The Ultimate Charlotte Tilbury Dupe List


Charlotte Tilbury Makeup is without a doubt a beauty brand loved by many. I mean who doesn't love good quality, high-end makeup with amazing packaging? 

With an ever expanding range there is now many a Charlotte Tilbury dupe to be found that can save you money without scrimping on quality. 

From stunning quality lipsticks to flawless base products and premium palettes I am without a doubt a fan of the brand, with let's just say more products that I should own! 

But while I lust over most new Charlotte Tilbury makeup launches I can't help my savvy side that is in constant search of a for the latest beauty dupe or alternative. 

For me, this is often a similar cheaper product that I can throw in my bag and use more frivolously but over the years a few of these Charlotte Tilbury Makeup dupes have found their way into my everyday makeup bag in favour of the original. 


So for the past few weeks and months, I've been seeking out and discovering the ultimate Charlotte Tilbury dupes for some of their most bestselling products! Some of my dupe finds I'm super pleased to have discovered myself, so I hope you find this post helpful.

First up, the most iconic of all Charlotte Tilbury products; Pillow Talk. 

This is without a doubt my go-to pink nude lip that I couldn't be without, it's also a shade that seems to suit all skin tones and is known for being universally flattering. 

Beyond the shade, the formulation is simply spot on, creamy yet perfectly matte and long-lasting.

Which is why I've never come across a good Pillow Talk lipstick dupe before. However, I think I did it with NYX Matte Euro Trash Lipstick which gives a huge saving!

As you will be able to see from the swatch comparisons NYX Euro Trash lipstick is ever so slightly lighter in shade however on the lips this truly isn't detectable with a very similar matte finish. 

If you are looking for a less costly option to throw into your handbag for top-ups throughout the day, or like me, similar love a good dupe then this is a must-try! 


This is why this affordable Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk dupe is in my handbag 24/7 for touch-ups with my beloved original staying at home safe & sound.

Whether you already love Pillow Talk lipstick or have wanted to try it but can't justify the £24 price point, I highly recommend this drugstore alternative as it really is the best dupe you will come across!


Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip Cheat (£17)
DUPE: Essence Soft & Precise Lip Pencil 102 True Me (£1)

Much like Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick, the matching lip liner is a staple for many. It makes overlining your lips a breeze and really is a perfect match for most pink toned lips. There's a reason it sells out so often!

However it is a very creamy lip liner and for that reason it doesn't last an overly long time so I was pleased when I found a very budget alternative with Essence Soft & Precise Lip Pencil. 

This dupe actually disappeared from Wilko stores (where you can buy it in-store for a update of packaging and name change. Going from Essence In The Nude to what you see now. I'm so glad to see it back and without any formula changes as it truly is the perfect consistency. 

With the same mid brown undertones, this is very alike to Pillow Talk Lip Cheat, although as you would expect the lip liner is of a less creamy texture and more on the waxy side - that does that it does last longer on the lips however!

That said this is still an amazing dupe if you are looking for a similar toned lip liner without spending much at all.


Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Bronze & Glow (£49)
DUPE: Lacura Broadway Shape & Glow (£6.99)

At nearly £50 I wish Charlotte Tilbury's Bronze & Glow wasn't one of my most used makeup products, however as it makes everyday contouring a breeze with it's neutral toned bronzer and subtle highlighter I really can't resist it. 

Actually, hitting pan on this duo palette does take some time to do! 

But imagine if there was a dupe that not only worked in the same way but pretty much looked like the real deal! Okay, so some may detest dupes that go that far but copy cat makeup brands have always been around and I do believe they serve a purpose as long as they are done well and the packaging isn't the extent of how alike they are.


Thankfully Lacura Broadway Shape & Glow matches in both packaging and product making it an extremely good dupe that I alternate using along size Charlotte Tilbury's Hollywood Bronze & Glow. 

While the tones are extremely similar it is worth noting that the cheaper Lacura offering comes in only one shade which I would described as light to medium, however, Charlotte Tilbury's luxury palette does only come in two shade after all - Light to medium and Medium to dark.

The other thing worth noting is Lacura Broadway Shape & Glow is slightly less pigmented and does require building up, but for the price you really can't complain! 

UPDATE: Aldi Lacura have since faced legal action due to a range of their look-a-like products, including this one. 

While the Lacura dupe can still be found on websites such as eBay, I highly recommend trying W7 Hollywood Bronze & Glow (£4.50) instead. The packaging is on the cheap-looking but this is a known dupe that I have been impressed with. 

If you are looking for a dreamy everyday rose gold highlight for a dewy look then Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Beauty Light Wand in Spotlight is pretty on the mark. 

This sheer coverage highlighter adds the right amount of dewyiness to the high points of the skin with the easy to use pilllow-like sponge applicator.

But what about a cheaper alternative? While there aren't many around with a similar style sponge applicator and sheer liquid coverage I did manage to find a really good dupe. 

Laura Geller Liquid Gelato Pillow Top Illuminator offers a very similar sheer lightweight dewy sheen to the skin that is simply dabbed onto with a similar style applicator.

If you like your highlight really shine then both products most likely aren't for you, but if you are after radiant dewy cheekbones then this is an amazing dupe to pick up. 

Another instant complexion enhancer is Charlotte Tilbury's Wonderglow, for a relaxed dewy glow either under or over foundation. 

Wonderglow is a primer I enjoy using as it makes foundation sit better on the skin while adding a little luminosity. It's a simple product but if you are someone that finds their skin looking dry or lacklustre after foundation this should do the trick. 

I will be honest though, I find the price-tag way too high for the simplicity of this product. 


Which is why I'm pleased to say I've found quite a good dupe for it with e.l.f Glow Lotion, a product that aims to hydrate the skin while also giving a glow with a pearlescent tint.

The two liquid base products do appear fairly different in shade when compared side-by-side. 

e.l.f seeming the lighter of the two, but once applied and absorbed into the skin the shade difference of these two sheer products isn't noticeable and actually the glowy effect is very similar. Another really good dupe here.

Charlotte Tilbury's Goddess Skin Clay Mask was the skincare product from Charlotte Tilbury I tried and I loved it, adding it to my 5-step glowing complexion routine instantly. 

Unlike other clay based face masks that dry the skin out, this it is creamy, floral and comfortable. Basically a great pampering mask that balances out the skin without being drying or overpowering in scent.

I really didn't expect to find anything similar dupe wise, as non-drying clay mask aren't overly common when it comes to oil-control masks and especially ones with a floral scent. 

But I managed to do it with Dr Organic Rose Otto Mask. Much like Goddess Skin Clay it contains kaolin clay and isn't drying in the least. 

It also has a similar floral scent, which while it isn't the exact same is very pleasant and adds to that pampering spa-like experience. The mask is also current on offer for only £5.99 right now!


Charlotte Tilbury Rock 'n' Kohl Eye Cheat (£19)
DUPE: Revolution Pro Supreme Pigment Gel Eyeliner Nude (£3)

Much like Charlotte Tilbury iconic lip liner the nude Eye Cheat kohl eye liner is a good one-shade-suits-all kind of product that can be used in a few ways. It's also a huge improvement on using a stark white kohl liner in the waterline to make the eyes appear bigger. 

Think more flattering and less obvious but with the same eye-enhancing effect. 

But lets face it, £19 for a single nude eye liner that you may not use every time you apply your makeup is a little steep! 

So I've found an excellent £3 dupe that I personally own and love. It's a smidge darker than CT's Eye Cheat but really it's the same product.

Both are equally as creamy and long lasting and I really would suggest always opting for the cheaper alternative in this case. 


Charlotte Tilbury Fine Bar Of Gold Skin Gilding Highlighter (£32 discontined)
DUPE: Maybelline Master Chrome Highlighter in Molten Gold (£3.20)

When products get discontined it sucks! Especially ones you would have eventually tried out or may have already loved!

Which is another reason why I love dupes! 

Dupes have saved me many a time when a favourite lipstick has been discontinued. This time though it's an amazing dupe for Charlotte Tilbury's Bar Of Gold which may not have been housed in the best of packaging (it was a cheap foiled cardboard that didn't match up to the brand's high standards) but was pretty special indeed being a stunning true gold highlighter that really had impact.


The dupe I've found while it isn't as 'wow' in packaging terms is still pretty amazing with its high-shine gold tones, just slightly toned down. Simply an amazing highlighter on olive to dark complexions.

Also, can we just marvel at the incredibly low price! 

Another Charlotte Tilbury lipstick dupe here for the iconic Kim K.W offering, which is described as the perfect nude. This isn't a shade I personally own, however one I know many lust after it.

While this is a pale nude shade that wouldn't suit many skin tones, this is the perfect shade to use under other lipsticks almost to concealer out your own lip shade. 

For a snip of the price e.l.f have a very similar nude lipstick crayon. From comparing swatches e.l.f's Nearly Nude is a shade darker however I feel this may suit more skintones while still looking very similar to Kim K.W.


Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away: Liquid Concealer (£24)
DUPE: Maybelline Instant Anti Age Eraser Eye Concealer (£8.99)

Last but not least, a dupe for Charlotte Tilbury's bestselling concealer. Designed with a precision cushion applicator this is one of my favourite concealers, applying and blending to a flawless finish.

But as long as the coverage is there with a non-cakey formula I believe a lot of premuim concealers can be duped. 

Which is why I felt I have to find a Magic Away Liquid Concealer dupe. Including an almost identical sponge applicator Maybelline's Eraser Eye Concealer is already a popular product as it makes for a great under eye concealer. But much like Magic Away it can be used over the entire face, giving good coverage without being drying or clinging to dry patches.

As the Maybelline cushion-style concealer is already a bestseller I highly recommend you try it out, I know it's a staple in my own makeup bag. Also who doesn't want to save £15! 


Discovering more Charlotte Tilbury Dupes 

With new Charlotte Tilbury collections and products added monthly it is hard to keep up. 

However with lines such as the Pillow Talk collection being so loved and popular I do plan to create more of a series to give a rundown of the latest Charlotte Tilbury dupes. 

As for finding your own makeup dupes I highly recommend checking out MAC lipsticks for Charlotte Tilbury lipstick dupes. Giving a £6 to £10 saving

For Charlotte Tilbury Foundation dupes I've found Max Factor makeup to always be similar, whether you are looking for high-cover or lightweight. 

Let me know if you know of any other Charlotte Tilbury dupes or have tried out any of the above alternatives and your own experience with them.

Fee xo. 
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