A 5-Step Glowing Complexion Routine

For the most part here on Makeup Savvy I focus on skincare to improve and correct a complexion but makeup is pretty wonderful at camouflaging. Especially when you opt for the right products! 

So today I thought I would share with you my simple glowing complexion routine that works really well for oily/combination skin but also for anyone suffering from lack luster skin. You may have noticed from the above image that my base routine consists of mainly Charlotte Tilbury products because I adore them, but I do often use one or two products here with much lower priced items. Although, when I do want my skin to look its best I go for this pretty premium line-up. 

Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask 

While a face mask isn't an everyday affair before I apply makeup I do apply one when I want my skin to look its best. This creates the best base for my skincare and then makeup to be applied on top of and it my game changer when I want products to apply with ease and look perfect. 

Going for a mask that doesn't leave the skin flushed before makeup application is important which is why this gentle clay mask from Charlotte Tilbury is my current go-to. It's beyond gentle on the skin never fully drying down and also benefits from smelling like fresh flowers - this has no skincare benefit of such but is a lovely fresh scent to enjoy for an AM face mask application.

The Goddess Skin Clay Mask features ingredients to give the appearance of smaller pores, to moisturise your skin and clear imperfections. It also leaves the skin appearing brighter and simply more flawless looking which I just love. For me, this is the everyday clay mask I was looking for - non-moisturise sapping, complexion clearing and a joy to use!  

I then follow up with my everyday A.M skincare routine - an AHA toner, serum, moisturiser and SPF 50.

Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation 
Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation 

Next, the most important part of any base routine; foundation. My first ever purchase from Charlotte Tilbury was Magic Foundation and two re-purchases later I still adore it (I love it that much I wrote an entire blog post about it). So, of course, it's pretty much my go-to foundation of choice when I want my skin to look flawless. 

As I normally keep blemishes at bay as best I can I like to make this full coverage foundation a little sheerer by applying it with a damp Beauty Blender sponge which I should add makes the foundation look totally invisible on the skin while evening out the skin tone and diffusing everything - magic foundation really is magic! However, applying this foundation with the fingers or a brush works just as well if you want the full coverage benefits.  

As for Light Wonder, I apply this on days I want a full on natural looking glow to my skin. It's definitely more of an everyday base option compared to Magic Foundation and has a lovely lightweight gel formula that applies with such ease. These truly are the nicest foundations I've come across and really are a staple of my complexion routine when I'm wanting glowing flawless looking skin.

If you are undecided about which foundation to go for then I'd give the guideline that Magic Foundation is full coverage and more suited to blemish-prone or oily skin and Light Wonder is light coverage perfect for normal to dry skin.

Charlotte Tilbury The Retoucher Concealer 

Although I love how a good foundation can transform for skin in seconds there's nothing like a light reflecting concealer to brighten those eye bags bringing life back to the face! Now while I do sometimes use a full coverage concealer (It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye is my fav) before The Retoucher on days I look exhausted, but for the most part, I can get away with just this concealer on its own under-eye darkness, blemish and any redness that's still showing through. 

The way I describe this The Retoucher is YSL Touche Eclat with more coverage. Which makes it 10 x better in my option and I've a total convert to The Retoucher these days. The little paintbrush style brush makes application a breeze as well. Dotting it on under the eyes first and then paint it over and areas of redness or pigmentation and then simply blending with your fingertips. Much like Magic Foundation, this is a product I will always repurchase as it conceals while bringing radiance to the skin. I should also point out that it doesn't crease and stays put all day!

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Beauty Light Wand Highlighter 

Next, comes the all-important step of adding highlight to the high points of the face. By now my skin is looking glowy and fresh however this brings it all together and really does add something - I literally would feel naked without applying highlighter these days. The Hollywood Beauty Light Wand is another easy-to-use foolproof product that comes with a handy sponge applicator with an on/off mechanism meaning you can apply just the right amount and use the sponge applicator to stipple it on without any further product coming out! 

Although this highlighter comes in a single one-suits-all shade it really does suit all skin tones, you just need to look at the images on the CT website for proof, and magically brings light to the cheekbones and anywhere else you may want to apply it, with no visible glitter or looking too heavy on the skin.

This is the quickest step in my base routine with two swipes of the light wand over my cheekbones and a dab on my cupids bow which I blend with my ring finger in seconds. The results are beyond natural but you really can see the glow is there - an impressive little product! 

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder 

The final step is a light dusting of powder down my nose and across my forehead and chin to remove any excess shine. For me, this can often be a make or break step because so many powders end up dulling down the complexion or simply looking cakey... something that's near on inpossible to reverse! But finally, I've come across the lightest powder imaginable that is almost a veil of powder to lightly mattify the skin, set makeup in place and prevent oil coming through throughout the day.

As I don't want to mattify my entire face I use a small blusher brush that is just the right size for around my nose, my chin and forehead without dusting over any highlighted areas. The only thing I would say that anyone with excess oil may not get on with this powder as it's incredibly light so you will see oil still coming through, but for anyone else this really is the lightest and most diffusing powder you can buy!

Let me know if you have tried any of these products or anything from Charlotte Tilbury for that matter. As you may be able to tell I'm quite the CT fan! 

Fee xo.
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