eBay Bargains: Cosy Home Finds


With the cold snap in full force here in the UK, I thought there was no better time than to create an eBay cosy home edit filled with some bargain buys.

Regardless of the weather outside I love a cosy home, filled with fur cushions, cosy blankets and a comforting candles burning. Below you will find all my recent finds that I hope you love just as much as I do!

Blush Pink Shaggy Fur Cushion Cover (£5.88 HERE)
Last year I pick up a pair of pink shaggy cushions not too dissimilar to these ones (£12 each, mind) and I adore them! They seem to suit all sofa styles, look good on an all-white bed and are generally just so fluffy and comfy, especially to nap on! These are cushion covers however which you could put over any old existing cushions you have and save a bit of money. The cushion covers in the listing also come in a range of different colours if you aren't into the whole 'millennial pink' vibe.

Rechargeable Pocket HandWarmer (£6.74 HERE)
If like me you suffer from painfully cold hands when out and about then this may be a good find for you! The pebble-shaped warmer fits inside your coat pocket and has an on and off switch along with 3 temperature modes to keep your hands toasty at all times! I've never seen anything similar to this (other than the rubbish hand warmers that you have to place in hot water) so I had to include it! 

Village Candle Cozy Home Two-Wick Candle (£7.99 HERE)
If you didn't know already my favourite candle brand is Village Candle. I've been picking them up for years from eBay and much prefer them to Yankee Candle as all their scents are true to life and don't have that overly heady scent to them while remaining strongly scented. I always opt for this two-wick size as the burn time is an impressive 55 hours and under £8 isn't too bad for a quality candle in my opinion. The scent of this candle is a mix of cinnamon and clove with a hint of tea which sounds rather lovely and homely.

Various Art Prints 
'Love More Worry Less' Print HERE, Forest Landscape Print HERE, Various Plant Prints HERE - All from 99p
A bit ago I came across these extremely cheap art prints on canvas material and I was that intrigued that I picked up three different prints to see the quality of them! As described they came on a print canvas material rolled up and I was pretty impressed - however, they did require ironing under a towel to remove some small creases. So while these aren't your standard kind of art print they are still just as good for framing up! Each listing contains lots of other designs and they range from only 99p for a small 13x18cm size to £3.00 for the larger 40x50cm size. A total bargain!

Muli-Coloured Bed Socks (£2.90 HERE)
Come cold weather bed socks as normal socks is a must for me! They are perfect for wearing in bed of course but they are just so comfy and warm for lounging around in. I love this multicoloured pair so much that I had to include them! The listing contains lots of other colours as well.

 LED Rose Fairy Lights (£6.25 HERE)
When it comes to creating a cosy environment whether that's in a living room, bedroom or even a kitchen, string lights are a must. They create a lovely glow and can easily be placed on a shelf or even over the back of a bed or sofa. For this reason, and because I like to change up where I put my fairy lights, it's key that they are battery operated and thankfully you can find these in abundance on eBay in all different styles! For the price and how these look I was attracted to these acrylic rose lights as I've seen nothing remotely similar and think they would look good anywhere. If you want to find more styles simply check out the listing and view the related items section at the bottom of the page!

Soft Pink Blanket With Pom Poms (£16.99 HERE)
Another must for me is a large cosy blanket that not only keeps me warm but also looks good when folded over the arm of the sofa or draped over a bed. This specific blanket ticks those boxes for me and comes in 5 different colours. Included in the listing you can also find some extra thick knitted scandi style blankets that are very on trend now and ideal for extra cold weather!

Three Real Wax LED Flameless Pillar Candles (£7.99 HERE)
For the longest time I've been wanting to pick up some faux flameless candles but have never come across any that look realistic enough, until now! Unlike all the other plastic pillar candles these are amazingly made out of real wax and are as close as you are going to get to the real thing! The set comes with three candles at varying heights and are cleverly battery operated but controlled with a remote to turn them on and off and to change them from still to flickering for an extra realistic touch. Another totally new discovery as I've never come across real wax LED candles like this before now!

Home Is Where The Heart Is Wall Decal (£4.39 HERE)
Wall decals are an ideal way to fill a blank wall and add a cosy touch to a room. They are also ideal if you rent and don't want to damage the wall but want to make your rented house feel like a home. Quotes and typography style text in wall decal form can easily be found on eBay in all sizes but this one caught my eye as I like how aligned it is and the fact you can order it in practically any colour you want. Super cheap but a good way to make an impact in a room!

Ceramic Soup Bowl With Spoon & Lid (£10.95 HERE)
While this isn't such an eBay bargain due to the price I thought I'd include this item as it would make a lovely gift for any soup lover! Available in both pink and mint these really are lovely and perfect for Winter. 

As always let me know your favourite items! I think my favourite thing here would have to be the real wax LED candles but I also love the amazingly cheap art prints! 

Fee xo.
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