Spring Favourites - Beauty, Skin, Hair


When Spring/Summer comes along I feel in my element when it comes to beauty products. There are just so many new launches, lighter products in both formula and shade for my pale skin tone and the excitement of changing up your makeup and skincare routine. 

So today I thought I'd share with you my favourite spring products so far. This will be a long one so I will try to keep rambling to a minimum but trust me when I say all these products are amazing! 


Kiko Blending Wave Multicolor Blush in Artistic Pink 04 
Kiko - £10.90 here 
Kiko constantly impress me with their amazing collections and consistently high quality formulas and this new-ish blush is no different. The two tone blush can be swirled together for a fresh pink or you can use both shades individually with a smaller blush brush. This is ideal for pale skin tones for both spring/summer as it's just a flush of colour that's oh so pretty. I can see this becoming a staple blush for me over the next 6 months. 

Maybelline Brow Drama Pomade Crayon in Medium Brown 
ASOS - £5.99 here 
When I first spotted these new brow crayons from Maybelline I really couldn't see how they would give any definition or shape due to being so chunky and with not the most precise tip. However I was wrong because this soft crayon picks up each hair and with the very tip you can be quite precise. Of course you won't be achieving Instagram perfect brows with this crayon but it you love a full look to your brows that is still quite sharp then you will enjoy using this crayon. It also takes seconds to use and lasts all day. I've also found the crayon can be used as a base for a smokey eye making it a nice multi-purpose product. 

Lavera Dramatic Eye Cream in Gleaming Gold 
My Pure - £9.50 here 
Come warmer weather I love me a good metallic cream eyeshadow. I love how pigmented they are, how they stay put and just how easy they are to use. But the thing is until you dip your finger for the first time into a cream eyeshadow you really can't tell what the formula will be like and cream shadows really can vary in formula/texture. Thankfully this was a total goody with that butter smooth kind of air whipped feel to it that just smooths over the lids a dream and then sets and becomes unbudge-able. The shade is also absolutely gorgeous as you can see and really does light up the eyes whether you want to apply the shadow lightly for a subtle gold glow or add a little more for an intensive metallic look to the lids - I'm thinking this would love a-mazing with a tan. Love, love, love this product but it is a shame there's only one other shade in the range. Suitable for contact lens wearers and vegan friendly.  


Elemental Herbology Facial Detox Purifying Facial Mask 
Bath & Unwind - £28.00 here 
With oily/combination skin I'm always on the look out for a good clay based mask that will keep my oily skin balanced and free from deep blackheads and spots. So an anti-bacterial deep cleansing mask that reduces excess sebum and decongests pores sounded exactly what I was looking for. This isn't a cheap mask but I find masks that really work can save your skin and they generally over a year... I've also found this to be a great multi purpose mask as it detoxes the skin without breaking it out or leaving it dry and I've been using it as an overnight spot treatment and it's worked wonders to calm redness and reduce the size of the blemish, again without drying out the skin. Another product I will be using all summer long as it's so effective. The only down side is it does smell like paint - eep!

Jurlique Calendula Redness Rescue Restorative Treatment Serum
Look Fantastic - £45.00 here 
Jurlique is a totally new brand to me but one I've spotted on a few of my favourite beauty blogs now and so I was excited to try out my first ever product from them especially as it's a serum and one that helps reduce redness in the skin. Over the past year my skin has improved so much and is now virtually blemish free apart from the odd hormonal spot each month so now my aim is to improve the look of my skin even more so I can feel confident to have foundation-free days with just a touch of concealer under my eyes. My main problem is redness especially by the sides of my nose and chin area so I'm really hoping this serum will help. So far I've been thoroughly enjoying using it as it feels so fresh on the skin in the morning and once dry my skin feel like it's been freshly exfoliated, it's that soft. As I'm using this daily I will keep you updated on my results and if it helps reduce the redness to my skin.

Balance Me Tinted Wonder Eye Cream 
Look Fantastic - £20.00 here
For years I've enjoyed using various tinted eye roll-on creams but as I've mentioned before there only so much rolling back and forth you can do before you have too much product under your eye! So I was on the look out for a new tinted eye cream when this lovely one came through my letterbox. The eye cream aims to smooth away dark shadows, firm skin and reduce puffiness making it ideal for popping on first thing in the morning to look instantly more awake. As you can see the cream is fairly yellow toned, which does blend out, but this does mean it's ideal for neutralising blue/purple tones under the eyes and I have found it does this. As I've been enjoying using this little cream so much I may have been applying this to my under eye area, lids and the odd blemish, but the smallest amount is required (I'm talking the size of a pin head) so even though the small tube is pricey at £20.00 a little goes a long way and I sure this will last me quite some time. As I embrace more makeup-free days in Spring/Summer this will definitely come in handy. 


Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Conditioner 
Look Fantastic - £16.25 for 300ml here  
Over the past six months my hair has gone from fairly normal to quite thin and limp looking. This was due to quite a bad Vitamin D deficiency which I'm now thankfully taking tablets for and feeling much better, however so far I haven't seen much new hair growth so I'm currently trying all different lotions and potions to help aid faster hair growth. As I know hair growth can improve when the scalp is stimulated I've been using this Tea Tree Special Conditioner that's quite potent in scent but very invigorating when massaged into the scalp which you can do as it's quite a light conditioner that detangles and leaves the hair soft. Of course it will be a few months until I can say if the various products I've using are working but I may actually do a full post on the topic as hair loss can be worrying and frustrating even when you find out the root cause. The only thing I am confused by with this product is that on the Look Fantastic website it does say it's a conditioner for men but on the packaging there's no mention of it. Hey ho, it's still a good conditioner that wakes me up in the morning.

OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo 
Boots - £6.99 for 385ml here
Now I have already mentioned this shampoo in a post all about coconut scented products this month but I just couldn't not include it in this Spring post as it's so summery and OGX is my favourite shampoo brand especially as they have a selection of SLS-free shampoos including this one. As you can expect this has a fresh coconut scent that instantly makes you think of suncream and holidays, plus it's quite a thick milky formula that foams up well and leaves the hair clean but not super dry knotty. Again I've been using this to help with my hair breaking and not being as elastic when wet and getting damaged and I have actually noticed a difference! 

Goldwell Kerasilk Foam Conditioner 
Goldwell Salons nationwide - £17.00 for 150ml 
Again to help my fine limp hair I've been recently trying this interesting foam conditioner that actually adds volume to the hair while it's wet. So I have been enjoying using the mousse in the shower and do feel my hair is more light weight and lifted at the roots on styling it, but I can't help but feel a mousse formula is a bit of a gimmick and it's more the ingredients that achieve that effect... I may be wrong. I do also have to remember to store this outside of my shower as it is a metal can and I know it will rusty. So far I'm really liking the effects but only use this when I know I will be fully styling my hair as I don't know how long the 150ml aerosol will last me. If you hate having limp hair especially at the roots this may be a product to try.

Invisibobble Hair Ties - Secret Garden Party Collection 
Topshop - £4 for 3 here
 Lastly I thought I'd throw in my favourite traceless hair ties that I use all year round as they don't snag or leave any annoying kinks in the hair. I've used these for over a year now but find them especially handy in Spring/Summer when I often want my hair up and down in the same day or when on holiday - plus they look super cute on the wrist. Yes, these sadly still get lost much like standard hair ties but they don't snap and they importantly don't get hair wrapped around them over time. A Spring/Summer must have for me! 

Hope you've enjoyed reading through my Spring favourites and have found a few products to try out! 

Fee xo. 


eBay Haul - What I Bought in April 2016


It's that time of the month again - eBay haul time! These are some of my most favourite posts to write as I truly love eBay and I love sharing what items look like past their stock images and what I think of them! Plus I love knowing you may also pick up some bargains from it as well. 

This month I didn't go crazy on eBay but what I did get I've been really happy with and all have been so inexpensive yet really good quality. I hope you find some bargains from this haul! 


Bamboo 6-Piece Makeup Brush Set (£1.70 HERE
This month I must have been in a bamboo loving mood because all the bamboo brushes I came across I snapped up. I first came across this amazingly priced set and instantly knew it would be great as a travel set. On arrival the brushes felt perfectly soft and good quality with no loose ferrules... though the bristles did have a strong plastic scent to them, so a pre-wash is a must! I've already used a few of the smaller brushes for a smokey eye and they really are lovely quality. I've so pleased I picked up this bargain set!

Bamboo Double Ended Eyebrow Brush (99p HERE
I always love a double ended brush and with this being 99p I couldn't resist it. The angled eyebrow brush is soft and flexible making it great for both the eyebrows and under the eyes and the spoolie is handy for brushing through the brows. Nothing unique but super cheap and fab quality.

Makeup Product Stickers (£1.39 HERE
I mentioned these amazing stickers in a past eBay Bargains post and as they turned up this month I just had to show them! If you are makeup obsessed like me then these are an unnecessary must! I have no clue how I will use them but I'm just amazed that the stickers are miniature versions of some cult beauty favourites... even down to the 'it' blogger camera! The detail really is impressive and the stickers are quite thick and very adhesive. If you have a planner/diary or like to journal then these stickers would be perfect. You can find 34 other styles here!

Bamboo Flat Topped Kabuki Brush (£1.19 HERE)
 Last of my bamboo brushes I picked up this perfectly shaped kabuki brush. However this did come in Tarte packaging and with the Tarte branding to the gold bottom - naughty eBay seller! I don't like to buy fake makeup brushes as I find they can often lack quality due to money being spent on the packaging and branding, however this does seem amazing quality - super soft and dense! So far I've used this with powder bronzer and it's worked perfectly but you could use this to buff in foundation. I'm personally really pleased with this brush but please do be aware it is a fake.


15 Head Fake Flowers - Green (99p HERE)
 Last month I was on the lookout for some blog props and decided to opt for some cheap fake flowers. I wasn't expecting much for 99p but I was pleasantly surprised when they turned up. Yes, you can tell the flowers are fake but positioned correctly in photos, i.e around the above phone cases, they can look really nice. I'll definitely be picking up more of these flowers in a few other colours.

Phone Cases - for iPhone 4 - 6 plus
At the beginning of April I posted quite a few of my favourite phone cases from eBay - find both posts here & here! Which meant I ended up buying quite a few of them and so far 3 have turned up and I love them all! All are gel covers making them super easy to get on and off and don't scratch. I'd highly recommend them!

Transparent Cherry Cover #29 (99p HERE) - Super cute and summery! This has a 3D effect to it due to the layered design of the cherries which I love and the illustrated look really shows up well.
Transparent Mehndi #11 (99p HERE) - My favourite case so far and what I currently have on my phone. The design is so detailed and shows of the rose gold back of my phone so well. I've also had quite a few comments on it when out and about!
Blue Glacier Effect (£1.22 HERE) - When this arrived I wasn't sure but on my phone it looks great. Again really good detail to it and so easy to take on and off to change covers. 

I really hope you've found some inexpensive treats here! 

Fee xo.


eBay Bargains #46 - Blogger Tool Kit


LED Camera Ring Light for Nikon/Canon/Panasonic (£22.49 HERE
I always recommend shooting in natural light as it gives the best effect but sometimes that just isn't possible, especially if want to blog at night or just find your images to look lack luster. However to correct this you can buy a ring light that fits onto your camera lens and connects to the cameras flash. The above ring light is affordable and comes with the option to have it continuously on when shooting or to be used as a flash, I think I would prefer it to be constantly on so I can see how illuminated my shot is in live view. It also works with close-up macro photography, making it perfect for product shots and it fits various lens sizes. Just make sure to check it's compatible with your own camera!

Micro Fairy Lights (20 lights £1.39 | 40 lights £2.54 HERE) 
Fairy lights make for a lovely prop around products and I've used so many styles over the years. But my favourite discovery of 2016 has seen these lovely micro fairy lights. They are inexpensive and as they come on a wire they can be bent around products or even wrapped around them, or you can simply place them in the background for a diffused glow. They also come battery operated and there's a choice of 20 - 40 lights on a 4 metre length of wire.

If you take product shots or flat lays then it's important to find backgrounds you love and will enhance your images. I've gone through various backgrounds over the years, many from eBay and all very affordable. Here are the ones I highly recommend!

Marble Contact Paper (£6.99 HERE) - A marble background seems to be a bloggers staple and I will admit I'm still not bored of it! It's chic, simple and can be made with simple marble contact paper. You will need to pick up a thin piece of board from a DIY store but then you simply peel off the marble sticky paper and lay it down onto the board. This means you can make your background as big or as small as you wish and you will have a sturdy background that will last years.
Coloured Acrylic Sheets (A4 £3.85 | A3 £5.25 HERE) - For years I used both a white and black acrylic sheets as my photography background and they worked great! I used A3 3mm thick sheets and with a slight reflection I really liked how they looked. They are also wipe clean so you can get creative and apply product directly onto them (as you can see here) and they store easy. A bit of a gem if you want a solid colour background that will last.
 Mirror Acrylic Sheet (A4 £3.50 | A3 £8.02 HERE) - You can also pick up mirrored acrylic sheeting which looks exactly like mirror glass but won't shatter. This looks good as it's reflects the products you are photographing and is something a bit unique to try.
 Driftwood Effect Wallpaper Sample - 5 styles (A4 sample 99p | 2 metre sample £2.99 HERE) - Wallpaper samples are a great way to try out different backgrounds on a budget, you can even pick them up for free in DIY stores. But if you want something a bit more unique you can find so many amazing ones on eBay. I particularly like this driftwood effect wallpaper that comes in a few colourways and can be purchased in 2 metre lengths - ideal if you want a large background.

Little Miss Blogger Mug (£9.94 HERE)
Okay, so this isn't a bargain... but I couldn't resist including it! I keep spotting this exact mug more and more on social media on the desk's of bloggers and I now feel I need to follow suit! Pricey, but mugs do last and it's just perfect for any blogger. 

Handheld Studio Reflector Set 5-in-1 (£6.95 HERE)
Lastly I wanted to included this affordable reflector set I came across that's importantly handheld! The set consists of 5 different reflector skins that suit different shoot conditions from taking product shots to makeup looks. I know I would get the most use from the silver reflector as it's perfect for bouncing light onto flat lays/products and removing harsh shadows. So pleased with this find! 

Hope you've found a few items here to add to your own Blogger tool kit! 

Fee xo.

Birthday Wish List!


 The older you get the less you want for your birthday I've found. Actually, scrap that! The most specific you get with what you want! Yes, that's it. I've come to an age (28 in May, eeep!) were I know what I want and surprises worry me, deeply. 

Aside from the boring stuff I've asked for this year (a kettlebell, a new Tefal pan and a magazine subscription to Woman's Health) I thought I'd share with you the more aesthetically pleasing products I'm hoping to receive. 

Nails Inc Gel Effect Nail Polish 
For the past year or so now I've loved gel effect nail polishes from quite a few brands. I love the ultra glossy finish the most and how long my manicure seems to last. Nails Inc however have it spot on with their formula and for my birthday I'd love to expand my lonely collection of two! I've always been a fan of blue nails so I'd love a vibrant blue and a more pastel blue shade. Fingers crossed I receive a few lovely shades for Summer. (£15.00 each Feel Unique)

NYX Lip Lingerie Lipstick 
I'll be totally honest with you here - I don't get the hype of the Kylie Lip Kits. They're as hard to get hold of as Adele tickets, you have to pay custom charges on them and when it's on the lips no one even knows the brand unless you tell them! Having said all that I do like a few of the deep nude shades and the NYX Lip Lingerie Lipsticks look like good enough dupes for me! At £6.50 they are super affordable and I always trust NYX products to be good. (£6.50 Boots)

Copper Terrarium 
Is this showing my age? I don't know. But for the longest time I've wanted a geometric copper terrarium that I can buy some pretty succulent plants for and create a miniature garden. There are so many ideas and tutorials online so it would be a little project to do and then I can look at it admiringly sat on the windowsill in my living room. 

Along with rose lemonade it's become a bit of a traditional that I receive some beautiful macaroons for my birthday.... that I have a nibble of for breakfast! Macaroons are something I just wouldn't normally buy myself and they're the ultimate treat for me. My favourite macaroons are from The English Rose Bakery and they just make my birthday feel special!

Village Candle Blueberry Muffin
One of my favourite candle brands in Village Candle and I've now tried so many of their scents through buying votive candles on eBay so I'd love a jar candle of one of my favourite scents - Blueberry Muffin! The scent is sweet with a strong blueberry scent but also has a warm bakery sponge aroma that is just perfect - so true to scent. I have so many candles on the go at the moment but I'd love this. (£9.95 eBay)

Kate Hudson Pretty Happy Book 
I love to read uplifting books and as I'm on a bit of a journey to get fully healthy and happy this seems a book I need to read. The book is all about how to achieve a happy balanced life with your body and the lifestyle choices you make. I don't often go for celebrity written books but from the detailed 'look inside' of the book on Amazon I know it will be a good read. (£8.00 Amazon

Fee xo. 


Candle Belle - The Soy Wax Mega Melts You Need To Try!


If you read the first of my new candle review series last week then you will know how obsessed with candles I am right now. In particular a brand new on my radar: Candle Belle. 

The Candle Belle fragrance selection of both their soy wax double wick candles and mega melts is huge - I'm talking 50+ unique scents and they really are great value for money (from only £2 each here). I personally love candles but prefer to burn wax melts in my burner (the above Yankee Candle burner was a bargain £4.80 from Tesco!) as it's a great way to try out lots of different scents on a budget before committing to buy a full size candle or just because you enjoy discovering new fragrances.

Of course the most popular wax tart/melts on the market are Yankee Candle and in the past I've tried my fair share however there are smaller business' out there like Candle Belle that offer high quality natural soy wax melts with unique scents, a stronger throw and more product for your money - plus ultra handy plastic tubs to store them in!


Candle Belle's Mega Melts come in 55 fragrances for £2.00 each (here) but with options to buy a 9 Mega Melt bundle for only £12.50 (here) or get sent a random surprise selection of 9 melts each month with the Mega Melt Box for £11.00 (here).  

If you LOVE home fragrance and using a burner over burn candles then a subscription like the Mega Melt Box will be perfect for you (or possibly you and a friend or family member to share) to keep you in constant supply of melts to try out. However the best option for me, as I'm constantly trying out other candles, is to spend a little bit more on a Mega Melt bundle to give me the freedom to pick 9 scents I really want to try out with the knowledge I can buy more single melts or another 9 melt bundle in the future. 

So far I've tried quite a few scents from both the Mega Melt Box for April and single Mega Melts with Red Velvet (literally smells of the richest cake!), Orange Dreamsicle (the orange scent is just so intense) and Pralines & Cream (just mmm) being my ultimate favourites. I truly could burn these 3 scents all day long and in fact I'm tempted to see what a quarter of Red Velvet with a quarter of Pralines & Cream would burn like - that's if wax melt cocktails are even a thing?!

I'm still eager to try - Key Lime Pie, Chocolate Brownie, Cola Cubes and Lemon Meringue to name just a few. Though I do have quite a selection to still try out from my Mega Melt Box such as Caribbean Dream which mentally transports you to a tropical beach with cocktail in hand, and Cotton and Blossoms which smells exactly like freshly laundered sheets you just want to inhale deeply.

Pssst - the different textures of wax are due to pouring the melt wax back in the tub from the burner to try out a different scents!

It's really not often I dedicate an entire post on one brand but I'm honestly been so so impressed with everything about Candle Belle, I just cant get over how true to scent they are, and think/know my days of collecting Yankee Candle wax tarts are over! 

I really wish you could smell the scents in this post (alas, if only smell-o-vision was a really thing) as they are truly the best I've come across in wax tarts/melts and for that reason I needed to have a good ramble about them! 

Let me know if you try any of the melts because I'm candle/wax melt obsessed right now and can talk all day on the subject!

Fee xo. 

eBay Bargains #45 - Spring Greys

Chloe Faye Style Bag (£13.98 HERE
 At £1,000+ for the Chloe Faye Small bag it's not something that's in my price range, however this stunning inspired by bag certainly is! I personally love the grey faux suede/leather mix but you can also find it in black and burnt orange in the listing. I've seen a few bloggers and Youtubers review this style of bag from eBay and all have been impressed with quality. This would make a perfect across the body bag through both Spring and Summer.

Creme De La Creme Slogan Jumper (£7.99 HERE) 
This is another 'inspired' by item as this lovely sweater was seen on the ever cool Beyonce paired with denim shorts and black trainers. The quality of the jumper looks good and I know it would look amazing with cut off denim shorts or skinny jeans. You can also find it in marl grey, black and burgundy in the listing.

Cat Eye Bridge Sunglasses (£3.20 HERE)
  Mirrored sunglasses are everywhere at the moment and eBay have some bargain pairs that are perfect for sporting this S/S. The above bridge style sunglasses come in black, gold/rose gold and silver but if you are looking for more designer inspired frames you can find some amazing Dior beam style sunglasses here for only £3.85.

Rainbow Sequin Jumper (£16.94 HERE)
  Another cool jumper here that again I could see being paired with denim shorts or skinny jeans for Spring/Summer. Often clothing from China can be a little tacky but this jumper reminds me of something you could pick up from Urban Outfitters or Topshop. Really love the sequin detail and applique lettering! Also available in black in the listing.

Crystal Rhinestone Wrap Bracelet (£3.99 HERE) 
 Since I spotted a similar wrap bracelet from Swarovski (£70 ish) on holiday last year I've been on the look out for a cheaper version... and I've found it! It appears high in quality and is a casual but slightly dressy piece. Comes in a choice of 14 different colours as well!

Diamante Mesh Flats (£10.99 HERE) 
 I was drawn to these flats as they have an espadrille type vibe to them with the shape of the toe. I also like the black mesh to the sides and feel they could be worn both day and night especially with jeans or cigarette trousers. Will probably pick these up for Summer!

Chloe Drew Style Bag (£9.74 HERE) 
Last but not least another amazing Chloe inspired bag that's so well priced! This is in the 'Drew' style and again the original costs around £1,000... I know I'd prefer a holiday! The Chloe style bag comes in a lovely grey shade with an ostrich print that really completes the bag. This bag WILL be mine!

This is the first time I've featured clothing & accessories from eBay so let me know if you like these kind of eBay posts! 

Fee xo. 

The Best Coconut Scented Body Products


I don't know about you, but when I get even a whiff of a coconut scent I instantly think of hot summer days and beach holidays, ahhhhh. Actually I'm sure we are all slightly nostalgic about the smell of synthetic coconuts due to being slathered in sun cream as children! 

Below are four of my favourite body/hair products that all have amazing coconut scents that will transport you to the Caribbean in a single sniff! 


Palmers Coconut Oil Body Lotion 
Feel Unique £4.00 here | Boots or Superdrug in-store 
Palmers are a brand that know how to do coconut scented products well and because of that I'm been using them on and off for over a decade now! Their most recent product I've been enjoying is this body lotion that's actually made with natural coconut oil and is such a natural smell  of both fresh coconut and almond oil that's perfect to apply straight after a shower for amazing smelling skin. Aside for the incredible scent it's also deeply nourishing on everyday skin and I imagine slight sunburn in the summer months. This is a lotion I know I will be using all through summer and even taking on holiday with me in a travel bottle!

Bath & Body Works Copacabana Coconut Anti-Bac Hand Gel 
eBay £2.45 here 
For years now I've been collecting the Bath & Body Works Hand Gels (they go in all my handbags!) as they are strongly fragranced and have the widest range of scents. Copacabana Coconut smells exactly like a tropical coconut cocktails and is incredibly juicy smelling - I literally have to resist smelling my own hands! Handy for out and about (I use them mostly for removing makeup swatches from my hand), when travelling and whenever you want to inhale the amazing scent.

Happiness Is Coconut Lime Paradise Hydrating Body Mist 
£3.35 - Select Tesco stores 
I love coconut and I love lime so when I spotted this in Tesco it was in my basket in lightening speed. This was purchased at the end of summer so I didn't get to use it as much as I'd of liked so already I've been spritzing myself with it on sunny days as it's so zingy with the lime but rounded off and creamy with the coconut. This is such a unique scent and one I think people would notice, plus it's also got the added benefit of being a hydrating mist that you can spray directly on the skin and rub in after a bath or shower. 

OGX Coconut Milk Shampoo  
Feel Unique £6.99 here | Boots or Tesco in-store 
Lastly I had to include this lovely OGX Coconut Milk shampoo that not only smells divine but has been helping with the elasticity of my hair. OGX shampoo's have been a favourite of mine for quite some time as a selection are SLS-free and affordable for the hefty 385ml bottle. The scent is more of a tropical coconut scent that has a Pina Colada vibe to it making it perfect for spring/summer showers and can be used with the Coconut Milk Conditioner to give that long lasting scent to the hair. A true summer product! 

Let me know if you have any coconut-scented favourites! 

Fee xo.


eBay Bargains #44 - Favourite Phone Cases (Part 2)


I'm back again with even more amazing phone cases today! 

As I mentioned in Part 1 I can't confirm the quality of any of these cases but I've never been disappointed with a phone cases from eBay so far. I'm so pleased with this selection and even though I've picked up 4 new phone cases from eBay THIS WEEK I probably will be buying a few more from this selection!

You can see Part 1 of this post here!

Row 4 Sushi £4.95 - Floral Illustration £1.09 - Blue Glacier £1.42 - Mini Cameras £1.40

Let me know your favourites here! I think I will be snapping up a few more! 

Fee xo.  

The Candle Diaries #1


After sharing a portion of my candle collection last month and enjoying writing a non-beauty post I thought why not make it into a monthly series!

 I've always been a fan of candles but since last year I've enjoyed burning a candle almost daily, either as I write a blog post or next to my bed before I go to sleep. So a candle review series just made sense.

Each month I will review 4-5 candles from all different brands and even try out ones you recommend! Below are lots of new candles that I've been burning all last month and I'm dying to share with you. 


Yankee Candle Vanilla Lime Jar Candle
Love Aroma - medium jar £18.99 here | small jar £8.99 here 
After having a sniff of this candle in a Yankee Candle outlet awhile back I picked it up from Love Aroma (they stock endless Yankee Candles and even my favourite candle brand, Village Candle) in the medium jar that has an amazing 65-90 hours burn time. I've always been a fan of lime fragrances as they are zesty and juicy and with the vanilla in this candle it also has a creamy edge to it which I was drawn to. The candle itself burns well with a nice even wax pool and quite an intensive scent that fills my open plan living area. This is certainly a candle for spring/summer and one to burn in the kitchen to remove cooking smells as it's so zesty and fresh. I do often find Yankee Candles to be too heady and I can develop I headache from them but the fresh scent of this is totally fine for me - whoop! 
LOVE - The mouth watering zesty scent! 
DISLIKE - Lots of smoke when blown out 
SCORE - 4/5 

Candle Belle Red Velvet Candle 
Candle Belle - Twin wick jar £12 here | Wax Melt £2.00 here 
Have you heard of Candle Belle? No, me neither until recently! Unless you're a candle fanatic sometimes family run/small business can go under the radar so I'm thrilled I'm able to share with you this amazing candle brand that has soooooooo many amazing scents! After browsing the website for what seemed like hours I decided one candle I NEEDED to try was Red Velvet as it's my favourite cake flavour that I could literally inhale the smell of daily. As red velvet is quite a combination of flavours I wasn't expecting it to smell like the real thing but sure enough it does - think rich dark chocolate sponge with a strawberry and current syrup and a subtle whiff of buttercream frosting, mmmmm. Seriously I've never wanted to eat a candle more than this one! With a double wick this has a really good wax pool, if you leave it to burn long enough it fills the jar, and the scent as mentioned is heavenly (and strong)... like you've baked the worlds biggest red velvet cake! Bundle offer - 3 x Twin Wick Candles for £25 (normally £36) - here 
LOVE - That it's so true to scent
DISLIKE -That I can't eat it!
SCORE - 5/5  

Yankee Candle Wax Burner 
Tesco - £4.80 in-store | £8.00 with 3 wax melts online here
 A few weeks ago I went to pop a wax tart in my burner and it was no where to be seen. I've since looked high and low and have yet to find it, so it was time to buy a new one with an ever growing stash of wax tarts I wanted to try out. So I went to Tesco thinking I would just buy a £2.50 basic one (because I'm sure to find my old one as some point!) but to my surprise I found a lovely large Yankee Candle burner for only £4.80 AND they hadn't got the price wrong! This is much larger than my last burner and with a lovely matte finish and floral design to it. I thought I'd mention it as it's a total steal at this price and if you can't find one in your local Tesco they stock them online as a gift set with 3 wax melts for only £8 - bargain! 
LOVE - The quality and size
DISLIKE - That both sides are open to show the tealight
SCORE - 5/5 
Candle Belle Soy Wax Mega Melts
 £2 each - Buttercream Cupcake here, Pralines & Cream here, Sweet Georgia Peach here
Back to Candle Belle now because since I've had my new wax burner I've been trying a few of their mega melts that come in a huge range of scents and are a great way at £2 each to find ones you love before purchasing full size candles. As you can see I have 3 amazing scents here and I'm currently burning half of the Buttercream Cupcake melt that's just as amazing as it sounds. Other than the unique scents I love that the mega melts are larger than average tarts and come in reusable plastic containers. This is important because it means you have something to pour your wax back into when you want to change scents and you can just use half or even a quarter of the melt and keep the rest in the container. In fact I've just lit my burner to melt Buttercream Cupcake so that I can pour it back into it's container so I can burn Pralines & Cream, which may be my favourite scent out of the three! Sweet Georgia Peach I think will be saved until it's summer as it's such a juicy scent that smells exactly like a fresh ripe peach! You can browse all 55 fragrances here and buy 9 mega melts for £12.50 here
LOVE - The huge choice of amazing scents and the clever packaging
DISLIKE - Nothing!
SCORE - 5/5 


WoodWick Trilogy - Currant, Ambrosia and Sugared Berries
Love Aroma £18.99 here
Last month I finally burnt my first WoodWick candle and instantly fell in love with the crackle of the wood wick - so relaxing and unique! I also went for a trilogy candle in a fruit medley as it's like getting 3 candles for the price of 1. I will admit so far the first scent isn't for me as it's way too heady and smells like a berry air freshener but I'm really hoping to enjoy the two other scents (I will do an update in a future Candle Diaries post when I get to the next layer) which hopefully won't have that heady scent to them. Thinking about it maybe I should of gone for more gourmand scents. Scents aside, this is a more expensive candle however the quality is spot on from the wood lid with a rubber seal to the glass and candle shape. I really do like the concept of these trilogy candles, perfect as a gift or to really treat yourself with. 
LOVE - The overall quality and the trilogy concept
DISLIKE - The first scent sadly
SCORE - 3/5 - so far  

Let me know what you thought of my first Candle Diaries post.
I'd also love to know what you're currently burning! 

Fee xo. 

eBay Bargains #43 - Favourite Phone Cases (Part 1)

 Lately I've been loving finding phone cases on eBay and the more I look the more amazing ones I seem to find!  

I can't confirm the quality of these but can say I've never been disappointed with a phone cases I've purchases from eBay yet. In fact I've just picked up the 'Blue Glacier' and 'White Mandala' covers from this little lot plus a unique LED cover that lights up and twinkles on incoming calls, which you can find here for £1.79.

Row 1 Gold Leaf £3.19 - Pomegranate 99p - Tropical Marble £6.99Fierce Quote 99p
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