and shape to the concealer brush in the set. The only difference being it is slimmer and more stubby. I've tried to get use to this brush but for me personally the tip isn't soft enough for shading/blending and doesn't pick up very well.
A bit of a thumbs down for me.

Concealer brush - I really do like this brush, which I have been mainly using to pat out under eye concealer, as the sides of the brush are soft and don't lift any of the product up of the skin.

Eyeliner brush - This is my favourite brush of the set, really cannot fault it. The tip of the brush is firm but not overly so which seems to make it a breeze to apply gel eyeliner. I have also been using this to smudge out pencil liner on my upper lid to give a more smokey finish. All I can say is perfect,perfect,perfect!

Lash & Brow groomer - The brow brush seems quite stiff compared to others I have used in the past. However maybe that's because I'm use to using a mascara spool to tidy my brows at the moment. Having said that it does it's job and there isn't much to fault other than that.
The lash comb again does it's job and seems like it will last along time.

- The whole set comes in a brush wrap that is made from hemp and cotton, to me it seems a bit too stiff and starchy, but I suppose its only an added extra.
Overall I'm really happy with the brushes, so far I have washed them twice in mild shampoo and there has been no fallout and they have all kept there shape.
My only true criticism with the product is the shading and concealer brushes being very alike, I really would of preferred to see a foundation brush instead of the concealer brush.



  1. hmm, they do look quite nice, may go investigate now thanks hun! x

  2. I have the eyeliner brush as well and I love it! It is one of my favorites.

  3. i have these & absolutely love them.

  4. @lucie.lovely.cupcake -

    I know what the set is available in Tesco stores but you could also try Amazon. I am sure they sell the brushes serperately there.

    Hope this helps :)

    Fee x

  5. Ok thanks! I 'll just have a look in tesco's next time I'm over in the UK ;) x

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