Ultimate Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick Dupe List


Finding lipstick dupes as a beauty blogger is one of my favourite things to do. My makeup drawers are filled with premium lip products but when it comes to it there's something highly satisfying about discovering a cheaper alternative . 

So as I'm a huge fan of Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks and own my fair share I thought I would bring you a list of the best Charlotte Tilbury lipstick dupes that will save you on average £18! 

Here you can expect to find the best Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipstick dupe along with lots of other best-selling shades. 

If you can't get enough of these kinds of savings find more beauty dupes with my Ultimate Charlotte Tilbury Dupe List

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1. Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk & NYX Euro Trash  - SAVE £17 

Pillow Talk is Charlotte Tilbury's bestselling lipstick and sure enough it's one of my go-to nude shades. 

But at £25 I prefer to only use it for special occasions and don't like keeping it in my handbag where it can get scuffed or lost. So I went on a mission to find the best Pillow Talk lipstick dupe I could, and I really think I found it with NYX Matte Lipstick in Euro Trash. 

Shade wise this is almost identical and while the formula isn't as long lasting the finish and application is incredibly similar. For £8 this is a bargain buy that I'm so glad I now own! 

If you have always wanted to try Pillow Talk or want a perfect nude for everyday wear then I highly recommend picking this NYX dupe shade up! 


Alternatively, Makeup Revolution Renaissance Prime Lipstick is another top Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk dupe. Not only is this a great shade match but the packaging is almost identical and gives a luxe feeling to the this £20 cheaper alternative. 


2. Charlotte Tilbury Super Cindy & Essence Natural Kiss Lipstick - SAVE £20

Cindy Crawford was the supermodel muse behind 'Super Cindy' lipstick so Charlotte Tilbury wanted to create an all American aesthetic with this taupe nude. 

While it may appear more coral toned in the bullet, on the lips it's an updated nineties lip that's a perfect spring/sumer lipstick shade on many skin tones. 

Along with Kim KW, Super Cindy has remained a best-selling lipstick in the Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips range but at £25 it isn't the most affordable classic-nude-but-better lipstick.

This is where Essence has us covered with Essence Matt Matt Matt Lipstick in Natural Kiss 01. As you can see this is one similar shade with the same blush light nude tone to it. 

While being a matte lipstick it isn't overly matte, but with a more silk matte finish that is similar to Hot Lips formula Super Cindy comes in. This is also a £3 bargain! 

Essence have a few other Charlotte Tilbury lipstick dupes worth looking out for.


3. Charlotte Tilbury Very Victoria & Rimmel London Notting Hill Nude - SAVE £18

If you are looking for a nod to a 90's lip then you can't get a better shade than Very Victoria. 

This dark nude is perfect for a classic nude lip and really does suit dark and light skin tones well. But also works at a statement dark nude lip on fairer skin tones I've found. 

But of course, there's a dupe for it with Rimmel's classic Notting Hill Nude lipstick, a totally inexpensive drugstore buy that has a popularity of its own. 

Another great dupe here for one of Charlotte Tilbury's bestselling lipstick shades. 


4. Charlotte Tilbury Kim K.W & Maybelline Beige Babe SAVE £17

If you're a light nude lover then I'm sure you will know about Kim  K.W. Personally this is a shade too light for my fair complexion however I do love how light nudes look as a base for other nudes, lightening them up and adding an opacity. 

Of course as a concealer-type lipstick base I wouldn't want to pay £24 so instead there's a great £7 budget version that really does look very similar indeed. Also you simply can't go wrong with Maybelline lipsticks due to their creamy, long lasting formula. 


This won't be a lipstick or even dupe for many, but if you do love the 'concealer lips' trend still or your complexion can pull it off without looking like you have camouflaged your lips then you are onto a winner with this drugstore lipstick dupe. 


5. Charlotte Tilbury M.i Kiss  & ColourPop Angel City SAVE £16

Previously known as 'Bond girl' natural berry red shade Charlotte Tilbury M.i Kiss is one unique lipstick perfect if you are looking for a sophisticated statement red lip that isn't too bold. 

It's also a lipstick that oozes class with that premium look, which is why I was surprised to find a dupe for it with ColourPop Angel City. 

Which I must say comes in the prettiest packaging with a star embossed bullet. ColourPop formulas are also known for being spot on in terms of formula. 

Alternatively, MAC Satin Lipstick in Twig is another solid Chartlotte Tilbury M.i Kiss Dupe and one that you can rely on to being available from a number of online store and in-store. 


7. Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect & NYX  Butter Lipstick Root Beer Float SAVE £18

Back to nudes now, with another popular nude that is perfect for everyday wear - Bitch Perfect. 

Bitch Perfect is again a shade that suits all complexion and natural lip tones. It's also a lipstick with a non-matte glossy but not too glossy finish. So what better dupe than one of NYX's Butter Lipsticks that give a very similar finish.

NYX Butter Lipstick in Root Beer Float (previously known as 'Pops') is not only a great match for Bitch Perfect but also incredibly affordable. If you are looking for a Bitch Perfect lipstick dupe with a similar creamy satin formula then look no further than this. 


8. Charlotte Tilbury The Queen & Wet n Wild Cherry Picking SAVE £21

If you're a Charlotte Tilbury fan then you may know Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution The Queen lipstick was originally released as a special limited edition lipstick in homage to Her Majesty, Elizabeth II. But due to popularity has become a permanent product. 

The stunningly rich pink red shade oozes class with a diffused matte finish. But if you are one for only wearing a bold lip occasionally then opting for a similar cheaper alternative may be a savvy option. 

However I can help but love how luxurious Charlotte Tilbury The Queen lipstick looks against the iconic gold packaging! 

This is another shade I thought would be hard to dupe however from looking at swatches I was able to find a pretty good dupe with Wet n Wild Cherry Picking. 

Wet n Wild lipsticks in general are known for being long-wearing and with a nice formula for under £3.


9. Charlotte Tilbury Festival Magic (Previously 'Glastonberry' & NYX Siren Matte Lipstick SAVE £17

Onto a vampy shade now with Charlotte Tilbury Festival Magic (formally known as Glastonberry). 

This isn't for the faint-hearted and really is a deep statement lip with a rich blackcurrant/wine shade perfect for autumn/winter months or for a vampy makeup look. 

But with a very similar rich wine tone, there's NYX Siren for only £7, giving a huge saving and what practically looks like the same lipstick when on the lips! 

NYX is definitely the brand to look at when it comes to lipstick dupes in general due to there expanding shade selection. 


10. Charlotte Tilbury So 90's (Previously Birkin Brown) & Makeup Revolution Renaissance Vintage SAVE £20

Last but not least a total classic brown lip with So 90's, a shade that use to go by the name on Birkin Brown. This is another sophisticated lipstick that oozes class with a perfect matte finish. 

But if you simply don't have the money to splurge on such a premium lipstick, Makeup Revolution Vintage from the Renaissance range is a great option, looking very similar indeed in both shade and packaging. 

Another beauty dupe for this warn-toned medium-dark brown lipstick is Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick Velvet Beige, another medium toned brown with good colour payoff. 


How to Discover More Affordable Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick Dupes

Finding the best lipstick dupes in general is a game of looking to brands that offer a wide range of shades in general. From mid-priced MAC lipsticks to drugstore options at NYX and Colourpop. 

Drugstore lipstick brands are expanding their shade ranges by the day so it's also worth keeping an eye on new drugstore lipstick ranges to be first in the know when a possible lipstick dupe does pop up. 

Lipstick dupes posts like these are also worth saving and coming back to. 


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