The Candle Diaries #1


After sharing a portion of my candle collection last month and enjoying writing a non-beauty post I thought why not make it into a monthly series!

 I've always been a fan of candles but since last year I've enjoyed burning a candle almost daily, either as I write a blog post or next to my bed before I go to sleep. So a candle review series just made sense.

Each month I will review 4-5 candles from all different brands and even try out ones you recommend! Below are lots of new candles that I've been burning all last month and I'm dying to share with you. 


Yankee Candle Vanilla Lime Jar Candle
Love Aroma - medium jar £18.99 here | small jar £8.99 here 
After having a sniff of this candle in a Yankee Candle outlet awhile back I picked it up from Love Aroma (they stock endless Yankee Candles and even my favourite candle brand, Village Candle) in the medium jar that has an amazing 65-90 hours burn time. I've always been a fan of lime fragrances as they are zesty and juicy and with the vanilla in this candle it also has a creamy edge to it which I was drawn to. The candle itself burns well with a nice even wax pool and quite an intensive scent that fills my open plan living area. This is certainly a candle for spring/summer and one to burn in the kitchen to remove cooking smells as it's so zesty and fresh. I do often find Yankee Candles to be too heady and I can develop I headache from them but the fresh scent of this is totally fine for me - whoop! 
LOVE - The mouth watering zesty scent! 
DISLIKE - Lots of smoke when blown out 
SCORE - 4/5 

Candle Belle Red Velvet Candle 
Candle Belle - Twin wick jar £12 here | Wax Melt £2.00 here 
Have you heard of Candle Belle? No, me neither until recently! Unless you're a candle fanatic sometimes family run/small business can go under the radar so I'm thrilled I'm able to share with you this amazing candle brand that has soooooooo many amazing scents! After browsing the website for what seemed like hours I decided one candle I NEEDED to try was Red Velvet as it's my favourite cake flavour that I could literally inhale the smell of daily. As red velvet is quite a combination of flavours I wasn't expecting it to smell like the real thing but sure enough it does - think rich dark chocolate sponge with a strawberry and current syrup and a subtle whiff of buttercream frosting, mmmmm. Seriously I've never wanted to eat a candle more than this one! With a double wick this has a really good wax pool, if you leave it to burn long enough it fills the jar, and the scent as mentioned is heavenly (and strong)... like you've baked the worlds biggest red velvet cake! Bundle offer - 3 x Twin Wick Candles for £25 (normally £36) - here 
LOVE - That it's so true to scent
DISLIKE -That I can't eat it!
SCORE - 5/5  

If you are looking for more great smaller candle brands that only use soy wax then I highly recommend Allumi luxury home candles as they offer a lovely range of candles, wax melts and long lasting reed diffusers that use only essential oils. I also can't get enough of their Buddha head wax melt burner! 

Yankee Candle Wax Burner 
Tesco - £4.80 in-store | £8.00 with 3 wax melts online here
 A few weeks ago I went to pop a wax tart in my burner and it was no where to be seen. I've since looked high and low and have yet to find it, so it was time to buy a new one with an ever growing stash of wax tarts I wanted to try out. So I went to Tesco thinking I would just buy a £2.50 basic one (because I'm sure to find my old one as some point!) but to my surprise I found a lovely large Yankee Candle burner for only £4.80 AND they hadn't got the price wrong! This is much larger than my last burner and with a lovely matte finish and floral design to it. I thought I'd mention it as it's a total steal at this price and if you can't find one in your local Tesco they stock them online as a gift set with 3 wax melts for only £8 - bargain! 
LOVE - The quality and size
DISLIKE - That both sides are open to show the tealight
SCORE - 5/5 
Candle Belle Soy Wax Mega Melts
 £2 each - Buttercream Cupcake here, Pralines & Cream here, Sweet Georgia Peach here
Back to Candle Belle now because since I've had my new wax burner I've been trying a few of their mega melts that come in a huge range of scents and are a great way at £2 each to find ones you love before purchasing full size candles. As you can see I have 3 amazing scents here and I'm currently burning half of the Buttercream Cupcake melt that's just as amazing as it sounds. Other than the unique scents I love that the mega melts are larger than average tarts and come in reusable plastic containers. This is important because it means you have something to pour your wax back into when you want to change scents and you can just use half or even a quarter of the melt and keep the rest in the container. In fact I've just lit my burner to melt Buttercream Cupcake so that I can pour it back into it's container so I can burn Pralines & Cream, which may be my favourite scent out of the three! Sweet Georgia Peach I think will be saved until it's summer as it's such a juicy scent that smells exactly like a fresh ripe peach! You can browse all 55 fragrances here and buy 9 mega melts for £12.50 here
LOVE - The huge choice of amazing scents and the clever packaging
DISLIKE - Nothing!
SCORE - 5/5 


WoodWick Trilogy - Currant, Ambrosia and Sugared Berries
Love Aroma £18.99 here
Last month I finally burnt my first WoodWick candle and instantly fell in love with the crackle of the wood wick - so relaxing and unique! I also went for a trilogy candle in a fruit medley as it's like getting 3 candles for the price of 1. I will admit so far the first scent isn't for me as it's way too heady and smells like a berry air freshener but I'm really hoping to enjoy the two other scents (I will do an update in a future Candle Diaries post when I get to the next layer) which hopefully won't have that heady scent to them. Thinking about it maybe I should of gone for more gourmand scents. Scents aside, this is a more expensive candle however the quality is spot on from the wood lid with a rubber seal to the glass and candle shape. I really do like the concept of these trilogy candles, perfect as a gift or to really treat yourself with. 
LOVE - The overall quality and the trilogy concept
DISLIKE - The first scent sadly
SCORE - 3/5 - so far  

Let me know what you thought of my first Candle Diaries post.
I'd also love to know what you're currently burning! 

Fee xo. 
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