Is Blogging the new media?

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I think the title of Sam Donald's most talked about article maybe should of been
Why is Beauty Blogging the new media'.
Cosmetic companies are obviously seeing the effects that beauty bloggers have on potential customers. Which has led them to invite selected bloggers to press events and also to start giving products for review purposes.
However I'm going to try and not ramble and instead share two positive examples of how companies, bloggers and customers can all benefit from this apparently new type of media that was expressed on

Last week Cloud Nine hair happily tweeted that Zoe over at had driven over 500 hits to there site. Zoe had recieved the Cloud Nine straighteners to review and that is what she did. With large clear photos of the product and an interesting review.
The benefits of this process are clear.

  • The Company could possibly receive more sales as a result/more people are made aware of there products - and basically just more traffic is driven to there site.
  • The Blogger is helped to deliver fresh and interesting content, a free product to enjoy and to share with her followers.
  • The Customer/Follower is highlighted to possibly a company that they hadn't heard of before and an interesting review with more detailed photos than they would normally get.

  • The other example came in the form of Charlotte over at Lipglossiping when she was solely selected to unveil the eagerly awaited Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Palette - the lucky girl!
    She actually dedicated three posts to the palette - the first post being images and a review of the packaging and the look of the palette. The 2nd post was looking at what was included in the palette and the 3rd and final post included swatches and a thorough review of each product down to the pigment and texture of the products.
    Throughout all the posts the standard of photograph was spot on, giving the truest representation of the palette which is so important when we can't view it in the flesh yet.

    What I'm really trying to say is no magazine offline or online can capture a product this well. They can't take up over 2 pages to focus on just one product, eagerly awaited or not. They also don't show swatches or give there personal opinion and they often don't say if they find negative points to a product.

    A good amount of blogging is true and unbiased. And this is why I am happily jumping on board.

    Fee x



    1. Great post Fee, welcome aboard xxx

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