Pointless Beauty Products To Avoid Wasting Your Money On

Don't get me wrong I love a good impulse beauty buy, who doesn't? But there's been times I've bought some pretty useless products and within a few uses I'm left wondering why I ever thought it would be good. Of course, I've also been sent some questionable makeup products and accessories that simply don't make it onto the blog because while I don't mind giving a balanced review I never enjoy slating a product.

However, I decided without naming any names or highlighting any specific products I would go through what I believe to be the top 5 most pointless beauty products on the market today. As this may get a little ranty please feel free to join me in the comments and add to the list if you can think of any more products that frankly deserve the bin!

Eyeliner Stamp Pens

Ahhh, the good old eyeliner stamp pen! Well, I say 'old' but eyeliner stamps are a new-ish thing in both premium and drugstore makeup. There are two types, one more ridiculous than the other - the eyeliner stamp to add a winged effect to the outer corners of your eyes and the eyeliner tattoo stamp that is er, basically a stamp for your face... because you know, that's a look we all want to go for!

Now while I kinda' hoped a winged eyeliner stamp would work I simply knew it wouldn't. I mean if stamp pens don't work nine times out of ten on paper then how is going to translate onto the skin which isn't flat or smooth or poreless! So yes, while I love the idea, reality saying this is sadly one gimmick product.

But the tattoo stamp takes things to an entirely new level. I mean, I could understand it if this kind of makeup product were marketed around festival season but they are released throughout the year by countless brands as if they could be an addition to your makeup routine. I mean who would really want to spoil their makeup with a few cheeky hearts or stars dotted on their face? No one!

Scented Nail Polish 

Okay, so I'm on the fence with this one but I still thought I'd include it because after all the concept is pretty pointless.

You see I'm on the fence with scented nail polish because I see the scented element, albeit pointless, as almost a fun extra. You still get the nail polish in the exact same formula but it also smells kind of nice. But it's pointless.

I think there would be more of a point of it if it masked the smell of chemicals in nail polish, making nail polish application more enjoyable and less cough-y (I can't be the only one that finds nail polish too 'fume-y' at times). But the scented benefits can only be smelt when the nail polish has dried, so that's also out of the window as a reason to pick up scented nail polish.

And then we have the topic of nail sniffing! Now sniffing your fingers has never not been a faux pas, scented nail polish or not. But seeing as the scent can only be smelt when your fingers are in close proximity to the nose it's going to look a bit, ahem, dubious if you are caught. And trust me if like the scent of your scented nail polish you will be tempted!

I would say it's on the same pointless level as scented pens and markers however at least they are marketed at a younger audience!

Let me know what you think about scented nail polish - Are you tempted to buy it or standard nail polish? Do you see a point to it?

Lip Masks 

There are face masks, there are body masks, there are hair masks and now we have lip masks. Now if you are thinking I'm meaning some kind of thicker lip balm-type treatment for the lips, oh no no. I'm talking what could only be described as a clear non-breathable gel sheet mask for the entire lip area.

Designed to hydrate the lips and surrounding area this kind of mask prohibits, talking, eating, oh and of course breathing. It sounds perfect, right? Seriously, who came up with such a ridiculous idea and how did it catch on?! I mean what can it do that a good nourishing lip balm or even overnight lip treatment can't? Plus it's not even a sit-with-it-on-for-3-minutes kind of things. Think more like 15 minutes, laid horizontal (so it doesn't flop off your face) without opening your mouth. What if you need to sneeze? What if your phone rings? What if you simply want to be able to breathe through your mouth?!

Eye Gloss

Glossy eyeshadow is something that has been seen time and time again in fashion shows generally made from a concoction of vaseline and eyeshadow and worn for a minimal time. So when taking it to the mainstream a few creases would have needed to be iron out. But of course they weren't and what was tinted lip gloss for the eyes was born!

Much like facial tattoo stamps, I can't say I've ever seen anyone rock 'wet look' eyes with one of quite a few eye gloss products that are on the market. Why? Because it's beyond impractical - think sticky feeling eyelids, melting mascara and smudged makeup galore! 

Eye gloss really is a thing of nightmares and one of the most un-makeup, makeup products out there! Have you tried non-dry eye gloss before?


Fake Freckle Stencils

Thanks to Instagram freckles are now "on trend". But don't worry if you haven't been blessed with an even smattering of melanin spot spots, you can spray them on!

Enter the Freckle Stencil! Yes, you can now tan your own freckles with the help of a plastic hole filled stencil and spray fake tan. How could that go wrong?! 

With all the possible ways you could achieve a freckle-filled face, if you so wished, from dotting them on yourself or using the flicky-toothbrush technique, I feel like this method comes with the most risk and could end up being disastrous. Because lets face it, it the tan turns out too dark or too orange or your faux freckles just look plain weird, there isn't much you can do about it until the fake tan fades. 

The whole freckle trend is pretty crazy but this is definitely a product to avoid! 

Have you got any other pointless beauty products to add to this list? Let me know in the comments below. 

Fee xo.
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