NOTD - Nubar 2010 Glitter Top Coat


Back to glitter nails today! My lovely Beauty Bay order arrived with the fabulous Nubar 2010 Glitter top coat and I had to try it out to see how it looked. 

Now this definitely is love. I have so many glitter nail polishes but nothing like this at all in my collection and for £5.50 I think the polishes is definitely worth it and I am so glad I decided to finally get it. 
Of course I am so impressed with how this looks when it catches the light.. just so beautiful. But what really impressed me was how densely packed this is as I literally just have one coat of the polish on my nails here applied over Orly Black Out and  it also applied so evenly - you can really see the quality. Plus also how smooth the finish is... not at all like a glitter nail polish.


When I placed my order for the nail polish I had in my head that I needed to try this with a matte top coat as I was sure it would make the holographic flakes look amazing and I think I was right. Just look at how unusual this looks, it just reminds me of when you get that amazing glow from an oval. Just perfect. 

 I am now dying to try this over other shades and I also want to see what this looks like built up more with a few coats so it's more opaque (if it is possible). I'm also thinking the polish would look great just on the tips of the nails like a french manicure over black polish and made matte.
You can find the Nubar 2010 nail polish on the Beauty Bay website for £5.50 - here.


I guess that is what I love about top coats... they are just so versatile and you can actually do so many different things with them. Up until now I had never tried Nubar but this has definitely got me wanting to google more nail polishes by them to see different swatches as this is just amazing quality and is so unique looking. 
For me £5.50 definitely well spent as I know I am going to get a lot of use out of this polish! 

Fee xo.

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