In The Shower: Favourite Shampoos & Conditioner


Initially I was planning on writing a 'What's in my shower' post. But then after looking at all the products that are in my shower I knew I wouldn't be able to fit it all into one post. 

So I have decided to do several posts on what are my favourite products to use in the shower so 'shampoos & conditioner', 'scrubs & shower gels' and 'soap & bath products'. 


Favourite Shampoos
As most of you will know if you read Makeup Savvy I do avoid sulfates in all products and the sulfate part is what makes products foam. So I do now tend to go for pricier SLS-free shampoos as I find they foam just as good as normal shampoos do - if not even a bit better and nicer. But if you are looking for a cheaper SLS-free shampoo then  mentioned here I highly recommend the Naked range which you can find in Boots and Sainsbury's. My favourite from the range has to be the Marshmallow & Aloe Silky Shampoo (£4.19 at Boots which is also on Buy 1 get 1 free at the moment!). 

Tigi Bed Head Styleshots Epic Volume Shampoo (use to be known as Superstar) 250ml 
(£6.15 - Cheap Smells
This was the first higher end  shampoo I tried after using the Naked range for quite a few months and I was just amazed. This is a yummy strawberry milkshake scenedt shampoo that is quite thick and lather up really well. This also leaves my hair tangle-free after use which I was really impressed about. For the quality of the shampoo I really don't mind paying just over £6 for it and I now use this as my everyday shampoo.

Louise Galvin Nourishing Shampoo for Dry/Damaged Hair 300ml  
(£8.98 John Lewis also Ocado & Tesco) 
Now I bought a few bottles of this from Tesco when I spotted it for only £2.60 (clearly a pricing mistake!) so a total bargain and I do love it. But I think £8.98 for me personally is a little too much to pay, especially when I can purchase the Tigi one for £3.00 less. But having said that I do love how natural the shampoo is as it is free for so many chemicals and is even Carbon neutral which is pretty impressive. Also this just smells soooo good, like zesty oranges.

Yes To Tomato Tempting Tomato Daily Volumising Shampoo 500ml
(£8.99 Beauty Bay
Sadly I have just run out of this which is why it isn't pictured. But this is a seriously large bottle, well it is basically the amount of two standard bottles of shampoo - so £9.00 isn't too bad really seeing as it is also free delivery from Beauty Bay. This again is a really great lathering shampoo that you don't need too much of. It also leaves the hair feeling so soft and again tangle-free. Plus the scent to this is really lovely.. definitely no hint of Tomatoes in there at all. 

Favourite Conditioners
As I do dye my hair every few months or so skipping conditioner isn't an option, without it my hair would just be too knotty after getting out of the shower... plus it also tones down any frizz and of course makes the ends of my hair look and feel a lot nicer. Also I do like to go for something that smells nice!
 Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner 250ml 
For a high street priced conditioner that you can find everywhere this is my absolute favourite to use every time I have a shower - you just can't beat it. I of course love this because it really does hydrate the ends of the hair well... but this has to be the best smelling conditioner ever! To me it smells of bubblegum and is a really strong scent so I find my hair smells really lovely after using it. I sometimes actually use this before I conditioner my hair with the Tommy Guns conditioner below. If you have processed hair then this is a great conditioner to go for. 
Tommy Guns Pomegranate, Orange Flower & Hemp Conditioner 250ml    
This is quite a recent find really but oh, how in love I am already. I bought a few conditioners from the Tommy Guns range but the Pomegranate, Orange Flower & Hemp one is by far my favourite, it just smells sooo good (floral & fruity)! For just over £5 I really have been impressed as this really does feel like a more quality conditioner and just leaves the hair in a lovely smooth condition when you wash it out. If you are looking for something a bit different and better quality than most supermarket conditioners then really do give this a try!   
Macadamia Deep Repair Masque 30ml sachet
Now I have only used this hair mask twice as I only tried out the 30ml sachet and got two uses out of it. But oh my word, this is just amazing stuff. This literally transformed my hair into hair that was pre-hair dye, which must be nearly 8 years ago now! It basically turned my normally slightly frizzy/wavy hair that can look a little dry into silky smooth hair that looked in such good condition. This is quite a pricey product as the cheapest you can find it is 250ml for around £16. But I am definitely going to invest in this to use when I am going somewhere nice and want my hair to look perfect (I know I will probably end up using this every week but oh well).

Just looking back over this post it is amazing how much more time and money (well not too much) I spend on the shampoos and conditioners now. But I really don't mind in the slightest as my hair is in the best condition it has been in years & years. 

Which is mainly down to cutting out using sulfates in shampoo and opting for more natural shampoos - no hair shredding in the shower, not half as much frizz, no hair snapping off and no more hair dye fading too fast. It really was the best decision I have ever made over my hair!

Fee xo.


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