Top 3 Cuticle Treatments


I am nearly half way though my '30 Days of Nails' challenge and as I have being using a lot of glitter nail polishes which do take a lot of removing quite a few of you have asked how nails are fairing up! 

I am quite lucky in that I have strong nails so none have broken but my cuticles are a different story so I thought I would show what I like to use on them to keep them look nice & healthy!

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Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme 15g
(£4.49 - Cheap Smells)  
This is one of those products that you buy and it will last you forever. I only have the smaller tin as I bought it as a set with a Burt's Bees Lip Balm but you can hardly see that I have used it and I have had it since last November. This is basically a solid formula that turns into more of an oil when it heats up from your touch which means you can really work it into the cuticles and around the nails for quite a bit before it soaks in. I use this when I have a spare few minutes to rub it in and enjoy the smell as it reminds me so much of lemon boiled sweets which is really lovely! If you have never tried a cuticle balm/cream before then this is the one I would suggest going for! 

Ideal for - Keeping in your bag and if you want something cute that smells lovely. Also this can be used on dry skin on the hands, feet and elbows.


Ciate Love Me Oil Cranberry Cuticle Oil 15ml 
(£10.50 - Beauty Bay OR £5.99 - eBay)
This is the cuticle oil I use when I am being lazy as it is so easy to apply with the brush or I sometimes apply this after I have taken my 'nail of the day' pics as you can lightly brush this on and it definitely won't ruin your nails, unlike rubbing a cuticle balm into them. This like all three products has lasted me such a long time as you need so little, actually this was the first cuticle oil I ever tried and I still am only half way through it even though I do use it quite frequently. Also the smell of this is really nice! The packaging since I purchased this has changed so the £10.50 version is the new packaging and contains slightly less oil but you can also find it on eBay in the old bottle (like mine) for £5.99. 
Ideal for - If you want something quick & easy to apply or if you want to apply this after painting your nails.


Neom Organic Multi Balm 
(£12.00 as part of a set - Heals
This is my luxury cuticle balm that I know I can rely on if my cuticles do tear and are looking bad or if they are sore. I do use this most nights as I apply it too my lips at the same time as it is a multi use product. I find that because it is organic it really does work, so if you do have damaged cuticles or cuticles that need some TLC then this will do the job without making them sting. Sadly the balm cannot be purchase on it's own (though I am hoping and praying that one day NEOM will stock it as a product) however the £12.00 set is lovely and contains a really nice organic travel hand cream. 

Ideal for - Anyone with really dry or damaged cuticles or for anyone that wants a luxury balm that can be used for all sorts of things. 

 What I DON'T do to my nails/cuticles...
The one thing that I never do to my cuticles and really wouldn't recommend doing is cutting them with a special tool or removing them with a gel. Cuticles are a natural barrier around the nails that prevents bacteria from entering the body and also protects new nail growth so cutting them too short or removing them all together can actually cause an infection or just very sore fingernails. 
I also strangely don't cut my nails, ever! If they get too long I file them down slightly (making sure to only do it in one direction) and if I break a nail, instead of cutting it off I file down until it removes the damaged nail. I just feel by not cutting them I'm not damaging them and it seems to really work for me as I hardly ever break a nail! 

I think after the 30 days is up I will post a picture of what my actual naked nails look like to show if there has been any staining because of wearing so much polish etc. 

Fee xo.

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