Candle Belle - The Soy Wax Mega Melts You Need To Try!


If you read the first of my new candle review series last week then you will know how obsessed with candles I am right now. In particular a brand new on my radar: Candle Belle. 

The Candle Belle fragrance selection of both their soy wax double wick candles and mega melts is huge - I'm talking 50+ unique scents and they really are great value for money (from only £2 each here). I personally love candles but prefer to burn wax melts in my burner (the above Yankee Candle burner was a bargain £4.80 from Tesco!) as it's a great way to try out lots of different scents on a budget before committing to buy a full size candle or just because you enjoy discovering new fragrances.

Of course the most popular wax tart/melts on the market are Yankee Candle and in the past I've tried my fair share however there are smaller business' out there like Candle Belle that offer high quality natural soy wax melts with unique scents, a stronger throw and more product for your money - plus ultra handy plastic tubs to store them in!


Candle Belle's Mega Melts come in 55 fragrances for £2.00 each (here) but with options to buy a 9 Mega Melt bundle for only £12.50 (here) or get sent a random surprise selection of 9 melts each month with the Mega Melt Box for £11.00 (here).  

If you LOVE home fragrance and using a burner over burn candles then a subscription like the Mega Melt Box will be perfect for you (or possibly you and a friend or family member to share) to keep you in constant supply of melts to try out. However the best option for me, as I'm constantly trying out other candles, is to spend a little bit more on a Mega Melt bundle to give me the freedom to pick 9 scents I really want to try out with the knowledge I can buy more single melts or another 9 melt bundle in the future. 

So far I've tried quite a few scents from both the Mega Melt Box for April and single Mega Melts with Red Velvet (literally smells of the richest cake!), Orange Dreamsicle (the orange scent is just so intense) and Pralines & Cream (just mmm) being my ultimate favourites. I truly could burn these 3 scents all day long and in fact I'm tempted to see what a quarter of Red Velvet with a quarter of Pralines & Cream would burn like - that's if wax melt cocktails are even a thing?!

I'm still eager to try - Key Lime Pie, Chocolate Brownie, Cola Cubes and Lemon Meringue to name just a few. Though I do have quite a selection to still try out from my Mega Melt Box such as Caribbean Dream which mentally transports you to a tropical beach with cocktail in hand, and Cotton and Blossoms which smells exactly like freshly laundered sheets you just want to inhale deeply.

Pssst - the different textures of wax are due to pouring the melt wax back in the tub from the burner to try out a different scents!

It's really not often I dedicate an entire post on one brand but I'm honestly been so so impressed with everything about Candle Belle, I just cant get over how true to scent they are, and think/know my days of collecting Yankee Candle wax tarts are over! 

I really wish you could smell the scents in this post (alas, if only smell-o-vision was a really thing) as they are truly the best I've come across in wax tarts/melts and for that reason I needed to have a good ramble about them! 

Let me know if you try any of the melts because I'm candle/wax melt obsessed right now and can talk all day on the subject!

Fee xo. 
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