Fashion & Beauty Spring Wishlist


I love reading other people's wish lists so I thought I would take a shot at doing my own, because at the moment I seem to be wanting quite a lot with it nearly being spring! 

Also I thought it would be nice to talk about fashion as well for a change.

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque 250ml 
(£16.25 Cheap Smells
Last week I tried a 30ml sachet of the Deep Repair mask (£3.25 here) which I received with Feb's JolieBox (full review) and I fell in love - literally. Once I had blow dried my hair it just looks so healthy and looked as if I had just been to the hairdressers... no  hair mask has even made my hair look THAT good in fact. Cheap Smells was the cheapest website I could find it on and for me it still is a little steep but I am sure I will be purchasing this pretty soon as it is so worth it!
Nubar 2012 Glitter Top Coat 15ml 
(£5.50 Beauty Bay)
I spotted this so long ago and instantly knew I needed it but I landed on this blog post a few days ago about the top coat and it rekindled my need for it. So I have just bought it! Really cannot wait to try this over black nails and then make the iridescent flakes matte. Excited! 

Cartier Delices de Cartier 30ml Eau de Toilette 
(£21.40 Cheap Smells)
I have a miniature bottle of this that I have been wearing a lot recently with the slightly warmer weather and it's just a lovely scent. Apparently it is a blend of iced cherry, bergamont and violet but to my un-educated nose it is just ultra feminine and floral/fruity perfume that is ideal for spring/summer. Also I'm quite glad that it is by Cartier as they aren't overly popular when it comes to fragrance which means it's something a bit different to what everyone else is wearing. 
Muji 2 Drawer Wide Storage
 (£10.95 Muji @ Selfridges)
As I'm sure you can guess I have a lot of makeup and because of this a lot of products are hidden away in drawers and boxes so that I can't see them, which means I don't use them. So I really am considering purchased around four of these (quite pricey I know but they will last me forever) and storing all my every makeup in them which will look so much nicer and will be much more organised. 
Collection 2000 Cream Puff Lip Cream 
(£2.99 each Boots)
Just WHY had I never tried these until last week?! I received 'Powder Puff' in my She Said Beauty Box (review to come next week) and I was just so impressed with it. Creamy but matte but also hydrating and such a lovely shade... and for only £2.99. I now need 'Cotton Candy' in my life.

Black floral trousers
I am more of a dress or skinny jeans girl but this year florals are sooo in and I'm really loving any florals on a black background and these ankle-length trousers are just perfect. I am sure these would look great with cute little black pumps for the day and then dressed up with a pair of heels or black wedges at night and for £12.99 they are a total bargain!

Gogo Phillip Star Charm Necklace 
I actually order this last week and when it arrived the chain had sadly broken so I had to send it back for an exchange. Just a really cute small 3D star that reminds me slightly of something Dogeared jewellery would do but of course a lot cheaper. 

Ted Baker Butterfly Ikon Shopper
Ikon bags from Ted Baker are my favourites as they are so sturdy and perfect for day-to-day. Plus they are always bring out new designs. This is one of their latest bags and I really do like it.. though I have way too many handbags so I am thinking I will need to ask someone for this for my birthday in May! 

Melissa Patchuli III Stripe Wedges 
Now these are a bit of a splurge and I probably won't end up getting them as my Muji storage will be costing quite a bit this month but I really do love the look of these. I already own some Melissa flats (here) which are super comfy and are actually scent so they smell like cupcakes (all the rubber Melissa shoes are in fact). Though I am still very tempted as in summer I know these will be perfect with so many things.

Hope you enjoyed this! 

What are you wanting the most this month? 

Fee xo.

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