Birthday Wish List!


 The older you get the less you want for your birthday I've found. Actually, scrap that! The most specific you get with what you want! Yes, that's it. I've come to an age (28 in May, eeep!) were I know what I want and surprises worry me, deeply. 

Aside from the boring stuff I've asked for this year (a kettlebell, a new Tefal pan and a magazine subscription to Woman's Health) I thought I'd share with you the more aesthetically pleasing products I'm hoping to receive. 

Nails Inc Gel Effect Nail Polish 
For the past year or so now I've loved gel effect nail polishes from quite a few brands. I love the ultra glossy finish the most and how long my manicure seems to last. Nails Inc however have it spot on with their formula and for my birthday I'd love to expand my lonely collection of two! I've always been a fan of blue nails so I'd love a vibrant blue and a more pastel blue shade. Fingers crossed I receive a few lovely shades for Summer. (£15.00 each Feel Unique)

NYX Lip Lingerie Lipstick 
I'll be totally honest with you here - I don't get the hype of the Kylie Lip Kits. They're as hard to get hold of as Adele tickets, you have to pay custom charges on them and when it's on the lips no one even knows the brand unless you tell them! Having said all that I do like a few of the deep nude shades and the NYX Lip Lingerie Lipsticks look like good enough dupes for me! At £6.50 they are super affordable and I always trust NYX products to be good. (£6.50 Boots)

Copper Terrarium 
Is this showing my age? I don't know. But for the longest time I've wanted a geometric copper terrarium that I can buy some pretty succulent plants for and create a miniature garden. There are so many ideas and tutorials online so it would be a little project to do and then I can look at it admiringly sat on the windowsill in my living room. 

Along with rose lemonade it's become a bit of a traditional that I receive some beautiful macaroons for my birthday.... that I have a nibble of for breakfast! Macaroons are something I just wouldn't normally buy myself and they're the ultimate treat for me. My favourite macaroons are from The English Rose Bakery and they just make my birthday feel special!

Village Candle Blueberry Muffin
One of my favourite candle brands in Village Candle and I've now tried so many of their scents through buying votive candles on eBay so I'd love a jar candle of one of my favourite scents - Blueberry Muffin! The scent is sweet with a strong blueberry scent but also has a warm bakery sponge aroma that is just perfect - so true to scent. I have so many candles on the go at the moment but I'd love this. (£9.95 eBay)

Kate Hudson Pretty Happy Book 
I love to read uplifting books and as I'm on a bit of a journey to get fully healthy and happy this seems a book I need to read. The book is all about how to achieve a happy balanced life with your body and the lifestyle choices you make. I don't often go for celebrity written books but from the detailed 'look inside' of the book on Amazon I know it will be a good read. (£8.00 Amazon

Fee xo. 

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