eBay Haul - What I Bought in March (Part 1)


Being such a fan of eBay I love that I'm able to share with you my bargain purchases and show you what items look like in real life! As I've been totally loving eBay recently I have more than a few buys so I thought I'd split my monthly haul into two parts - one lifestyle bits and bobs and the other all my makeup buys! 

You can see what I picked up from eBay in February here.



Eat Cake For Breakfast Watch in Beige Brown 
 £2.45 - HERE 
When I clicked 'buy' on this watch I was so so pleased I'd come across it as the an original Kate Spade watch costs around £150.00! I'm still on the fence about how I feel about fakes (I always avoid makeup fakes due to the unknown ingredients) but as I don't often buy them I decided this once it was okay as I loved the watch so much! On arrival the watch was annoyingly folded so there is some creasing to the strap but since wearing it I have notice them drop out. As for the quality I couldn't be more pleased, the face of the watch is detailed with rose gold that picks up the light and there are zero flaws to it. The strap isn't as good quality as the face (nicely padded but just feels cheap) but once on the wrist you really can't tell and if you were really bothered you could have the strap changed. All in all I've really very pleased with this purchase! Delivery Time to the UK - 15 days

Crystal Round Necklace
99p - HERE  
For 99p I wasn't expecting much from this necklace and even though when it arrived it looked different from the stock images I was still pleased with it. Yes, it doesn't look like you have spent more than £4-5 on it but the fake crystal does catch the light and doesn't scream 'cheap'. The connecting loops from the actual pendant to the necklace chain are slightly large and do stand out which isn't ideal but as it's just an occasional piece I really don't mind. Delivery time to the UK - 16 days

Natural Crystal Pendant Necklace - style 6
 £1.99 - HERE
Lastly for jewellery I purchased this natural crystal necklace that is gilded around the edges in gold leaf. Again, this looks different from the stock images in the listing but that is to be expected when buying from China. Initially I was impressed with the weight and quality of the stone but the gold edging really does let it down and it all looks homemade and quickly done - a shame when the stone is so nice! I'm tempted to scrub the sides to see if I can remove the gold and wear it just as a natural crystal pendant but if that fails not all is lost as I'll re-use the chain as it's surprisingly good quality! Delivery time to the UK - 26 days


Other Bits & Bobs

Pack of 4 Cat pens 
99p - HERE  
Okay, so these are super sweet and inexpensive! As you can see I received 1 beige and 3 pink which was totally fine with me for only 99p! These are just as they look in the stock images with cute little faces and tails - they also stand up! All the pens are working and actually have a fine nib that glides really nicely as you write in black ink. These would look cute in a pot on your desk, to keep around the house or even children's parties for the party bags! Delivery time to the UK - 12 days

Stone/Marble Phone Case - Beige 
£1.59 - HERE
I've purchased quite a few phone cases from eBay now and although they never look like the images to the listing they are always good enough quality and worth the low spend. This sadly doesn't have that pink tone to it as it does in the listing but it does have that stone effect that I wanted and isn't blurry. I'm personally really pleased with how the phone case looks on my phone and from even a short distance it does look like it's made from stone. Another good eBay find! Delivery time to the UK - 17 days 

Village Candle Votives
£2.78 each - HERE
To end part 1 of my eBay haul I had to include a Village Candle votive as I've bought quite a few from eBay this month and have been totally loving them. At £2.78 each they aren't the cheapest but I do love trying out different scents from Village Candle without having to buy a £8+ jar. This month I've tried Lemon Pound Cake (amazing!), Cherry Vanilla Swirl and Warm Buttered Bread - all of which I've loved! If you like to try different candle scents from Village Candle or Yankee Candle eBay is a great place to pick up a few votives or melts if you have a wax/oil burner. You can probably expect a few more votives appearing in future eBay hauls! Delivery time - 3 days

Hope you've found a few bargains here! 

Part 2 (my eBay makeup buys) to come next week... 

Fee xo.

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