NOTD - YSL Resort 2012 Inspired


As promised here are my Yves Saint Laurent Resort 2012 inspired nails! Sadly I couldn't get the shades spot on and I did the print a little too big... but oh well! I still really like how they look. 

Now these literally were so easy to do! Grey nail polish base - George at Asda in Raincloud. Then splodges of yellow (Barry M 134) and red (Barry M 262). Leave to dry. Then either black nail polish with a bobby pin/hair pin or dotting tool for the dots. I just used a nail art pen as it was quicker. Then optional would be the little lines which you can only really see if you zoom in on the print. To do this I used the needle stopper of my nail art pen but you would actually use a sewing pin dipped into black nail polish! 


The just before it was fully set I apply a clear top coat. I didn't leave my nails too full dry before I applied it as is kind of dragged the black dots in the centre of the flowers and just made it more similar to the actual print. 

I am actually thinking though it would of maybe looked more similar to the print it they were matte nails as of course the dress isn't glossy! 


As I mentioned in my last nail post I really do love trying out different prints that are on trend... I mean you can even look at high-street prints. I'm really quite inspired by some prints from H&M and also ASOS at the moment.

So really pretty and different nails but very easy to achieve.

See you tomorrow!

Fee xo.

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