NOTD - Maybelline Forever Strong Pro Rose Poudré


The Maybelline Forever Strong Pro range do and excellent collection of nude shades which I really love - actually  they are my favourite nude polishes. So I thought I had to show off my favourite shade whilst doing the30 days of nails challenge. 

As to can see this is such a lovely dusky rose nude that goes with pale skin so well. When I wear this I almost feel like I have had a manicure as my nails look so perfect. 

Rose Poudré is priced at £4.09 for the 10ml bottle as are all polishes in the range which can be found in Boots, Tesco, Superdrug etc, OR at the moment they are £3.09 on the Boots website - here. I am actually thinking of purchasing a few brighter shades from the range and getting them sent to store for free as I can't stand paying for p&p when so many sites offer free delivery.


There are around four/five nude shades in the Forever Pro collection which is pretty good for the high street and I kind of feel that everyone would be able to find their perfect nude shades whether you have pale or dark skin which is really good. 

As for the application nothing can be faulted, the brush is perfect, the formula is smooth and it applies so well. My nails here are with 2 coats of the polish and as you can see the they are opaque and it doesn't look like there is a thick layer of polish on my nails - something I think is important when going for nude nails as a heavy thick layer just removes that chic manicure look. 

The next shades I want to try are definitely Hot Salsa which will be perfect for summer and Chic Gold. 

Fee xo.

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