NOTD - OPI Classic with Gold Speckles


I learnt two things today: 1. If you are painting your nails every single day make sure you have enough nail polish remover (I had to do the applying nail polish over old nail polish to remove it!). 2. NEVER attempt to take pictures when it is going dark... these literally were taken at 6pm without any lights on as I didn't want any shadows. 

Of course my nails in the above image do look okay but these are so much nicer in real life as the base shade I used OPI Classic from the Designer Series is just so shimmery like diamonds, which just didn't show up due to me taking the images so late in the day! But oh well. 


Though I think for the first time in my 30 days of nails challenge I have actually got the combination slightly wrong as OPI Classic actually looks amazing on it's own (see here) and Saffron Gold Glitter Speckled nail polish looks amazing over either just a nude or black shade. So I think this is actually too much! 

But I am glad I posted about these nails as I actually found a UK eBay seller that stocks the Saffron Gold Glitter nail polishes for only £1.75 with free p&p - here. Bargain!


As for tomorrow's nails whilst I wait to receive my amazing Nubar 2010 Glitter Top Coat I have decided to try out some designer inspired nail art as I love prints and love how you can translate them so easily in to nail art. So I had a look and found this lovely print from this years Yves Saint Laurent Resort show and I am thinking it will look lovely on the nails, also pretty easy to do as well! 

As for your requests I am also going to be trying out more gradient glitter nails and also Galaxy nails if they turn out okay as I have only ever attempted them once! 

You can view all 13 nails so far in my 30 Days of Nails challenge here

Fee xo. 

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