Top 4 Eye Makeup Removers


I love a good face cleanser to remove all makeup but often rich cream formulas and oils can leave my eyes feeling irritated and cloudy. I now opt for cleansers that specifically remove eye makeup before cleansing my face properly. 

Eye makeup removers cleanse the eye within seconds and remove stubborn waterproof mascara without having to overly rub which is essential as the skin around the eyes is sensitive and can prematurely age with excess tugging around that area. I also find the ingredients are much more suited to be used on the eye area which is why I love them so much. Below I have detailed my own top 4 favourites that all offer something different! 


Mary Kay Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover - £13.00 MK website here 
 For everyday use on everyday makeup I like a light cleansing water that almost feels like micellar water (micellar waters sadly sting my eyes!) which is why I go for this amazing oil-free makeup remover. Applied on a cotton pad this removes even waterproof mascara and leaves the skin around the eyes grease free. It also importantly doesn't sting or cloud my eyes as it's oil-free which means it's suitable for contact lens wearers! Best for - Everyday eye makeup and sensitive eyes

Jason Quick Clean Remover Pads x75 - £7.29 Feel Unique here 
 These are makeup remover pads that I've been using for years as they are perfect for lazy nights when I want to quickly remove eye makeup and get into bed! Soaked in a refreshing solution they leave your eyes free from makeup and feeling soothed. I also love to use these as eye patches on mornings when I haven't had enough sleep and the eye bags are real! I simple lay in bed for an extra 5 minutes with two of the pads over my eyes and they work a treat to reduce puffiness and that heat in the skin that can often come with not enough sleep. I will always love these pads! Best for - For on-the-go and refreshing tired, sore eyes

Vita Coco Coconut Oil 500ml - £7.50 Boots here 
Like all skincare, eye makeup removers are full of ingredients so if you have sensitive eyes or just want to look after them, then opting for something totally organic may be the best thing you ever done! Coconut oil has a million and one uses (see my post here on all the things you can use it for!) one of them being as a makeup remover. Coconut oil simply melts between the finger tips and can remove all makeup. I like to massage the oil around my face including my eyes and then using a warm wet flannel to remove it all as my skin can get oily from time to time but if you have more mature or dry skin then simply removing with warm water is enough. I truly love coconut oil! Best for - Sensitive eyes and going natural

Benefit They're Real! Remover - £14.50 ASOS here  
I started off using this cream eye makeup remover when wearing the Benefit They're Real Eyeliner which is the most amazing long lasting eyeliner I've tried! But as the remover was so good I started using it on stubborn mascaras as you only need the smallest amount and it melts away the heaviest of eye makeup. This does however make you resemble a panda as it creates quite a mess around your eyes but that is easily wiped away with a cotton pad or water. Best for - Stubborn eye makeup

Really hope you've found an eye makeup remover you like the sound of here! 

Fee xo.

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