Rescuing Winter Hair with Coco & Eve Hair Mask


I don't know about you but come cold weather my hair seems to struggle. From simply being out in harsh weather conditions that can tangle and dry out the hair to indoor central heating that can leave it feeling brittle and in need of nourishment. This is where super nourishing Coco & Eve's 'Like aVirgin' coconut and fig hair mask comes in to restore hair.

Going from hair that was a mass of tangles post shampoo and conditioner and texture that looked frizzy and dry even after styling. I'm now pleased to say I've corrected these woes and wanted to share my thoughts on this incredible hair mask along with proof in the form of some before & after shots. Read on to discover why this hair mask is for everyone and the best haircare product to pick up if your hair is in need of some serious TLC. 

Unlike other hair masks on the market, the Coco & Eve Masque is a 10-minute wonder product for all hair types, working from first wash to rejuvenate parched, damaged and lacklustre locks. This is why it's been my go-to hair mask for rescuing my hair whether it's from the environment, over-styling with heat tools or simply not looking at it.

While the gorgeously scented hair mask is thick and creamy in texture a small scoop is all that is needed to cover a full head of hair. This is worked into the hair and with the use of the free Coco & Eve tangle teaser (worth $15) brushed through. For me, someone with hair that tangles when it's in bad condition this is always an enjoyable 'ahhhhh' moment. Feeling the tangle teaser glide through the hair without any snags as the hair mask gets to work instantly. 

Application time can be as quick as 10-minutes while in the shower and then rinsed out with for amazing results. Or for a super nourishing treatment (I do this when I want my hair to look its best) it can be left overnight. When doing this I make sure to use the gorgeous tropical leaf print Microfibre Hair Towel Wrap from Coco & Eve as it protects sheets and gives an extra boost of hydration for the ultimate hair treatment! It's also worth pointing out that the towel wrap can also be used after washing your hair to combat frizz and to reduce drying time – I'm a big fan of this little but highly useful towel wrap! 

By now you can most likely can tell I love Coco & Eve Hair Masque quite a lot as it works on dryness, split ends, frizz and even increasing shine and softness. So what better way than to show you the results I had on my first time using it! As you can see my hair went from looking dry, course and frizzy to looking like I'd stepped out of a hair salon having had a professional blow dry – but no, it's simply down to this wonder hair mask!

With my hair being this sleek and not in a dry frizz state I also find it's much easier to brush especially on waking and with a lot less breakages. Another reason I rate this hair care treatment and think most people will love it. 

I also thought I'd include an extra before and after image, as again this shows the sheer transformation. The 'before' shot was taken of my natural hair before ever using Coco & Eve's hair mask and the 'after' shot is my hair after using the hair mask a handful of times. Here you can not only see how the frizz has been totally tamed but the shine the hair mask gives by thoroughly hydrating the hair. My hair is also on the fine side but as you can see the treatment still works, leaving it bouncy and soft.

Describing how amazing a product is without seeming dramatic is tricky so I hope these before & after images prove just how impressive the results can be with Coco & Eve hair mask. 

Since first discovering the 'Like a Virgin' masque it's become my go-to deep conditioning hair mask of choice. On a vanity level I love the packaging and branding, it fits perfectly with my bathroom decor, but I also know that it always gives results, transforming my hair continuously, without my hair feeling processed or weighed down.

If like me, your hair can becomes dry, frizzy and simply a bit lack lustre in winter (or any time to be fair!) then I highly recommend giving this hair masque a try – you won't be disappointed!

Fee xo. 
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