eBay Haul - What I Bought in March (Part 2)


eBay haul time again, and one I couldn't wait to share with you as it's all makeup related bargains! 

If you like these kind of posts you can find my past eBay posts here and part one of this haul where I share my lifestyle-y buys for March here


IMAGIC Long Lasting Matte Lipgloss (cream lipsticks imo)
£1.29 each shades 3 (nude) and 8 (pink) - here 
eBay is awash with matte liquid lipsticks and after trying the Menow ones (review + swatches here) I thought I'd tried some from IMAGIC as the packaging is nicer and the listing has 12 good shades to pick from! Comparing them to the Menow liquid lipsticks these are more sheer and take longer to dry/become matte, however they last just as long on the lips and really don't budge! I should also point out that if you over apply they do feel very tacky on the lips which isn't great! Having said all that I will be picking up a few more shades as shade #3 has been a favourite of mine recently and the price is pretty amazing.

L.A Girl Pro Conceal Yellow Corrector 
£3.44 - here  
After picking up an L.A Girl Pro Concealer in the lightest shade last month and being really impressed with it I decided to try a corrector. I went for the yellow corrector as I haven't been able to find anything similar on the high street and I really wanted to see if it would neutralise the purple toned veins under my eyes. Much like the Porcelain shade I picked up I was pleased with the creamy yet slightly waxy formula (really long lasting!) and was pretty pleased that it does make a difference to my under eye area before applying foundation! Again I will be picking up a few more of these correctors and even trying a darker shade to contour with. 


Flat Black Contour Kabuki Brush 
£1.49 - here 
On to brushes now and something I'm on the fence with! You see I like to buy 'dupe' brushes and with this listing containing no branding I presumed it would turn up like that. However it actually turned up with the Nars logo to it - naughty eBay seller! I don't overly mind but it's something to be aware of. Aside from that the brush has a lovely rubberised finish to it and is good quality. As for the bristles they are on the cheap side but feel soft and it actually lays contour down well due to the size and shape of it. Quite a unique brush to pick up but of course be aware this is a Nars fake. 

Eyeshadow Blending Brush Set 
£1.36 for 4 - here  
This is one of my favourite brush sets from eBay, in fact I already own two sets of these - yes, they are that good! This time as I was wanting a set just for concealer and loose powder I went for the pink and gold set, so I could differentiate between my eyeshadow brush sets, and I actually really like how they look! These are well made and so soft to touch, making them ideal for blending eyeshadow with or blending out concealer. You can read about how I like to use them and for a 99p silver/black version here.


3D Metal Nail Decals 
99p for 100 pieces - here  
Whilst browsing nail supplies I came across a type of nail decal I'd never seen before - laser cut metal foil decals. I of course instantly snapped them up as I loved the designs and the fact they are double sided, black and rose gold - just yes! In the wheel there are 12 different intricate designs that range from diamonds to sweet little cherubs and are applied to the nail by simply placing them onto a still wet clear top coat and then sealing them with another layer of top coat. I will be sure to create a nail look with these very soon! Really pleased with this bargain buy.

Technic 'Ice Cream Ella' Nail Polish 
£1.99 - here
 Lastly I picked up a lovely Technic top coat that I spotted on Pinterest and as it was nothing like anything in my collection I had to find it! This is truly a perfect top coat for spring over any pastel base, here I went for Barry M Gelly Coconut which I think really compliments the pastel flecks. I already know this will be a Spring favourite of mine. 

Hope you've found some lovely bargains here! 

Fee xo. 


Top 4 Eye Makeup Removers


I love a good face cleanser to remove all makeup but often rich cream formulas and oils can leave my eyes feeling irritated and cloudy. I now opt for cleansers that specifically remove eye makeup before cleansing my face properly. 

Eye makeup removers cleanse the eye within seconds and remove stubborn waterproof mascara without having to overly rub which is essential as the skin around the eyes is sensitive and can prematurely age with excess tugging around that area. I also find the ingredients are much more suited to be used on the eye area which is why I love them so much. Below I have detailed my own top 4 favourites that all offer something different! 


Mary Kay Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover - £13.00 MK website here 
 For everyday use on everyday makeup I like a light cleansing water that almost feels like micellar water (micellar waters sadly sting my eyes!) which is why I go for this amazing oil-free makeup remover. Applied on a cotton pad this removes even waterproof mascara and leaves the skin around the eyes grease free. It also importantly doesn't sting or cloud my eyes as it's oil-free which means it's suitable for contact lens wearers! Best for - Everyday eye makeup and sensitive eyes

Jason Quick Clean Remover Pads x75 - £7.29 Feel Unique here 
 These are makeup remover pads that I've been using for years as they are perfect for lazy nights when I want to quickly remove eye makeup and get into bed! Soaked in a refreshing solution they leave your eyes free from makeup and feeling soothed. I also love to use these as eye patches on mornings when I haven't had enough sleep and the eye bags are real! I simple lay in bed for an extra 5 minutes with two of the pads over my eyes and they work a treat to reduce puffiness and that heat in the skin that can often come with not enough sleep. I will always love these pads! Best for - For on-the-go and refreshing tired, sore eyes

Vita Coco Coconut Oil 500ml - £7.50 Boots here 
Like all skincare, eye makeup removers are full of ingredients so if you have sensitive eyes or just want to look after them, then opting for something totally organic may be the best thing you ever done! Coconut oil has a million and one uses (see my post here on all the things you can use it for!) one of them being as a makeup remover. Coconut oil simply melts between the finger tips and can remove all makeup. I like to massage the oil around my face including my eyes and then using a warm wet flannel to remove it all as my skin can get oily from time to time but if you have more mature or dry skin then simply removing with warm water is enough. I truly love coconut oil! Best for - Sensitive eyes and going natural

Benefit They're Real! Remover - £14.50 ASOS here  
I started off using this cream eye makeup remover when wearing the Benefit They're Real Eyeliner which is the most amazing long lasting eyeliner I've tried! But as the remover was so good I started using it on stubborn mascaras as you only need the smallest amount and it melts away the heaviest of eye makeup. This does however make you resemble a panda as it creates quite a mess around your eyes but that is easily wiped away with a cotton pad or water. Best for - Stubborn eye makeup

Really hope you've found an eye makeup remover you like the sound of here! 

Fee xo.


25 Unique Blog Post Ideas for Spring

Spring is here and although it's a dull rainy day as I type this, I'm motivated and ready for a new fresh season! I love all seasons, but with brighter evenings and an awakening in nature I can't help but feel more alive and positive for the months ahead. 

This also filters into blogging for me and I suddenly feel I could burst with the amount of new ideas I have! Which is exactly why I thought I'd off load a few blog post ideas here in case you're stuck for what to blog about or if you are new to blogging (if you are make sure to say hello!). 

I hope you all have a lovely Spring and can use a few of these post ideas! 


1. An updated Spring skincare routine
2. A Spring wish list inspired by fellow bloggers
3. Your take on a Spring beauty trend
4. Document a spring clean of your makeup stash
5. List your favourite Spring scents
6. Feel good makeup products for Spring
7. Share a Spring bath cocktail
8. Review beauty products that give a dewy finish
9. Your fresh morning shower/bath routine
10. Your favourite pastel manicure
11. Makeup that will stay put through April showers
12. Your go-to Spring lip

13. Document a perfect Spring day
14. 5 Blogs to follow this Spring
15. A check up on your New Years resolutions
16. A week in photos
17. 5 perfect Spring reads
18. A letter to Spring
19. 10 must-do things this Spring
20. A Spring/Summer wardrobe wish list
21. Your favourite Spring recipe
22. The best Spring DIYs to try on Pinterest
23. Spring lifestyle favourites
24. Your Spring wardrobe staples
25. Share your Spring Spotify playlist 

Let me know if you use any of my blog post ideas so I can have a read of them! 

Fee xo.

eBay Haul - What I Bought in March (Part 1)


Being such a fan of eBay I love that I'm able to share with you my bargain purchases and show you what items look like in real life! As I've been totally loving eBay recently I have more than a few buys so I thought I'd split my monthly haul into two parts - one lifestyle bits and bobs and the other all my makeup buys! 

You can see what I picked up from eBay in February here.



Eat Cake For Breakfast Watch in Beige Brown 
 £2.45 - HERE 
When I clicked 'buy' on this watch I was so so pleased I'd come across it as the an original Kate Spade watch costs around £150.00! I'm still on the fence about how I feel about fakes (I always avoid makeup fakes due to the unknown ingredients) but as I don't often buy them I decided this once it was okay as I loved the watch so much! On arrival the watch was annoyingly folded so there is some creasing to the strap but since wearing it I have notice them drop out. As for the quality I couldn't be more pleased, the face of the watch is detailed with rose gold that picks up the light and there are zero flaws to it. The strap isn't as good quality as the face (nicely padded but just feels cheap) but once on the wrist you really can't tell and if you were really bothered you could have the strap changed. All in all I've really very pleased with this purchase! Delivery Time to the UK - 15 days

Crystal Round Necklace
99p - HERE  
For 99p I wasn't expecting much from this necklace and even though when it arrived it looked different from the stock images I was still pleased with it. Yes, it doesn't look like you have spent more than £4-5 on it but the fake crystal does catch the light and doesn't scream 'cheap'. The connecting loops from the actual pendant to the necklace chain are slightly large and do stand out which isn't ideal but as it's just an occasional piece I really don't mind. Delivery time to the UK - 16 days

Natural Crystal Pendant Necklace - style 6
 £1.99 - HERE
Lastly for jewellery I purchased this natural crystal necklace that is gilded around the edges in gold leaf. Again, this looks different from the stock images in the listing but that is to be expected when buying from China. Initially I was impressed with the weight and quality of the stone but the gold edging really does let it down and it all looks homemade and quickly done - a shame when the stone is so nice! I'm tempted to scrub the sides to see if I can remove the gold and wear it just as a natural crystal pendant but if that fails not all is lost as I'll re-use the chain as it's surprisingly good quality! Delivery time to the UK - 26 days


Other Bits & Bobs

Pack of 4 Cat pens 
99p - HERE  
Okay, so these are super sweet and inexpensive! As you can see I received 1 beige and 3 pink which was totally fine with me for only 99p! These are just as they look in the stock images with cute little faces and tails - they also stand up! All the pens are working and actually have a fine nib that glides really nicely as you write in black ink. These would look cute in a pot on your desk, to keep around the house or even children's parties for the party bags! Delivery time to the UK - 12 days

Stone/Marble Phone Case - Beige 
£1.59 - HERE
I've purchased quite a few phone cases from eBay now and although they never look like the images to the listing they are always good enough quality and worth the low spend. This sadly doesn't have that pink tone to it as it does in the listing but it does have that stone effect that I wanted and isn't blurry. I'm personally really pleased with how the phone case looks on my phone and from even a short distance it does look like it's made from stone. Another good eBay find! Delivery time to the UK - 17 days 

Village Candle Votives
£2.78 each - HERE
To end part 1 of my eBay haul I had to include a Village Candle votive as I've bought quite a few from eBay this month and have been totally loving them. At £2.78 each they aren't the cheapest but I do love trying out different scents from Village Candle without having to buy a £8+ jar. This month I've tried Lemon Pound Cake (amazing!), Cherry Vanilla Swirl and Warm Buttered Bread - all of which I've loved! If you like to try different candle scents from Village Candle or Yankee Candle eBay is a great place to pick up a few votives or melts if you have a wax/oil burner. You can probably expect a few more votives appearing in future eBay hauls! Delivery time - 3 days

Hope you've found a few bargains here! 

Part 2 (my eBay makeup buys) to come next week... 

Fee xo.


Low Cost Hair Saviours


When it comes to haircare I rarely ever go for luxury products. Aside from being a scrooge with my money I know the high street are constantly coming out with more amazing products that are aimed at specific hair types - my own being fine yet prone to frizz (what a delight)! 

So today I thought I'd share with you my low cost hair saviours that I've been religiously using for the last 1-2 months and can't get enough of! 


Palmer's Manuka Flower Honey Leave-in Conditioner
£5.99/250ml - Superdrug here
Palmer's have been a brand I've used for years but only ever for body care and always their amazing cocoa scent. So this product was totally new to me but something I wanted to try as I was after a better de-tangling spray that added moisture but without flattening my hair and this product described itself as just that! Thankfully it was correct and it works wonders on my fine hair, root to tip, and with the aid of my Tangle Teezer my post-shower knots slide out of my hair like never before. As I then go onto using other products I can't say if this also nourishes my hair once it's dry but when wet it definitely does the job of a detangling spray amazingly well and keeps hair loss from tugging to a minimum. I absolutely love the scent of this which did surprise me as manuka flower just sounds floral but the scent of the spray actually reminds of a drumstick lollipop (one of these!) as it's such a juicy scent. I wasn't expecting much from this product but I'm now totally in love with it!

Cloud Nine Magical Quick Drying Potion 
£5.99/50ml - ASOS here
When browsing ASOS a few months back I came across this interesting product that aimed to reduce drying time of the hair and work as an extreme heat protectant - just yes! I had my doubts with the reduced drying time but I snapped it up. Two months one I use this every time I dry my hair and simply can't live without it! This without a doubt reduces hair drying time by 50% and after spritzing this all over my wet hair I now often let it dry naturally, something I've never done before! Or if I use my wonderful hands-free hair dryer (review here) it takes minutes to fully dry! I can also report it doesn't dry out the hair and feels invisible even if you go crazy with the spray. This is another product I can't get enough of the scent as it's a wonderful fresh watermelon scent that does linger in the hair even when it dries. This really is a magical product! 

L'Oreal Magical Retouch - Brown 
£8.99/ 75ml - Boots here 
If you dye your hair then you will know roots showing is a problem. Every month I seem to develop  just under an inch of much paler roots and for around a week before I get around to dying my hair I walk around self conscious because my hair just doesn't look 'done' and often looks like I'm balding - yes, really! Of course I could learn to dye my hair as soon as a see re-growth coming through but life will always get in the way and that 1-2 week gap with unsightly roots will always happen. But thankfully quite a few brands a now coming out with these ingenious retouch sprays that actually work! Now I won't lie a spray like this, especially being brown in pigment, can be messy to apply so I do like to apply this to my roots before doing my makeup and I like to shield my forehead with a paper towel... though face wipes or water on a cotton pad do remove any mistakes from the skin. Messy aspect aside, the coverage of the spray is really what impressed me the most as it evenly covers roots with ease and your hair is transformed. For me this truly is a hair saviour especially when I want my hair to look it's best but don't have the time to dye it! 

Aldi Carino Miracle Oil 
£2.99/50ml - Aldi in-store 
To tame frizz a hair oil is a must for me. My holy grail is Moroccanoil Treatment but at £14.00 for 25ml it is a treat and as I was running low I thought I'd try a cheaper alternative! I've heard amazing things of Aldi's hair and skincare range so I popped in and picked up the bargain Miracle Oil Treatment. Now this isn't as thick as more luxury hair oils and it does  have a slightly masculine scent to it... but it works! It nourishes the ends of the hair and definitely tames frizz. I like to drop a small amount in my palm and rub my hands together to warm it up them smooth it over wet ends and then through the mid-length of my hair. I also like to apply this more liberally the night before I know I will be washing my hair and then I will sleep with the oil coating my hair. On washing, my hair is notably smoother and the ends look healthy. If you shop in Aldi this is a product to pick up! 

I'd love to know your own low cost hair saviours so I can try them out! 

Fee xo. 

Favourite Spring Workspaces


Spring has sprung here in the UK, well for the North West anyway, and I for one have been in the mood for a spring clean! 

Spring clean, done, and I'm now focusing my attention on my less than bland office. You see when I moved house at the end of 2014 I dumped any office related things into my spare room and since then have kind of avoid it. But the wind had changed for me and I'm totally in the mood for injecting a bit of life into my work area and hopefully using it! 

So in the past week I've taken to various blogs and of course Pinterest for inspiration and picked four of my favourites to share with you. I've also realised that I've somehow become a pastel person and know that will be the spring theme of my new workspace!


The Creative Workspace from Kate La Vie 
When it comes to interiors Kate knows how to get it just right - always effortless, fun and creative. What I love most about her workspace is that it's fairly clutter-free yet interesting, just enough to get you inspired, you know? The white wire memo board is a perfect touch with her simplistic colour scheme as any other colour of metal would have been too dominating, but the white let the clipped prints and lamp become the focus. This is a desk I'm just so inspired by as it's perfect for the brighter coming months. 

The Eclectic Workspace from xo, Krista
Desks with personality always grab my attention and whilst endlessly browsing Pinterest this without a doubt stood out to me. I decided to sum up this workspace as 'eclectic' as it's a mish-mash of styles, yet it's somehow remains feminine and intricate. What I most like about this space other than the antique desk that works so well, are the pegged photos and flowers that are clearly mementos of happy days which is a lovely touch. I don't feel I've established my own style enough to have a workspace like this just yet, but in the future a comfortable, inspiring work area like this would be a dream.


The Feminine Workspace from The Everygirl 
My past desks have always been feminine yet simple which is most likely why I was drawn to this lovely desk. I love the interesting little trinkets, gold touches and of course the posy of flowers (for me a desk isn't complete without a bunch of flower, faux mind). But what I love most of all is the position of the desk, against the window. Not only does this mean you're facing the light rather than a wall but it means no glare against your screen - genius! This may or may not work with the desk I have (it's actually the same desk as the last image but with different trestles) but I will be moving it to see how it looks this week. My ideal workspace!

The Glam Workspace from Dallas Shaw 
Last but not least the desk that says GIRL BOSS. Well girl boss with a feminine edge! I was instantly draw to this office for the layout again, I sadly don't have enough space for this but I love how the desk dominates the room and it's so important it deserves a rug! I also like how the gold screen also adds interest to the decor, a good idea for renters or someone that likes to change things up frequently. I don't think I'll ever have a glam workspace like this as it's not very 'me' but I still love it! 

I will 100% give you an update on my own office/work space with pics when I've completed my re-vamp! 

Fee xo.


eBay Bargains #41 - Makeup/Jewellery Storage


Maybe it's because it's finally Spring but I'm currently on a mission to organise my makeup and jewellery collection. Right now beauty products are overflowing so I'm in need of some inexpensive but lovely storage. 
Above are 5 unique storage options that start from only £2..60 that I'm totally in love with - especially that little ring/trinket dish!

Acrylic Nail Polish Stand - Holds 30 
£7.49 - eBay here 
A few years ago I purchased a glitter version of this nail polish stand and it's still going strong but I must admit glitter does clash with my more simplistic decor nowadays so a chic clear one like this would be perfect! Of course this may fit your entire nail polish collection so that it's beautifully displayed but for me a stand like this is perfect for displaying my favourite nail polishes on. Clear acrylic storage/stands really do last years and look great with any decor!

Acrylic Lipstick Holder - Holds 24
£2.09 - eBay here 
Another acrylic item I wanted to quickly mention is this lipstick holder that again I already own (I actually have 2!). Much like the nail polish stand it's tiered so that it perfectly displays each product and looks ultra neat sat on your desk. I use one for my favourite lipsticks and the other for lipglosses and balms. Just a really practical inexpensive item that you need if you love lip products and want to see them out on your desk!

Makeup Brush Dryer/Holder 
£3.85 - eBay here   
I remember when I first spotted an item like this that held makeup brushes upside down to dry and it was £30, and now thankfully more budget ones have become available on eBay! This holder can dry up to 14 brushes at a time and comes in 3 colour choices, it can also be used as storage for your brushes (the correct way) when you aren't using it to dry them. A simple concept but so useful! Also it's the cheapest brush drying stand I've found on eBay! 


Ceramic Ring/Trinket Tray 
£2.99 - eBay here  
When I came across these lovely ring/trinket dishes I was amazed at the price as the beautiful designs reminded me of something you would pick up in Anthropologie for around £12 each. Perfect as a gift or to keep next to your bed to place jewellery and loose change onto. A bit of a gem find.

Velvet Display Case 
£8.49 - eBay here  
  Another wonderful way to store jewellery here with this stunning velvet case that comes in 10 colour choices. I decided to feature the grey as it would suit my own decor but the hot rose pink was certainly calling to me! This would be perfect to store earrings and rings and even small dainty necklaces to prevent them getting tangled. I also have a feeling that the inner compartment can be removed which would make it idea for storing large statement necklaces in. Again this would make a lovely gift or just a treat to yourself! 

Jewellery Tree 
£2.63 - eBay here
On to a more simplistic option here to hold any kind of jewellery, in fact I own a similar wooden version that keeps my necklaces and bracelets neat and tangle-free. Perfect for your desk or even in the bathroom to store a few skincare products on. 

Hope you've found a few inexpensive storage options here! 

Fee xo.


My Top 5 Creative Resources for Bloggers


If you're a beauty/lifestyle blogger then like me you will probably be on a constant hunt for tips and tools to make blogging easier. 

Over the years I've tried out so many things, some I still use today and some that got instantly dismissed. So I thought I'd share with you my top 5 creative resources that are for the most part free! 

Creative Market
Much like Etsy, Creative Market is a marketplace for digital downloads created by creatives. You can find blog templates, illustrations, fonts and stock images here, plus a whole lot more. Prices vary from a few dollars to more expensive bundles, however every Monday if you are signed up to Creative Market here (which I highly recommend!) you receive 6 free products to download! Of course not all the products will be to your taste but I've found I always like one or two products from the free goods. In fact the Chevron pattern and 'resources' font came from this week's free goods! Credit can also be bought for as little as $20 and spent across the site - I did this in December and decorated my Christmas blog posts with festive illustrations which you can see here and here. I've also found some amazing fonts that I constantly use to decorated blog images with. A total gem of a website for bloggers!

Now I was on the fence whether to mention DaFont as it's such a popular website that I'm sure every blogger knows about. But for me it really has been a valuable website that I use monthly to find new fonts, so I couldn't not include it. My favourite fonts have to be modern calligraphy styles and DaFont has a whole range of them all for free personal use! Below I've used the Magnola Sky font for the 'blogging' text and absolutely love it! I also frequently used Cavier Dreams, Champagne & Limousines and Chasing Embers, all of which can be found in the 'top fonts' section.

grey back
Created in Photoscape using - Magnolia Sky typeface fron DaFont here, Kathleen typeface from Creative Market here and Watercolour Chevron pack from Creative Market here (all free items)

I've mentioned Photoscape so many times now that I worry I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but it's my photo editing software of choice after Photoshop and it's totally free! This does it all - photo corrections, adds text, resizing, batch editing and lots lots more. Both the main image and above images where created using Photoscape and I basically can't live (well blog) without it!

Another editing type graphic design program is Canva which you use in your browser and is so flexible in what it can do! Here you can make social posts for Instagram and Twitter, Facebook cover images, create blog infographics, posters and even business cards. You can also upload your own images to create collages with and add overlay text. I also find it gives me ideas on how to layout images and how to pick the right fonts.

Last but not least I wanted to mention a new find for me - Pixabay. I think we can all agree that finding free stock images online is a pain and to find the right image can take hours but finally I've found an amazing website with over 590,000 free images and illustrations! What has most impressed me with Pixabay other than the volume of images is that they all can be downloaded at a large size making them amazing to use in blog posts. I'm so pleased to have discovered this website!

Hopefully you've found a few new resources to try out here! 

Fee xo.


Disappointing Products From Brands I Love!


It's always a sad day when you try a new product from a brand you love and you hate it. Because we're bound to have high hopes and expect to instantly love it. 

So I thought I'd share my product woes with you today to lessen the pain ever so lightly. Of course I will still go back to said brands and most likely make friends with them once again but for now all of these products are being booted out of my makeup collection! 


Revlon Colorstay Shadowlinks in Plum and Sand 
£2.99 - Boots here
Me and Revlon go way back. I remember they were someone of the first lipsticks I tried as an adult and I still to this day I swear by their lip products. So whilst shopping online I decided I needed to tried out their eyeshadows as I'd never gotten around to. I went for the Shadowlinks as the idea of linking your eyeshadows together to create your own palette is pretty ingenious. But sadly what was inside just didn't live up to my expectations. I found both eyeshadows to be extremely chalky in texture and dry which just isn't flattering on the lids and makes blending a bit of a nightmare. I also found the pigmentation to be lacking compared to cheaper eyeshadows from MUA and Makeup Revolution. These had so much potential but sadly the quality just isn't there!

Rimmel 24hr Super Curler Mascara 
£4.99 - ASOS here 
When a mascara goes and calls itself Super Curler you expect it to curl. Am I right, or am I right? So when I whipped this out of my Powder Beauty Drawer I expected fanned out lashes that would last all day. Instead the result for much like any other standard mascara. It gave a bit of volume but the curl that was there was from using eyelash curlers. Within hours my eyelashes had drooped back down to their normal sorry state and I was thinking how glad I was that I didn't actually spend any money on it. This may have been able to curl better if the brush hadn't of been so damn huge but due to the size I just couldn't get in there to the base of my lashes and wiggle n' push away. As an average mascara it's ok and it does actually stay on the lashes without smudging or flaking at least. 


B. Pure Micellar Cleansing Oil  
£6.99 - Superdrug here
Over the past year or so I've tried quite a number of B. from Superdrug skincare products and loved them all! For me they're an understated brand that deserves more attention and coverage online. So when placing a random little Superdrug of products I didn't need I decided to pop this interesting looking Micellar Cleansing Oil into my basket. My saving grace was that it was half price so a total bargain but I simply didn't think it removed makeup that well. You see you are supposed to first wet your face, then sweep over your makeup with a splash of the oil on a cotton pad and then remove the excess with a clean cotton pad. Now wetting the skin did makes sense but after rubbing the oil soaked pad around your face the oil had pretty much soaked into the skin so when I went back in with a dry cotton pad it removed very little makeup. I could use this as a normal cleanser with warm water and a flannel but it also feels very thin for a cleansing oil but not in a smooth silky way and it really is over fragranced for no real reason. Sadly this will be passed onto someone that doesn't mind a cleanser that doesn't fully remove makeup.

Models Own Copper Chrome Nail Polish
 £4.99 - Superdrug here
 For the longest time I've been such a cheerleader of Models Own products and would say they are in my top 3 nail polish brands as the formulas are great and I love how creative they get with each collection. So when the Chrome collection with the amazing mirrored packaging was launched I was pretty darn excited. I heart emoji'd over that Copper shade like you wouldn't believe and so when I got my paws on it I had high hopes for it. Now I should have really shown you what Copper Chrome looks like on the nails because a picture is worth a thousand words and you would instantly have seen why it was such a let down. But you can see swatches of the full collection courtesy of Nail Lacquer UK here. The other shades in the collection really are stunning especially the chrome blue, however Copper Chrome reminds me of that old fashioned pearl shade my nan was ever so fond of - just not flattering or anything like the gorgeous bottle, basically a total let down. As for the formula is wasn't as thick as I'd have liked and due to having a metallic finish shows up imperfections and ridges in the nails. I kind of feel like Models Own wanted to get on the copper trend but couldn't execute the shade well enough. 

I'd love to know if you've ever experienced any rubbish products from brands you love! 
Fee xo. 


eBay Bargains #40 - Newest Pro Makeup Brushes


 Recently I've come across more and more amazing makeup brushes on eBay that are high in quality and affordable! The above brushes are the latest I've found that all look amazing and start from only £1.69 including delivery! 

Large Professional Powder Brush 
£2.27 - eBay here 
 Ahhh, this looks a thing of beauty! From the long silver handle to the ultra soft looking bristles, this looks like it will be an amazing brush for translucent powder, blush and any other powder you want to use it with! I love finding brushes like this. It goes without saying I've already purchased this brush and it will feature it in an upcoming eBay haul when it arrives.

Flat Top Kabuki Brush 
£2.56 - eBay here 
Now this is a dupe/replicate of the Tarte Flat Topped Kabuki which I wouldn't generally recommend a fake of (especially when it looks like it may come with the Tarte branding on) however as it's not pretending to be from Tarte in the title I'm hoping it won't as generally fake products focus on looking exact like the original and scrimp on the quality. That being said I've seen a few reviews on this style of brush and they have all been positive. This would be fab for buffing in foundation for a flawless finish.

Etude House Pro Oval Foundation Brush + 2nd attachment 
£8.23 - eBay here
I don't even know how I came across this brush but I remember thinking WOW! This is definitely new to eBay and a take on the popular and expensive Artis oval brush. It isn't as cheap as all the rest however it is a 2-in-1 brush and from Etude House so you can be sure that the quality will be great. 

Bronze Foundation Brush 
£1.69 - eBay here
There's something about this brush I love, I'm thinking it's the matte bronze handle that looks so chic but it could be that it looks quite a unique shape with the slant for a foundation brush. Again it's another brush that you can tell has ultra soft bristles and will hopefully be really good quality! Also it's the cheapest of my finds! 

Extra Large Pro Oval Face Brush 
£2.99 - eBay here 
 Lately oval brushes have become very popular due to both MAC and Artis and you can find many a standard size oval brush on eBay (you can see a review of the one I picked up in my Top 5 eBay Brushes post here). And now finally we are seeing the large oval dupes hitting eBay! This just looks amazing and such a unique brush to try out and a totally steal of a price!

Double Ended Foundation/Contour Bamboo Brush 
£3.49 - eBay here  
Lastly I have a lovely double ended brush to share with you that reminds me of something you would pick up from Tarte or Kiko. The shorter end looks like it would work well for foundation and the opposite end looks like it would be ideal to contour with. Another brush that is new to eBay! 

Hope you've found some interesting yet cheap brushes to try out here! 

Fee xo.


Candles Galore - My Current Candle Collection

I kind of feel like candles are a beauty bloggers sweet spot. They look pretty as decoration in blog photography, they are nice to review and smell lovely. Of course I'm sure there are beauty bloggers out there that have zero interest in candles but I'm certainly not one of them, with a stash of wax to rival the shelves of my local Hallmark shop. 

Above is a snippet of my collection that I'm currently burning and enjoying. So I thought I'd share with you a few of my current favourite scents and the candle brands I will always go back to.


Village Candle 
Believe it or not, Yankee Candle isn't my favourite candle brand! Instead my go-to home fragrance brand is Village Candle, a candle brand easily mistaken as a knock-off of YC but in fact quite a bit more true to scent and with so many fragrance options to pick from. My all time favourite candle from Village Candle is Brownie Delight which as you can see is running on the low side (FYI - I plan to scrape out the unburnt wax at the side and use in a wax tart burner once it's completely finished with). Within minutes of lighting this candle my open plan living room/dining room/kitchen is filled with the richest chocolate brownie scent that is so true to the real scent that it often makes me hungry but also warm and comforted. This truly is my favourite scent to burn and one I will always re-purchase and burn any time of year! 

Along side medium to large jars, Village Candle also offer votive candles that are an inexpensive way to try out more scents from the brand. I generally pick these up from eBay for around £2.50 including delivery and have tried quite a few amazing scents now. I'm currently trying out Warm Buttered Bread, Lemon Pound Cake, Maple Butter and Cherry Vanilla Swirl - all of which I love! My favourite scent from trying out the votive candles is Warm Buttered Bread as it's just such a unique scent that leans more on the savoury side which makes a nice change and again it's such a true to life scent that fills the room for hours. I also love Lemon Pound Cake as it's fresh but moreish and just as if I've been baking. If you love Yankee Candle already or you're after a new candle brand to try out then this is certainly the one! 

Where to buy - I personally find it easiest to purchase from eBay but select Hallmark stores do stock them. Brownie Delight Medium Double Wick Jar (£12.99 - eBay here), selection of votive candles (from £2.78 - eBay here).

Wax Lyrical 
Wax Lyrical is a home fragrance brand that's been going strong for years and can easily be found it quite a few supermarkets. The Wax Lyrical shelf in my local Tesco generally distracts me from food shopping as their candle tins are inexpensive at £6.00 (frequently reduced/on offer) and the scents are always in line with the season, my favourite time of year for Wax Lyrical being Christmas as they come out with some amazing scents - think Figgy Pudding, Mulled Wine and Christmas Cookies! 

My new favourite is a lovely spring floral scent in Sweet Pea, this is part of the RHS Garden range and is just perfect for this time of year. As the candle tim is on the small size, though it has a burn time of 25 hours, I like to burn it in a smaller room to achieve the best scent throw but I've found the scent is most noticeable once I've blown the candle out, which is different from all the other candles I've burnt in the past. As for the 'sweet pea' scent it's well, sweet, and floral and very spring appropriate and clean. I also love Wax Lyrical for reed diffusers, again mostly at Christmas time as they excel themselves but sometimes as a treat to myself throughout the year. 

Where to buy - Tesco and Waitrose seem to be the best stockists of Wax Lyrical. You can also always find a bargain or two on Tesco Direct of past ranges/stock here.

TK Maxx/Homesense 
Another place I like to shop for candles is TK Maxx as they generally have an extension  and affordable range. It also encourages me to try out different brands and get something that bit different when it comes to the candle packaging. The above mirrored Sugar Cookie Candle was something I picked up last Christmas for under £5 and initially purchased due to how it looked but it's in fact a lovely candle to burn and not just at Christmas. You can sometimes find discounted Yankee Candles in TK Maxx but I find it's best just to be led by your nose and pick out something that grabs you or just looks pretty - certainly the place to go if you are wanting an aesthetically pleasing candle or lantern for your desk. 

Where to buy - This is self explanatory but I would say that if you have a Homesense store near you then visit it! They stock an extensive range of candles and the rest of the store is just amazing - I'm yet to leave empty handed!

Candles to try soon - the new range of large jar candles from Home Bargains that look very similar to Bath & Body Works candles, the Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir dupe found in Aldi for £2.99 and more votives from Village Candle.

I'd love to know your own favourite candle brands! 

Fee xo. 

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