NOTD - Models Own Pink Punch


Crazy nails today! No logic or thinking behind these nails at all... I just spotted Models Own Pink Punch and a nail art pen and decided I would have bright spotty nails. 

After painting my nails though I did remember that Models Own were supposed to be in my bad books (they stole a nail image off Makeup Savvy and passed it on to another company who published it in a newsletter) but I'm always bad at staying mad at anyone/anything for long. Though I am still quite annoyed by the situation but oh well, I won't be cutting on my fingers to spite my nails! 


Even though Pink Punch (£5.00 Models Own or ASOS) is an amazingly bright pink shade it one that is very hard to capture as in some lights it looks neon pink, in some it looks bright coral and sometimes it just looks bright pink. So you will just have to try to imagine this slightly more pink toned that it appears in these images! 

Application for Pink Punch is good but I do find it slightly watery so if you aren't careful it will flood the nail bed but other than that it applies smoothly and is opaque in 2-3 coats. I just applied two coats here as I knew I would be putting dots over the top. 

As for the dots I used a Stargazer nail pen (can be found on their site or on eBay) and started off with a single dot in the centre and then carried on in a swirl outwards as I find I don't over do the dots on some nails that way. If you don't own a nail art pen using some black nail polish and a match or the end of a hair pin will also work fine. 

If there is any nail art you would like to see whilst I am doing my 30 days of nails challenge or anything for that matter, just leave me a comment below and I will try my best to do it. 

Fee xo. 

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