The Best Drugstore Lipstick Brands To Try Out

Today I wanted to talk about the best drugstore brands for lipstick because as a fan of mainly premium branded lipsticks I've like to think I've still found some amazing rival drugstore brands along the way. 

These are one the lipsticks I love and use just as much as my favourite Charlotte Tilbury and MAC lipsticks and are of such good quality with a much lower price tag! Read on to discover three drugstore brands that know how to do lipstick! 

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Best Drugstore Lipsticks 

Soap & Glory 
Soap & Glory launched into cosmetics nearly 10 years ago now and in that time I've discovered many a great product from them, but the one I always go back to try more from is their Sexy Mother Pucker lipstick range. The range consists of three shade collections - Nudes, Pinks and Reds in both shine and matte finishes which are equally as lovely (the matte finish is non-drying and perfectly velvety!). 

As a fan of nude shades, I haven't sampled either the Pinks or Reds collections however my favourite shades from the Nudes collection is; Love & O-Beige (shine) and Super Nude (matte). The mirror finish packaging to all three collections along with the hint of vanilla scent also make these feel more of a higher-end product. 

Shop the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Collection at Boots instore or online here for £9 each. 

While I wouldn't class Kiko as drugstore it's certainly priced well and can be found online and in stand-alone stores over the UK and across Europe and really stands out to me as being such a high-quality brand. 

Lipstick lovers are spoilt for choice at Kiko with a huge range of lipstick collections priced from only £6, with often Limited edition lines and sale stock both online and in-store. 

My own personal stash of Kiko lipsticks does contain mainly Limited Edition lipsticks as they always feel extra special due to the packaging. However, the Kiko Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipsticks (£6.99) are my favourites due to the weighty feel and clever push-to-open packaging and really are comparable to Urban Decay lipsticks for me. My go-to shade right now is 103 Powder Pink (here) however there's an extensive 41 shades! 

The Kiko Shiny Lip Stylo (£6.90) with a slanted bullet are also a standout lipstick line for me, super high pigmented with great lasting power! 

Shop all Kiko lipsticks from only £2.00 here 

If we are talking super budget drugstore then my all-time favourite lipsticks are from Essence. Prices start from an incredible £2.30 with the This is Me lipstick range (8 shades) which is actually my favourite (shade 01 Freaky shown above) . Not only is the rose gold and matte white packaging much more luxury seeming than the under £3 price tag but semi-matte texture is beyond flattering on the lips and has good comfortable staying power. I really need to try more nude shades! 

The other range I love is the Essence Shine lipsticks which come in six pink to berry type shades for only £3 and have more of a lighter balmy texture to them with a shine finish which remind me of the Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatments without the £19 price tag! Really perfect for warmer summer months or if you have dry lips and don't want product/colour to cling to those areas. 

You can find Essence lipsticks online at Wilkos here or in select Wilko stores. 

There are many amazing drugstore lipstick ranges to be discovered but these truly are the best I've come across so far! 

Let me know if you have a specific favourite drugstore lipstick range. 

Fee xo. 



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